MGCH Chapter 423

Translator: Kanku

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Reality (7)

The life value also began to rise.

 【Two days and 12 hours… 3 days… 4 days… 5 days…】

Qin Qiu, staring with his jaw dropped: “…”

Bai Weiwei was not well. Her body was already weak, had been sleeping this entire time. With this tossing about, she was going to have a heart attack.

She panted and knocked on the system: “I can’t hold on.” 

The system counted the number of lives. “You have six days of life now. You can’t eat fat in one go. Next time, put in more effort.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly changed face. She reached out to cover Ye Yuxuan’s lips. Her face was red and her breathing was chaotic as she looked at him.

Ye Yuxuan was also not in a good place. His expression was stiff and his body temperature was high enough to burn people.

Suddenly, the corners of Bai Weiwei’s mouth hooked upward, and her misty eyes were overflowing with charm. She casually raised her head. Her lips brushed over his cheeks, came to his ear, and exhaled softly.

Ye Yuxuan breathed heavily. His body was straight and stiff as though shocked by electricity, and his ears were red.

【Life value capture start. Captured one day. Host has seven days of life remaining. The host chooses to save the life points and activate the newbie gift pack…】

Bai Weiwei could finally rest assured as she closed her eyes.

Ye Yuxuan only felt that the woman in her arms was weak, and he quickly caught her.

She had already passed out.

Ye Yuxuan had not yet woken up. His mind had never been so chaotic.

His face as he stared at Bai Weiwei was bordering on stupid.

There is still a moist impression on his lips.

He was holding Bai Weiwei, and his fingers couldn’t help but touch the blush on her cheek. The soft sensation stunned him.

Then there was no warning, and his brain exploded like a bomb.

The world was on fire.

His unresponsive nerves were stimulated.

He thought of their entangled lips and teeth, the moist and scorching hot intertwinement.

This feeling was like nothing else.

The blush spread from Ye Yuxuan’s ears to his face. It was boiling hot.

He hugged her, and a little emotion called nervousness seized his heart. He couldn’t help but bow his head and peck her slightly parted lips once.

As though this would wake her up.

Qin Qiu looked at Bai Weiwei, who fainted after teasing a man, and looked at the blushing Ye Yuxuan.

He silently lifted his phone and clicked it.

The picture of the two dogs was taken.

Suddenly the door of the ward opened. Bai Changyan walked in and said, “I’ve thought about it, and I feel that Weiwei really doesn’t like you. There is really no way. I am sorry, Ye shao, I don’t want a business cooperation. Let’s dissolve the marriage contract.”

Compared to the countless commercial interests.

The happiness of Bai Weiwei was what her father paid more attention to.

After that, Bai Changyan felt that something was wrong.

He saw his daughter lying unconscious in Ye Yuxuan’s arms with her clothes in disorder, and Ye Yuxuan’s face… like that of a beast in spring1.

The lips of the two people were not normal, with a slight swelling, and the air was filled with a sour smell of dog2.

At this moment, Bai Changyan thought of a lot of headlines in his mind..

《Scoundrel is worse than a beast, forces himself on slumbering, comatose maiden!》

《No conscience! How could you xx my poor and innocent daughter?》

《Old father tearfully accuses commercial giant of indecent crime!》

Bai Changyan was furious, “Ye Yuxuan, what did you do to my daughter?”

After that, he rushed over about to fight for Bai Weiwei.

Ye Yuxuan hugged her body, and with a simple side-step, he avoided his attack.

He coldly looked at Bai Changyan. “Don’t be noisy, she is tired.”

1: 思春: harboring the amorous thoughts of spring (a girl); lovesick or longing for love.

2: Reference to dog food = PDA


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