MGCH Chapter 433

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (10)

After Ning Yishu returned to his broken-down house, he was in a conflicted mood.

When Bai Weiwei woke up, she would probably kill him.

He had to flee right away.

But Grand Heavens Mountain had a large defensive array. If you didn’t have a token to leave, you couldn’t get out at all.

He was beaten and scolded every day in Grand Heavens Mountain. He would never be able to get a token.

Could he only wait to die?

Just now… he shouldn’t have run away. He should have turned his hand, stabbed Bai Weiwei, and let her die.

Ning Yishu was sure he would die soon. After all, he understood Bai Weiwei’s temperament.

He had treated her like that; her skinning him and stripping his tendons would be light punishment.

But after a few days of living in fear, it seemed that Bai Weiwei had forgotten him. She didn’t even ask someone to kill him.

Ning Yishu asked around, only to find out that Scarlet Moon Mountain’s1 hidden realm was about to open.

All the major sects would send numerous people to prepare to enter the hidden realm and seize the immortal treasures.

Bai Weiwei was busy with this and basically had no time to care for him.

Ning Yishu didn’t sigh in relief, because he was clear that the crisis wasn’t really over.

If he was strong enough…

Ning Yishu settled down and drew qi into his body.

But like in the past, his dantian2 was empty, and the spiritual energy in the air couldn’t be accumulated.

Ning Yishu ruthlessly smashed his fist into the ground. A crack in the ground didn’t form, but his hand was numbed by the endless pain.

Repressing his chestful of rage, he walked over to the desk and began to flip through the pages.

This phenomenon had happened before.

A single spiritual root was blocked and couldn’t absorb spiritual power.

There was a kind of rare treasure called a Blessed Flower3. It grew in the Scarlet Moon Mountain’s hidden realm and had a miraculous effect on blocked spiritual roots.

However, only disciples whose cultivation were above the Foundation Establishment4 stage were qualified to enter.

And he, a first-level Qi Refining stage, was simply not qualified to join.

In the beginning, he’d intended to bribe the leader with the dagger to get a spot.

But now…

“Ning Yishu, shishuzu is calling for you to go to Skyward Palace5.”

Suddenly, a disciple at the Foundation Establishment stage kicked open the door and announced.

Ning Yishu bowed his head, hiding the indifference in his eyes. He honestly and obediently said, “I will go right away.”

What ever would come, will come.

As expected, Bai Weiwei wouldn’t let him go.

He left the wooden house, his steps heavy as he approached Grand Heavens Mountain’s most magnificent audience hall.

He was sure the Bai Weiwei told him to come to Skyward Palace to execute him.

Because this audience hall was where busy disciples gathered.

But when he arrived, he discovered that all the disciples of Grand Heavens Mountain had gathered.

Steams of people pushed and chatted within the grand hall.

“I heard that the hidden realm opened earlier than planned, and shishuzu plans to lead the team in person. She’s setting off for Scarlet Moon Mountains today.”

“Yeah, ah. I heard this is the last time the hidden realm will be open, so even shizu6 came back.”

Ning Yishu listened to the conversation from the people next to him. He was expressionless, not exposing his disappointment.

Because he knew that this trip to the hidden realm had nothing to do with him.

Suddenly, the gong outside the door was struck once, and its sound echoed throughout the hall.

The main entrance of the grand hall opened.

Shizu, shishuzu have arrived.”

Everyone looked toward the main entrance. Suddenly, a faint fragrance pervaded the air.

Ning Yishu smelled the familiar fragrance, and it was as if Bai Weiwei’s beautiful and delicate body flashed before his eyes.

His jaw clenched, and he quickly waved the image away.

Then he secretly glanced up, but froze once again.

The morning light poured in through the door. The woman who stepped into the hall wore an aqua blue wide-sleeved flying celestial skirt7. Her ink-black hair draped over her shoulders, and her skin was as bright as snow. Her features were so exquisite they bewitched and trapped the soul.

It wasn’t that they didn’t have beautiful disciples all around.

But when she stepped into the grand hall, everyone else looked dim and faint.

As though only she was shining.

1: 赤阴山: red/crimson + moon + mountain.

2: 丹田: a region of the body that condenses and collects qi. Usually refers to the area below the navel.

3: 天情花: heaven/day + love/kindness/feeling + flower. I chose “blessing” because I figured a blessing is kind of like receiving love from the heavens/God/etc., and because of its effect on the spiritual roots. The person being treated would surely think it’s a blessing to be able to cultivate.

4: 筑基期: the second level of cultivation rank.

5: 天凌宫: sky + approach + palace.

6: 师祖: if there’s a shishuzu, there must be a shizu, right? Bai Weiwei’s senior martial brother and likely the sect leader.

7: 广袖飞仙裙: there was no exact result for wide-sleeved “flying” celestial skirt, but there was a wide-sleeved “flowing” celestial skirt, depicted below:


Cheese: so many new terms, so little brainpower… hopefully my interpretations and choice of words make at least some sense and help you follow the story better bc im spending half the time tl-ing on trying to figure out cool-ish but somewhat faithful (or at least logical and practical) names LOL ON ANOTHER NOTE does anybody else pronounce blessed in two different ways? if i say something like “im so blessed that abc…” i say it in one syllable but if it comes in front of the word i want to describe i tend to use two syllables like “bles-sed hoe” or “bles-sed watering can“ (throwback to rune factory ay)

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