MGCH Chapter 418

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Reality (2)

It was as if she came, and then she was gone.

It was all so easy, without leaving traces.

“My sister…”

Chen Wenfeng finally said after trying a few times, “My sister has had paranoia since childhood, so she went insane after she fell in love with Su Shian.”

She really became crazy, for the sake of love.

Upon hearing that Su Shian fell in love with Bai Weiwei.

Not only did she sell Su Tang information, but when he ultimately failed, she directly held a gun shipped from the United States.

Staying by Su Shian’s door, just to kill Bai Weiwei.

“I don’t want her to be released on bail because of mental illness. I want to let her go to prison and regret it for a lifetime.”

For Chen Xia, death was not terrible. The most terrible was that she would be in prison for a lifetime.

“Whether it is me or Su Shian, we’re both scum that hurt you. You could have been very happy…”

When he got to this point, Chen Wenfeng suddenly felt his nose sting.

He looked up at the sky and his voice choked. “If you hadn’t met us, then you would have been fine.”

If she hadn’t met them, Bai Weiwei would not have loved Su Shian with her whole being.

If she hadn’t met them, Bai Weiwei would not have been able to cheer up, but she died because of his sister’s madness.

They were all murderers.

No one was an exception.

Chen Wenfeng never knew that he could love someone so deeply.

And when she died, he realized that after losing her, except for the remorse, everything else lost meaning.

For the rest of his life without her, he was just a walking corpse.

Waiting until the next morning, Chen Wenfeng left, covered in morning dew

Su Shian still did not appear.

Chen Wenfeng also knew how much courage it took to face this funeral.

Su Shian obviously did not have this courage.

But the days passed.

Two days.

One week.

One month…

Su Shian actually did not appear.

Chen Wenfeng finally felt that something was wrong. He knocked on Su Shi’an’s door.

It was the babysitter who opened the door.

“Su Shian?” Chen Wenfeng was really angry.

It was too much for him to not show up on the day of the funeral.

In the past month, he hadn’t even looked at the tomestone.

The tea cools down as soon as the person is gone1. Su Shian was too cold.

The nanny was a little scared and didn’t know what to say, so she could only step to the side and let Chen Wenfeng go in.

Chen Wenfeng had a gloomy face as he walked in with an aggressive bearing.

There was a sweet smell in the air.

Chen Wenfeng suddenly stopped. The room was filled with tanghulu.

They were all inserted in straw bricks, covering the entire room with a terrible red fire.

Then he saw Su Shian sitting on the sofa. His face was a very abnormal white.

And his body was shockingly thin.

In just half a month, the sharp vitality in Su Shian’s face disappeared.

Only weariness, haggardness, and a gentle but strange smile was left on his face.

He whispered to the air, “Weiwei, I bought some tanghulu today. You can eat two more.”

Chen Wenfeng stood in the same place. Suddenly, anger turned into sorrow.

Su Shian seemed to be unable to see Chen Wenfeng. He picked up a tanghulu and handed it to the empty air opposite him.

“But you can only eat two. Otherwise you’ll be too full to eat food and that’s not good for your health.”

Chen Wenfeng looked at the place where no one was.

Suddenly, tears arose. Chen Wenfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Su Shian, wake up.”

Su Shian treated Chen Wenfeng as air.

In his eyes, Bai Weiwei was telling him with a smile: “Su Shian, I can only eat two of these tanghulu. Aren’t you too stingy?”

1: 人走茶凉: a remark on the superficiality of human relationships and how quickly they cool.


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  1. Why can’t she see all these follow up….? It’s sad enough that her emotions was closed during mission… but she doesn’t even know about the consequences of her death on the ML in each world…

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