MGCH Chapter 413

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (66)

“Host.” The system suddenly spoke.

Bai Weiwei, who was eating a cake: “?”

System: “I’ll sing you a song.”

Bai Weiwei: “You want to wish me a happy birthday, too?”

Today was the birthday of this plane’s Bai Weiwei.

System: Happy your hometown.

It suddenly sighed mournfully and sang, “Ah, my good friend goodbye, friend goodbye ah, goodbye ah, goodbye ah……”

The magic voice soaked her brain. Bai Weiwei suddenly paused. The noise was almost enough to send her soul flying.

The system constantly cycled “friend goodbye, ah” at a hundred decibels before growling: “There is only one day left. Tomorrow you will die1 and you still have time to eat cake? There are three more points of favorability, where are they!”

The host of this plane was simply lazy and unreasonable.

Still not attacking?

The system hated that it couldn’t pull out a little whip and desperately strike the host. See if she wouldn’t work hard then.

Bai Weiwei was still dizzy from the system’s hundred decibel “friend goodbye ah.”

Suddenly, something pressed on her lips.

She raised her eyes and saw Su Shian’s fingers touching the corner of her lips.

He was stunned by her clear eyes. Somewhat guilty, he pretended it was nothing and said, “You had cream on your mouth.”

Bai Weiwei instinctively stretched out the tip of her tongue to lick.

The tip of her tongue touched Su Shian’s finger, giving a jolt of electricity.

Bai Weiwei was a little frightened and flinched back.

His fingers left her lips, but there was a little wet warmth on his fingertip.

Su Shian’s eyes were deep.

He gazed at her lips, traces of cream still on them.

His heart beat like a drum.

Su Shian got up, a little embarrassed. He turned and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

He just looked a bit and he was hard.

If he let her find out, who knew how disgusted she would be.

Although they got along very well during this time, and she gradually started to smile.

Su Shian never dared to forget that these peaceful days were bought at a terrible price.

So he’d been careful.

He turned and stiffly moved forward.

Bai Weiwei glanced at the clock. Indeed, no wonder slagstem was so nervous. In less than twenty-four hours, she was going to die.

And the favorability was still stuck at ninety-seven.

Bai Weiwei: “Tong’er2, ah.”

The system shuddered, “You can call me spicy chicken, it’s easier on my ears.”

Bai Weiwei got up and smiled, “I’ll show you what is called say raise and just raise it, with regard to favorability.”

Having said that, she pulled out a few paper towels and rushed toward Su Shian, “Wait, wait. Shian, your fingers have cream on them, wipe them first.”

Su Shian heard and couldn’t help but think of the softness of her lips.

The fire burned even more fiercely.

He paused for two seconds, then walked faster.

But Bai Weiwei suddenly tripped over her feet and cried out in alarm.

Su Shian was startled. Unable to think, he immediately turned around and reached for her.

Because the impact was too big, the pair lost their balance for a moment and fell onto the big sofa next to them.

Her dark, thick hair spilled over the light-colored sofa. Her eyes were a little flustered, but not afraid.

Su Shian’s eyes were dim, before they ultimately turned into a great fire.

He said in a low voice, “You have cream on your lips, too.”

Bai Weiwei said dazedly, “Is it, I’ll wipe.”

Su Shian: “I’ll help you.”

Then he carefully bowed his head, kissing her lips.

The taste of cream, little by little, covered the tips of the two people’s tongues.

Sweet enough to make people tremble.

Who knew how long the kiss lasted before Su Shian reluctantly separated.

Bai Weiwei’s face was red, her eyes wet. She gazed at him as she gasped with a soft voice.

1: 狗带: it sounds like “Go die” in English.

2: 统儿 A pet name using the last half of system and Er.


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    1. I suppose that’s the price of procrastination. The time limit looms and the desperate measures come out.

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      Mc will just sit there, touch her lips and that slagman’s favorability would raise


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