MGCH Chapter 431

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (8)

Ning Yishu shuddered fiercely. Enduring the freezing cold, he held her in his arms.

The gauze robe slipped down to her shoulders as he moved, revealing her round shoulders and delicate collarbone.

The quiet and beautiful fragrance, mixed with a bit of cold air, unexpectedly became even more intense.

Ning Yishu froze, not daring to breathe. His unsheathed dagger also paused.

Bai Weiwei seemed to have fainted. She was completely unconscious.

Normally, she was always so aloof and moody, like a person looking at mole crickets and ants1. Now, she was lying in his arms, vulnerable.

Ning Yishu’s hand that was holding the dagger was shaking.

But he still resolutely pulled back the dagger. He was so tense his fingers were like stone.

This was the first time he would kill a person.

And the person was actually his own master.

Ning Yishu called out again, “Shifu, what happened to you? Do you want me to call for someone?”

He was worried that Bai Weiwei would wake up.

Bai Weiwei seemed to hear his voice. Her eyelashes light quivered, and a moan of pain came out from her mouth.


Ning Yishu’s dagger paused. He said nervously: “If it is cold, shifu is wearing too little.”

When he finished saying this, he finally realized. She really was wearing too little.

He promptly suppressed the shock of seeing her body. Once again working up the courage, he drew back the dagger in his hand.

Because he was holding her, the dagger was pointed at her back.

As soon as it plunged in, she would definitely die.

Ning Yishu’s eyes filled with ruthless determination. His hand was just about to move.

But Bai Weiwei suddenly opened her eyes, and there was chaos in her eyes.

Ning Yishu’s eyes flashed with panic. She actually woke up at this time.

She was going to kill him.

If she found out that he was going to kill her, he would definitely die.

At this moment, Ning Yishu’s mind flickered through countless scenes of his humiliation and abuse.

Instead of being killed without dignity by Bai Weiwei, it was better to fight.

Ning Yishu’s hand exerted force. He was just about to stab into her back.

But Bai Weiwei suddenly jumped up. She easily grabbed his dagger and threw it aside.

Ning Yishu’s face changed. His leapt to his feet and turned to run.

He couldn’t even take a few steps before a slender white hand seized his clothes, pulled him back, and threw him on the couch.

Ning Yishu bumped into a corner of the chair and hissed in pain.

The next moment, he forgot how to breathe.

Bai Weiwei’s legs straddled his body. The body under the thin gauze was cold and enchanting.

Her mind seemed to be confused, and her face was completely colorless. She said, shivering, “So cold, warm me up.”

Saying this, she instinctively bowed her head, licking and lightly rubbing his cheek.

Just like a pitiful little animal, looking for something tasty.

“You’re so warm. Are you hiding a heater in your arms? Give it to me.”

Ning Yishu was shocked and afraid. Hearing her words, he didn’t know if he should laugh or get angry.

Bai Weiwei, this was… did she have internal demons2 invade her heart and turned into a fool?

All cultivators had the possibility of running into internal demons. Those with lighter ones would regress in their cultivation, and those with heavier ones lost their lives.

Ning Yishu was stiff and dared not move. He let her rub against his body, lick him.

After a long time, the atmosphere began to turn strange.

Her pink lips were delicate and soft, with a feeling of coldness. When they brushed over his burning hot skin, a trembling numbness spread.

Ning Yishu held his breath. If it was just this, he could still bear it.

But just when he thought this, Bai Weiwei irritably stretched out and seized his neck.

“I’ll have you hand over that heater, waste.”

Ning Yishu: Why hadn’t he stabbed her earlier?

He was forced to open his mouth, but Bai Weiwei was pleasantly surprised. “I found it.”

Saying this, she just bowed her head and sealed his lips with a kiss.

Ning Yishu’s eyes widened. Her full lips were soft and moist, and a rich, sweet smell filled the air.

1: 蝼蚁: nobodies (Utada Hikaru starts playing in the background); insignificant people.

2: 心魔: a cultivator’s negative emotions that obstruct their cultivation/training. Failure to properly resist/manage them can result in qi deviation (your cultivation becomes unstable and you lose your mind)



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