MGCH Chapter 436

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (13)

Bai Weiwei and the system were both shocked. ‘That thing?’

How could a kiss be spoken of so ambiguously?

If she hadn’t known better, she would have thought she forced herself on him.

Ning Yishu saw that she was confused and explained: “You kissed me.”

Bai Weiwei: Just telling the truth like this, why not seize the chance to pitifully come up and ask to be a sugar baby? Too bad.

Bai Weiwei’s face immediately sank. Before she could unleash her temper.

She felt the familiar cold setting in. She frowned and bit her lip, her entire body trembling.

The air in the carriage suddenly cooled. 

Just like on that day.

From beneath her, Ning Yishu noticed that her body temperature had plummeted.

Her eyebrows began to develop a thin layer of frost, and her face was pale and pitiful.

“Damn, my spiritual energy is out of control again.”

Ning Yishu sneered in his heart. It was better for her to lose control and go into qi deviation. Then he could kill her with a knife.

Ning Yishu carried all kinds of dark schemes in his heart, but his eyes were sincere and innocent.

Bai Weiwei grabbed his face and looked at it left and right. She said, disgusted: “You’re so ugly, I actually forced myself on your mouth?”

Ning Yishu, whose bruises had not yet faded: “…”

Bai Weiwei suddenly coughed, and blood spilled from the corners of her mouth.

Ning Yishu’s eyes flashed with a barely perceptible light. It’d be best if she died.

The next moment, all the schemes in his mind suddenly vanished.

Cool lips, mixed with a fragrant breath, pressed against his.

Ning Yishu’s entire body was petrified.

A warm power in his body surged upward.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed with a hint of a pleasant surprise.

Her body was warming up.

Ning Yishu also noticed that her body temperature began to rise.

She didn’t want to kiss him.

She just wanted to use him as a heater to warm herself.

This small portion of warm power was really too little.

Bai Weiwei pressed a hand on his shoulder. Her tongue pushed past his lips, freely sucking and plundering.

Ning Yishu, who had no experience in this area, felt as though a huge wave rose up in his heart and smashed him into pieces.

Her tongue was still cool, and the fragrance on her body wrapped around him. Unable to control himself, his breaths became hurried and scorching hot.

Bai Weiwei sucked in his pure yang energy.

The frost on her body disappeared. Her ice-cold eyes were covered in a layer of water, and her cheeks were dyed with a red flush.

Her beauty, now with three points of color, came with its own fascinating charm.

Ning Yishu’s eyes darkened, a man’s natural desire to plunder surging in his eyes.

His body was stiff, and his heart couldn’t stop jumping wildly.

His nose was enshrouded in her fragrance, and the body glued to him had soft and gradually warming skin.

He suddenly realized he was going out of control.

A second before he lost control, Bai Weiwei unexpectedly got up and kicked him down.

She instantly resumed her previous lazily reclining posture. Her face was more delicate than a flower, her lips had a touch of rogue, and the cold air on her body was swept away.

She frowned in disgust. “You still have some use. My spiritual energy has been out of control lately and my body temperature has dropped. You’re a fire single spiritual root, so your internal energy is perfect for neutralizing mine.”

Ning Yishu lay on the ground, his mind in chaos. He somehow managed to suppress the thoughts he shouldn’t have.

She actually wanted to treat him like a cure.

Ning Yishu took a few breaths before he recovered his composure. “To serve shifu is your disciple’s duty.”

Bai Weiwei said coldly: “Raise your head.”

Ning Yishu was silent for a moment, then slowly lifted his head.

A cool liquid suddenly flowed across his face.

It was a first-class healing elixir. The moment it touched his face, all his wounds disappeared.

The elixir seeped into his skin. After a while, all external and internal wounds vanished.

Bai Weiwei threw the bottle into his arms. There was still a lot of medicine left inside.

“Treat your face until it’s completely healed.”

Was this her worrying about him?

But Bai Weiwei shattered his thoughts with the next sentence. “You’re too ugly, I can’t swallow my food.”

Cheese: ngl, when that part about a cool liquid flowing across his face came up my immediate thought, did she spit on him or something and i was like ?????? taking this abuse thing a bit too far are we??????


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