MGCH Chapter 412

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (65)

A little sweet movie that was plain and bland.

Towards the end, there was some spat between the male and female protagonists.

The two people had a cold war and then the male lead made his move. He made a table full of the female lead’s favorite dishes and hid a diamond ring in the dish.

When the female lead, who was out, returned.

She rang the doorbell. The male lead opened the door and found the female lead standing outside in a wedding dress.

“I just suddenly felt that I wanted to marry you.”

With a single simple sentence, the film sweetly ended.

Su Shian’s feelings after watching: A ring hidden in a dish, I learned a trick.

Bai Weiwei: I want to watch cartoons, why won’t you let me watch cartoons?

Su Shian turned to look at her. He realized her profile was gentle and serene. It must have been the doings of ghosts and gods; who knew where the courage came from.

He suddenly leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Bai Weiwei’s cheeks blushed.

She immediately got up, “The movie is over, let’s go.”

Then her steps were a little hurried.

And Su Shian’s heart was moved. They weren’t…… they could start again.

The street was busy. Su Shian couldn’t help but take her hand, in fear of losing her.

His fingers touched her fingertips and Bai Weiwei trembled a little.

Su Shian took the opportunity to hold it. She hesitated, but didn’t push him away.

Su Shian’s heartbeat accelerated and he felt like he was ten years younger, impulsive and hot blooded.

Suddenly Bai Weiwei said, “Someone is selling tanghulu.”

Su Shian knew she liked tanghulu and hurriedly said, “I’ll buy it.”

With that, he rushed into the crowd.

There were too many people; the tanghulu was on the opposite side of the street. Once he squeezed past with great difficulty, he found the last skewer of tanghulu was bought by a primary school student.

Su Shian just wanted to smile, “Little friend, give the tanghulu to uncle, okay.”

The student turned back.

One big, one small, simultaneously became expressionless.

Wasn’t this last time’s screaming kid (human traffickers)?

The student opened his mouth to call for help.

Su Shian had sharp eyes and nimble hands. He snatched the tanghulu and replaced it with two red grandpa Maos.

Then he ran off flying.

The student watched and silently stuffed the grandpa Maos into his pocket.

In fact, this was only kidnapping tanghulu. Anyway, the trafficker’s red grandpa Maos were also very good.

Su Shian felt that he had regressed back more than ten years and that he was almost twenty years younger.

Clearly such a disgraceful thing, but when he thought that her favorite tanghulu was in his hand, his heart was sweet enough to float.

He saw Bai Weiwei from a distance and lifted her tanghulu, “I got it.”

Bai Weiwei just wanted to say something, but her face changed suddenly, “Let’s go, Shian.”

A shrill screech of a break came.

he danger stopped right in front of Su Shian. He was almost hit by a car again.

If it were usual, Su Shian would have kicked that dead driver and ask where his heart had gone, but now how would he care.

He ran to Bai Weiwei, “I’m fine, how can it be so easy to get into a car accident.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him foolishly.

Worried that she was scared, Su Shian handed her the tanghulu with a gentle smile, “You like the tanghulu?”

Suddenly she reached out and hugged him tightly.

Tears soaked the collar of his shirt.

She didn’t speak. She just shivered and held him, as if holding a lost treasure that had been recovered.

Silently enduring and self-restrained, both mournful and frightened.

The tanghulu in Su Shian’s hand fell to the ground. He was somewhat confused. Suddenly he also embraced her.

He reassured: “I’m fine, Weiwei, I’m really fine.”

She was still willing to worry about him so much.

Su Shian felt that there was no better gift in the world than this.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 97.】


Cheese: While the idea of proposing like that is cute in theory, i just cant help but think about the worst case scenario LOLOL im sure there are plenty of stories about people who broke their teeth on the hidden ring, or accidentally swallowed it while eating and i cant stop thinking about it 

Piper’s Corner: ikr! When I heard that I flinched in imaginary teeth pain. And when he said it was a good idea, I thought BWW might die this time from it…


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  1. hahahaha even my bf mentioned while we were watching something in relation to “hiding engagement/proposal ring in food/drink” would be absolutely tragic for me, I’d either swallow it whole or wreck my teeth and I could only nod in embarrassment. The downsides of a foodie.
    Ah it’s a small world, car-kun and student paid SS another visit or him them.
    …. 1+? STINGY!! TOO STINGY!!! *throws kicks and punches* ૮( ᵒ̌Дᵒ̌ )ა

  2. >Piper’s Corner: ikr! When I heard that I flinched in imaginary teeth pain. And when he said it was a good idea, I thought BWW might die this time from it…

    Mwhahaha, now that would be a hilarious finale! I wonder if the angst and drama would finally get BWW the last 3 point she needs from SS?

  3. why am I getting the vibes that mc will really die from eating a ring? Like, that useless system won’t tell the mc how she will die lmao

  4. Piper’s Corner: ikr! When I heard that I flinched in imaginary teeth pain. And when he said it was a good idea, I thought BWW might die this time from it…

    and it will become the worst propose 🤣🤣

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