MGCH Chapter 439

Translator: Phoodz

Proofreader/editor: Sera

The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (16)

*Warning: Slightly NSFW*

The system was shocked at the same time as Ning Yishu.

This racing without a word1.

Bai Weiwei kissed his lips and sucked gently. 

A casual kiss, hiding imperceptible desire. Her eyes were calm, but the corners of her eyes were an acutely enchanting red. 

Ning Yishu had never seen such a bold woman.

He never thought he would be easily touched by her. 

His muscles were taut and quivering. A thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead, and he could not be as calm as she was.

He had never touched a woman before.

And Bai Weiwei was cruel and fickle, as terrible as a viper.

But at the same time she was so high up that he didn’t even have the qualifications to look up at her.

He had never considered her as a woman.

But now that she showed such a lively and seductive side in front of him.

There was a strange sense of taboo that prevented him from staying calm.

He endured and forced himself to be a lifeless piece of wood.

The strength in his body poured out again and was sucked away by Bai Weiwei.

She was a little greedy and deepened the kiss.

Ning Yishu clenched his hands into fists and tried his best to keep calm.

Her breath was hot and fragrant.

He was in a trance and could only feel this moist and sweet kiss pulling him down deeper into depravity.

Just before he completely lost his mind.

The flying beast carriage suddenly stopped.

Outside the carriage, the voice of a disciple was heard, “Shishuzu, we’ve arrived at Scarlet Moon Mountain.”

Ning Yishu suddenly woke up, and the warmth on his lips also suddenly left.

He was a little lost.

Bai Weiwei nonchalantly touched her hair, and with a husky voice said, “I see, prepare to enter the hidden realm.”

After the command was completed, Bai Weiwei said to Ning Yishu somewhat exhaustedly, “You can go out. If I need you again, I’ll just call you.”

This was completely treating him as a medicine.

Ning Yishu didn’t care whether she was always sucking away his strength or whether it would cause damage to the body.

He was afraid that Bai Weiwei would look at him and see something, so he quickly answered, “Yes, shifu.”

After speaking, he stepped back and jumped out of the carriage. 

The system said quietly, “You have used both seduction and good looks, and his favorability has not increased.”

Bai Weiwei touched her face and said, “Maybe his nerves haven’t processed everything yet and he couldn’t react immediately.”

Even in the face of death, she wouldn’t admit that her seduction technique was ineffective.

Ning Yishu hurriedly entered the dense forest.

No one cared where he was going. He gasped and leapt on top of a gigantic tree where there were no people in sight.

Only now did he dare to show a helpless expression.

The temperature of his body was scalding, his breathing was chaotic, and his face was red. 

He never encountered such an event before. He was only able to remain calm by torturing himself with the memories of his humiliations.

But at this moment, his mind was in a mess, and there was a storm viciously surging through his body.

Don’t mention being calm, even lowering his body’s temperature was impossible.

He took a deep breath, only to find that his lower body was already terribly tense and strained. 

His blood was boiling.

Ning Yishu endured for a long time and found out that the more he restrained himself, the more out of control he became.

He somewhat couldn’t stand jumping down from the tree, but he spotted a pool not too far away from him, and he jumped in without thinking.

Ice-cold, deep water rushed forth.

He still had yet to feel better when, almost instinctively, his hands could not help but reach down there to explore.

And Bai Weiwei’s delicate and beautiful face also appeared in his mind.

He was startled. His body shuddered a few times as he leaned his entire body by the edge of the water. The lingering pleasant aftertaste was still racking his body.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at 0.】

Ning Yishu’s calm face remained blank for a long time. Finally, he coldly mocked himself, “Fantasizing about that woman, I must be insane. I went as far as to have a reaction to Bai Weiwei.”

Not far away, Bai Weiwei heard the system’s notification. “I kissed him for such a long time and only now did his favorability increase. His nerves must really be slow.”

The system that had spicy eyes, “No, he’s playing with himself2.”

Bai Weiwei, “?”

“The male lead is thinking of you while masturbating. That’s why his favorability increased.”

How could a man’s reaction to a woman result in a negative favorability? 

Bai Weiwei: The taste is too heavy, I can’t bear it.

She didn’t expect the male lead to be this kind of person.

1: 一言不合就飙车: netizen term for sending out secretive or pornographic/racy (how punny) materials. Apparently the term had something to do with DOTA2 and someone sending out seed information after a dissatisfactory move on the part of the staff(?), but since I neither play DOTA2 nor keep up with gaming news, I can’t confirm the claim or expand on the situation lol

2: 撸: a dialect for rubbing [one’s hand along]

Phoodz: I finished it!! Whew, that was hot! After translating this my face was red as a tomato. Also ML whatcha doing? 😂

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  1. He was excited, so he tried to counter act it with his torturous memories of being humiliated, but somehow that just stimulated him more…

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