MGCH Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (2)

At first, when she heard that Ning Yishu’s favorability was at 3, the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but curl into a smile.

But by the time she finished reading the memories.

The smile at the corner of her mouth slowly froze.

Her expression gradually became cold and indifferent.

Finally it remained at 【You’re mmp1 joking】 and 【No, I must be dreaming】, these two expression packs2.

She’d thought that coming across the system was already the oddest thing.

She didn’t expect that one day, even when she was placed in a mission plane, she could wear flowers3.

The system didn’t send her a memory, but a novel.

The title of the novel was 《The Supreme Immortal Cultivator》4.

The male lead was called Ning Yishu, a standard shuangwen5 scheming6 protagonist.

He got a horrible lot in life as heaven’s lone star7, going through the death of his entire family.

Since young, he grew up like a beggar, eating a hundred meals under the eyes of others who shunned and despised him.

Later, it was by lucky coincidence that he entered Grand Heavens Mountain8, under Bai Weiwei’s school.

Ning Yishu’s spiritual root was different from others. Others had metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and so on.

As for him, he had a pure yang constitution.

When Grand Heavens Mountain Sect tested his spiritual root, they had never seen this kind of spiritual root, so he was mistakenly identified as a fire spiritual root.

Ning Yishu thought that, under Bai Weiwei’s tutelage, he would have a smooth journey.

But his pure yang constitution had a peculiar point.

While his body was young and immature, he couldn’t cultivate at all.

Very quickly, Bai Weiwei discovered that he was a waste who couldn’t cultivate.

Furious, she tortured and humiliated him every day.

And she also let others bully and suppress him.

Ning Yishu swallowed down the humiliation. He was so inferior that he dared not resist.

Until Bai Weiwei encountered a bottleneck, and she needed a kind of medicinal pill to assist in her cultivation.

This pill needed a person with a fire single spiritual root to act as the primer.

So Bai Weiwei didn’t hesitate to throw Ning Yishu in a pill furnace to refine a pill.

Of course, Ning Yishu wouldn’t be finished off like this.

In his rage, his pure yang plugin broke open the pill furnace, and he fled.

Finally, the furious Bai Weiwei smacked him off the precipice with one hand.

The story up to here was only a tenth of the early phase.

Like all protagonists in shuangwen, he fell off the precipice and had a most fortuitous encounter.

Ning Yishu began his counterattack, then began to walk the road of face slapping.

He destroyed Grand Heavens Mountain Sect.

He skinned and chopped up Bai Weiwei to refine her into a pill.

Her soul was extracted for refining, forever suffering torment and unable to reincarnate.

Seeing up to this point, Bai Weiwei’s expression was not good.

The story afterwards had nothing to do with her.

In any case, Ning Yishu was noble, coldly elegant, and grounded, and did all the things a shuangwen protagonist should do.

Taking in the younger brother, picking up the beauty, fighting the boss9. And the standard ending, breaking through the void10 and ascending to become an immortal.

This was the entire plot of the story 《The Supreme Immortal Cultivator》.

And she was clearly not in an ordinary mission plane.

It was based on this book.

Fortunately, when she entered, the story had not yet begun.

Ning Yishu had just entered under her division last year.

The original owner had not yet tried to refine Ning Yishu into a pill or throw him off the cliff.

Ning Yishu had not yet slaughtered everyone, or skinned and made pills out of her.

Unfortunately, the original owner had already abused and tortured Ning Yishu for a year.

And in three months, the male lead would become medicine for a pill.

In the beginning, because Ning Yishu had admired his master, he’d had 30 favorability points, but they were already running out.

Bai Weiwei knocked on the system. “So this is a book? And I want to keep my character of tormenting the lead and seeking death, throw him off the cliff, and wait for him to come back and skin me?”

System: “Theoretically, that’s correct.”

Bai Weiwei: “I mmp don’t…”

System: “Bad word.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system added: “This is a special plane. You can’t change the book’s plot, and when you’re capturing, you can’t easily change the original owner’s character.”

Bai Weiwei: “What is the original character’s character?”

System: “Ruthless and cruel, this book’s early villain, tortures Ning Yishu every day for fun.”

Bai Weiwei: Beat it, how was she supposed to capture? Who would fall in love with a vicious woman who tortured him every day and even tried to refine him into a pill?

1: Short for 媽賣批; “your mom is a prostitute”; here, “you’re [mother]fucking joking”

2: 表情包: emoji package. Rather than an actual emoji as we know it in English, it seems to be referring to what we would call a reaction image/.gif/meme

3: Play on words? The word for odd/exotic is 奇葩 (odd + corolla, the collective term for the petals of a flower). So wearing a flower = become even odder. Side note: wearing is used in Chinese [quick] transmigration novels to mean occupying/possessing the original host’s body.

4: 《纵横仙道唯我独尊》 Hello, I’d like to throw my laptop out the window, please. 纵横 = length and breadth, or criss-cross/intersecting, or free and unrestrained. 仙道 = immortal/celestial + dao/daoist/road; 唯我独尊 literally is “only I alone am honored/respected/venerated” but based on the context in other sentences it has a super egotistic, proud, and “I’m number 1” sort of vibe to it.

5: 爽文: a sort of genre? Things just work out for the protagonist and it makes you feel great and you just say “so cool” when they do. I think common tropes in shuangwen are large harems, a mysterious and powerful mentor figure, and powering up even with a minuscule chance of success. EDIT: a derogatory term for literature that’s written to satisfy the readers’ fantasies and lacks artistic value. Wish-fulfillment, if you will.

6: 套路: the more contemporary meaning refers to any hidden agenda, trap, or conspiracy.

7: 天煞孤星: people with this fate are destined to be alone, not because they choose it, but because those around them encounter misfortune.

8: 天鸿山: Day/heaven + great + mountains. Nothing explicitly states that this is a sect but based on the plot and context it sounds like a sect name (whose name was based off the location, maybe?). I’ve been going back and forth between Grand Heavens Mountain and Tianhong Mountain a lot, but since I don’t know how many new places or names there will be in the future, I think I’ll keep it as Grand Heavens Mountain so it’s easier for people to remember.

9: Boss was in English.

10: 破碎虚空: not too sure about this but the process sounds similar to going through tribulations to become an immortal. It does seem to have some relation to Daoism? Something to do with comprehending the truth, which requires breaking through the void/false.

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