MGCH Chapter 419

Translator: Kanku

Proofreader/editor: Cheese 

Reality (3)

Su Shian smiled softly. “I am afraid that if you hold it, you’ll really want to eat it, so I will help you eat it. If you kiss me again, you can eat it.”

“How can you be so shameless?”

“If you want it, face is not important.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly leaned forward and bit the tanghulu. After eating one, “I’ll eat it myself, you don’t need to feed me.”

Su Shian also bit the candied fruit, eating bit by bit, and smiled very happily.

“It’s delicious, Wei Wei.”

Chen Wenfeng felt that he should calm down. Su Shian had been talking to himself.

Even asking a question and answering it himself.

He heard Su Shian say, “We will go to Europe to have another wedding.” 

After a while, Su Shian’s voice was soft and delicate. He even imitated Bai Weiwei’s tone and rhythm. “Europe is too far away. We will hold a wedding at the doorstep.”

Su Shian regained his voice. “I’m glad you like it.”

Chen Wenfeng walked up to him and squatted down to look into Su Shian’s eyes. He said, one word at a time: “Su Shian, wake up.”

Su Shian’s eyes were unfocused. After eating the tanghulu in his hand, he reached out and took another one.

Chen Wenfeng suddenly couldn’t bear it. When he reached out, he took away the tanghulu in his hand and threw it away.

Then he grabbed him by the collar with both hands, shaking him hard, “Su Shian, f*cking wake up. You coward that dares not face reality, she’s dead, gone.”

When he finished saying that, it was Chen Wenfeng who was crying.

Since Bai Weiwei died, his body was on the verge of breaking down.

But too many things needed to be dealt with. He could only force himself to handle everything.

And today, he saw Su Shian like this.

Chen Wenfeng found that he could not hold on.

Su Shian was confused for a while, only to recognize the person in front of him, “Rotten Chen, didn’t you say you wouldn’t bother Weiwei? What are you doing in my home?”

Chen Wenfeng: “I came to your house to beat you.”

Then he punched him in the face.

Su Shian was beaten until blood came out the corner of his mouth.

Chen Wenfeng punched him again and almost lost his footing.

When the fist wasn’t enough, he even started to use his foot.

Su Shian was finally angered. He suddenly became crazy and fought with Chen Wenfeng.

Like wounded lone wolves, the two men fought and beat each other.

As though if they didn’t kill the other person, they wouldn’t stop.

Chen Wenfeng’s face was full of blood. He cursed in a rage: “Where is Weiwei? Where is she? Are you addicted to pretending to be two people? She is dead, Su Shian, you waste.”

Su Shian didn’t want to listen. He subconsciously rejected these words.

Where was Weiwei?

Of course she was at home, by his side.

He madly attacked Chen Wenfeng, and smashed everything beyond all recognition.

Chen Wenfeng pushed those tanghulu to the ground and went to stomp them into pieces.

Su Shian suddenly became shocked. He quickly went to save the tanghulu. “Weiwei likes to eat these, don’t break them.”

Chen Wenfeng suddenly could not step on them.

He lost all his strength and stood still.

Su Shian quickly went to pick up those tanghulu, one, two… three… The tears suddenly fell drop by drop.

He lowered his head as his tears burst out.

Don’t even talk about Chen Wenfeng; his face was full of tears.

Two big men cried in tears in the disordered house scattered with shattered tanghulu..

Chen Wenfeng’s arrival woke up Su Shian.

He whispered: “Weiwei is dead.”

Chen Wenfeng: “En.”

Su Shian’s face paled and he got up to go take a bath and change clothes.

Chen Wenfeng saw he reappeared wearing a black suit and a pink boutonniere1.

Su Shian collected the intact tanghulu and wrapped them in a wrapper.

“Go, I am going to see her.”

1: Boutonniere: a flower accessory worn on the chest. Personally, I’ve only ever seen one in person during prom, but I’m pretty sure it’s common for any formal event. Pairs well with a corsage 🙂


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  1. Somehow, the image of Su Shian sitting around imitating Bai Weiwei’s voice in a crazed stupor is leagues more off putting to me than Mu Yanjun hugging Bai Weiwei’s corpse, fully aware she’s dead.

  2. >When he finished saying that, it was Chen Wenfeng who was crying.

    Man, I feel worst of all for poor CW, who can’t fuck off to fantasy land the way SS does. And CW actually treated BWW well from (almost) the beginning! Poor guy… I have second lead syndrome BAD for him.

  3. Su slag was the one who’s suppose to get it together the most, it was his wife that died yet her admirer was the one who took care of the funeral, and let’s not forget out patriarch su here, the poor old good man…. Argh imagining su slag imitating BWW’s voice gives me the heebie jeebies

  4. Damn when Su Shian break out the fight just to save the Tanghulu broke my heart man… damn imagine losing focus just to pick candy that his late wife love so much. damn damn my heart man

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