MGCH Chapter 438

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (15)

“Also, your body is soft and well-rounded, your voice is like a silver bell. Standing before you, all others look like vulgar women1.”

Ning Yishu was talking and talking when suddenly, he felt that his words weren’t false.

When they were waiting in the audience hall, there were clearly many peerlessly beautiful female disciples.

But when Bai Weiwei came in.

No matter how beautiful they were.

In a moment they all paled.

No better than vulgar women.

“Your dark hair is thick and voluminous…”

If it could be twined around one’s fingers, it would surely be beautiful enough to make one tremble.

“Your features are as crimson as the dawn2… 

Her lips were red, her eyes charming but not coquettish.

Ning Yishu had never observed Bai Weiwei so carefully.

Before, her image in his heart was that of a she-devil. Her face was twisted and hideous, and she was ugly beyond compare.

But today, her face truly entered his sights.

Because he was actively observing her.

He was even more aware of the attack power of her beauty.

Ning Yishu’s heart was struck, and he quickly bowed his head. Suddenly, he couldn’t speak any more praises.

He could smoothly speak lies.

But he didn’t know why that once he realized that his words were truthful.

He actually couldn’t say a word.

Bai Weiwei nonchalantly inspected her fingers. “Speak, ah. Your words aren’t half bad, so why don’t you say it.”

Ning Yishu’s lips moved, but his lowered gaze fell on her softly swaying feet.

The delicate ankle, the extremely beautiful instep, the light pink toenails. Everything was just right.

When his lips moved, his mind flashed with the image he had just come across.

This image made his body stiffen, and he immediately closed his eyes. His fingernails dug into his palms, keeping his mind clear.

Then he heard himself woodenly say, “Shifu is beautiful everywhere. For a moment, I couldn’t think of any words worthy of your beauty.”

System: This embarrassing flattery, simply shameless3.

For a moment, it was silent.

Ning Yishu’s mind was also somewhat tensed.

Suddenly, a chuckle broke the unspeakably awkward silence.

Bai Weiwei laughed, extremely pleased. “In recognition of your honesty, I will not hit you these next few days. When we return from the hidden realm back to Grand Heavens Mountain, I will resume beating you.”

Ning Yishu bowed his head, his voice sincere and joyful. “Thank you, shifu.”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at -10.】

Bai Weiwei smiled on the outside, but her heart screamed mmp.

System: “I’ve been thinking, in this plane, our family’s going to be hacked to death by Xuan Lei.”

Bai Weiwei was calm: “No, believe in me. Even if you don’t trust me, trust in my face.”

System: “Believe you can do what with your face, is it thick enough to block thunder and lightning?”

Bai Weiwei: “I mean, my face is beautiful, ah.”

System: I’m speechless, this was so out of place.

Bai Weiwei’s expression deepened. “Why do you think I asked him to compliment my beauty? When Ning Yishu sees me, he lowers his head, and in his heart I’m just a vague image. I’m vicious and cruel, so I’m guessing that in his heart, I’m a witch.”

“So I forced him to praise me, and he had to properly face my glorious beauty. When he praises me, he’ll automatically brainwash himself.”

System: This was the first time it came across such a brazen way of brainwashing.

Bai Weiwei fondly touched her face. “The day that a man feels a woman is beautiful is the moment their favorability flies up.”

The system couldn’t help it. “What if his will is strong and he isn’t moved by beauty?”

Bai Weiwei froze. She pondered on this possibility.

Suddenly she reached out, lifted Ning Yishu’s face, and gently kissed him without much thought.

1: 村妇 village woman, or vulgar woman.

2: 绯红似霞: 霞 refers to the light and clouds at sunrise and sunset (rosy clouds?)

3: 碧莲不: another mention of being Bilian/being shameless.


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  1. A dreadful thought just crossed my mind that when that memory of this plane’s ML syncs up to original ML’s brain data, I fear he might just grab her feet and kiss/massage it all over *shudders* ah, the pure obsession over her flesh and body PLUS soul, he’s gonna suck her life points dry …. or vise versa.

  2. That’s it she is going to die a miserable death… no clue how he could love her when the setting is pure abuse and she can’t even change the plot…

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