MGCH Chapter 417

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Reality (1)

 “Ye Yuxuan? Yuxuan? Xuanxuan? Little baby? Big cutie? Fuck, do you want me to give you a shot? How can you sleep so deeply?”

Ye Yuxuan only felt that his eyelids were extremely heavy.

He heard Qin Qiu’s voice and felt a strange restlessness in his heart.


Ye Yuxuan finally abruptly opened his eyes. He quickly looked at the bed.

The woman on the bed lay quietly. Her eyebrows and the corners or her eyes were gently sloping down, without the quick-wittedness she had when her eyes were open.

She was quiet and very peaceful.

Qin Qiu glanced at his hand. “Why is your hand on Bai Weiwei’s stomach?”

Ye Yuxuan pondered for a while, and only plainly said: “l’ve been having this feeling that I have a child with her, in her stomach.”

Qin Qiu: “……”

The atmosphere was quiet for about a minute.

Qin Qiu suddenly pushed Ye Yuxuan away and angrily pointed at his nose: “I say, you beast1, how can you take advantage of another person’s misfortune. Even laying your hands on a comatose person and making a life. Oh my god, ah, has this world’s morals vanished? Has human nature gone to the dogs?”

Ye Yuxuan was silent for a few seconds, before he understood what Qin Qiu meant.

He opened his mouth and was about to make it clear.

Qin Qiu had already reached out a hand towards Bai Weiwei. “No, I can’t be sure she’s pregnant. Pregnant women should be taken to the gynecology department.”

Ye Yuxuan reached out, gently grabbed the back of the collar of his white coat, and tugged hard.

Qin Qiu could not control himself from staggering back, and ran straight into the wall.

Then Ye Yuxuan reached out and put the quilt back on Bai Weiwei.

There was a lot of emotion in his eyes, entangled with a feeling that he could not understand.

Ye Yuxuan read a lot of books during this time, all about books on emotional analysis.

His emotions would only come out in front of one person.

Facing Qin Qiu.

Facing anyone else, it was all the same.

He still had no feelings.

But as long as he was next to Bai Weiwei, who he identified as the woman in his dreams.

His body’s hidden feelings that had long died.

They were all resurrected and awakened.

It was like a beast that has been lurking for twenty years.

Finally opened its eyes.

Qin Qiu clutched the part of his head that was hit. “If she’s pregnant, she should see a doctor. Why did you push me?”

Ye Yuxuan said calmly: “It flowed again2.”

Qin Qiu: “…”

He had to calm down. Because of Bai Weiwei’s sleeping sickness, he had the habit of checking her body every day.

She was not pregnant yesterday.

Then she had a pregnancy and miscarriage today?

Ye Yuxuan added: “It was in a dream.”

Qin Qiu: Your mom, can speak more words next time?

Did you have a spring flood3 in your dream?

Qin Qiu felt his mind break down. “So in the dream, you married Bai Weiwei, and she got pregnant and had a miscarriage? You still can’t die a natural death.”

Ye Yuxuan was silent, silent, and silent.

Qin Qiu: What was this dark atmosphere? So cold.

Finally, Ye Yuxuan said, “He is crazy.”

– – – – – – – – – –

《The Red Second Generation’s Former Abandoned Wife》 follow-up:

Su Shian did not come to participate in Bai Weiwei’s funeral.

Chen Wenfeng handled everything. He wore a black trench coat, and he lost a lot of weight. His face was sharp and chilly.

The funeral went very smoothly.

Some people were regretful, some people were sad.

Some were going through the motions, and some were calm.

Chen Wenfeng watched over the funeral to the end, and finally the grieving Patriarch Su left.

Only he stood alone in front of the tombstone.

On the tombstone, her portrait was that of the previous gloomy look.

He later discovered that Bai Weiwei, who suddenly changed her temperament, did not leave any photos for them.

1: I’m pretty sure there’s a play on words here. QQ actually calls him a leaf + beast, which I’m assuming refers to him “eating” BWW because the term for a comatose person (植物人) literally means “plant object person”

2: A reference to her period (flowing again); = miscarriage

3: 高潮: lit. hide tide; climax ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), orgasm



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  1. Ah QQ is beyond bamboozled xD probably would have beaten up YYX a couple of times if he could. Feels bad for patriarch Su, lost a good granddaughter in law and great-grandchild, 白发人送黑发人 *sniff*

    1. Yeah, poor patriarch Su… that man just lost basically everything without even realizing why!

      Also, does the follow-up stories mean that BWW’s adventures actually HAPPENED in some kind of alternate timeline/universe? If they go on even when she’s not there… they’re real in some sense, right?

      1. YYX ends up recalling all these plane’s ML’s experiences as his own along with him slowly awakening dead emotions within himself, so I suppose to a degree you could say it’s real? For BWW; she’s like on a vengeance with ultra strong mood stabilizers and painkillers from the system, never looking back, just focusing on getting back some time on her clock. Would love to know her perspective on all this when her emotional receptors are properly functioning again.

        1. I really want to see how BWW will react once she realizes it’s not just a game and she really did play around with so many men’s hearts… men who all turned out to be the same man in the end!!!

  2. oh, my heart again. 💔_(:3 」∠)_

    Am I an M? Like I know and come to expect this everytime but still I shed tears

  3. Poor CWF; I hope he can move on ;A; His sister killed the woman he loves the most… The moment he arrived, it was already too late and BWWs white wedding dress was stained with her red blood ;w; His sister was arrested & he actually had to be the one to take care of BWWs funeral??!! Gosh ;W;
    I hope he won’t blame himself for coming too late to save her.

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