MGCH Chapter 422

Translator: Kanku

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Reality (6)

Her head slammed into his chest and made a sound.

Ye Yuxuan’s heart seemed to have been hit harder.

His hand seemed to be out of his control, and he had to hold her waist.

But before he could touch her, she suddenly reached out and grabbed his neck.

She unhesitatingly lifted her head. With a heroic gesture like a strong warrior breaking his wrist1, she pressed her mouth to his cold, thin lips.

The calm in Ye Yuxuan’s eyes splintered, and he suddenly opened his eyes wide.

The next second Bai Weiwei’s tongue broke past his lips. Hooking his tongue, sucking and entangling.

Ye Yuxuan lost his breath, and his brain was blank for the first time.

The feeling of numbness spread through the body, breaking through his calm mask and completely crushing his intellect.

He was almost uncontrollable. His body muscles suddenly tensed, his breathing was hot, and even his eyes were blazing with smoldering fire. His eyelashes trembled.

At the same time, Bai Weiwei heard the automatic reminder of the system.

【Energy feedback stopped. Host has 12 hours of life remaining…】

System: “Keep going. His mood isn’t fluctuating enough, I can’t grab his life value.”

Distract his mind, disturb his impregnable defense.

Finally, grab the vast amounts of life value in his body.

Bai Weiwei didn’t think that the method that slag suggested would turn out to be useful.

Her eyes were very bright, as brilliant as stars, reflecting Ye Yuxuan’s beautiful and distinctively outlined face.

Ye Yuxuan felt like there was something flowing through his dry heart. His entire body was fixed in place as Bai Weiwei fiercely kissed him.

Bai Weiwei kissed for half a day, how did the life value not rise?

She frowned. Her hot and moist lips pressed hard. They had never been in such close contact before.

Ye Yuxuan trembled, and he finally heard his heartbeat, as loud as thunder.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but shudder. She could feel the breath of both sides intertwining, thick and as addicting as opium..

Her heart itched and her arms lost strength, and she couldn’t hang onto him.

The warmth between Ye Yuxuan’s lips vanished.

He gasped heavily. Because he lost her kiss, there was a slight panic in his eyes.

Bai Weiwei really did not have the strength. She did not expect that Ye Yuxuan was a piece of wood. She kissed with all her feelings and he was still indifferent.

She was just about to knock on the system to see if there was any other way, when suddenly her waist was hugged. The body that was moving away was enclosed in his arms.

Then she only felt that the back of her head was fixed by the other hand and forced to look up and form a delicate and delicious posture.

Then she saw Ye Yuxuan bow his head and kiss her hard.

She took a breath, and it was the smell of him. Her heart beat chaotically.

Then she didn’t have time to think. As though taking revenge, he imitated her previous attack.

The tip of his tongue broke into her mouth as he wantonly and forcibly gave her a deep kiss.

【Ding, captured life value fluctuations. Capture target, Ye Yuxuan. Beginning capture… 1 day, 1 day and 10 hours , 1 day and 15 hours, 2 days…】

When Bai Weiwei heard this, she almost burst into tears.

The life points she worked so hard for were finally returned.

She once again reached out and hugged Ye Yuxuan, and could not wait to be attached to this large piece of life points.

This was her life, ah.

Ye Yuxuan made a move in less than half a second, eagerly demanding a kiss.

The two kissed, loathe to part. Body glued to body, rubbing enough to start a fire2.

1: 壮士断腕: when a warrior was bitten on the wrist by a python, it was cut off to prevent poison spreading to the rest of the body. An idiom meaning to not hesitate and act decisively.

2: 干柴烈火: lit. intense fire dry wood; consuming passion between lovers.


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