SS Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Ancient China – Part 5

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Author: Vannie

Warning: Unedited


New Mission:

Create an opportunity that would let the Legitimate Daughter of General Xue and the Fourth Prince meet in the Lantern Festival.

The reward for Completion:

Additional 250 points

Penalty for Failure:

Deduction of 250 points]

Ming* looked at the screen that suddenly pops out of nowhere. she lightly bites her finger as she thought of how to complete this mission. While doing so, she then had her own doubts regarding how the missions are set-up.

‘Hey, Little V!’

[Yes, Big Sis!] System happily replied.

‘Why am I only able to receive a mission now?’ Ming emotionlessly asked.

Seeing her emotionless face, the little system began to feel that his non-existent back is being drenched with cold sweat, while he nervously answered, [This… Well… I guess, I kinda forget to explain…]


[Well, as it was said before, I am a support system or an auxiliary system. Thus, we don’t really need to do any missions until our help is needed except for the last wish of the Original Host. After completing the last wish of the Original Host, that we could consider our main mission, Host can do whatever she wants as long as it is not an OOC* or will lead to the failure of the Main System and its Host. Also, Host would be able to stay in the mission world as long as she doesn’t die, and if Host feels like leaving then that could also be done. We just need to make sure that the Main System either completed or totally failed their tasks,] he continued to explain.

‘I see. So, what is our main mission?’ after hearing this feels like she had become an on-call employee.

[Our main mission is ‘to make sure that the Original Host’s Little Brother would be returned to his Biological family’s side and be acknowledged by them.’]

She frowned. She never knew about this, and thus she was unsure whether this mission had already been completed or not. She knew that her little brother had already been with his biological family, but that child still hasn’t accepted his true identity. He still clings to the past. He still thinks of himself as the child from the slums that was unable to save his big brother.

She then asked, ‘Wait! Why didn’t I receive any notification about this?’

[That’s because at that time your mind is too muddled by a high fever, and the moment you’ve completed the Mission you fell into a coma. So, you’ve missed the notifications, and I sort of forgot to tell you about them too. Sorry.]

While sighing she said, ‘Well, as long as that’s done then I don’t need to think about it anymore. So, how much did I receive in completing that main mission? And how many total points do I have now?’

[Host got 1,000 points from the main mission. There is also the 250 points from the beginner’s pack. Less the 200 points to activate the 30-minutes-pain-nullifying function four times from the Support Mall. Less 25 points to buy recovery potion which helped the Host’s body to survive until Prince Li and your little brother arrived. Now Host has 1,025 points left.]

After knowing how the mission and point systems work, she continued to think of a way of completing the mission. She then remembered her Master’s words a day ago.

“Accompany me at this year’s Lantern Festival! I heard that some interesting things will happen that night” the man, who is called the Red Demon by those who know his position in the underground society, playfully said.

“Master, who would I be accompanying? and how should I dress myself up?” Ming asked.

“Hmmm… Since a lot of things would happen there, I would be going there as HongYe. So, as usual, dress up as a woman, okay?”

“Also, Master. Is this an order or a suggestion?”

“Little Ming, you actually don’t want to go?”

“I don’t want to be in a crowded area”

“Hahaha… If I don’t really know you, I would have believed this reason, but you just don’t want that child to see you. Even thou you are going there dress up as a woman, you are afraid of being recognized. Afraid that he’ll hate you for faking your death. Afraid of his scornful eyes, when he learned that you’ve hidden a lot of things from him, aren’t you?” the man looked at Ming.

Sighing in her heart, Ming doesn’t know how to respond. It is true that she is afraid, but she is just lazy. After all, no matter how afraid she got, there is no way that kid would recognize her.  Her who has been said to have died 10 years ago. Her who has been known to that kid as a big brother and not as a big sister. “Master could think of anything he wants, but I would like to think more about this. So, please let me give you my reply after a couple of days.”

Sighing the man waves his hand, signaling her that she is excused.

Thinking of her Master’s offer, Ming had no choice, but to accept it. Hopefully, these interesting things that her Master has said would help her complete her current mission, and that she won’t bump into that kid.


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~A/N Notes:~

Ming* – if you have forgotten (like me) this is the MC’s name in this world. Also, after knowing her identity in each world, I’ll be describing MC with that identity.

OOC* – out of character

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