MGCH Chapter 441

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Hali

The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (18)

Bai Weiwei pulled back her hand and sneered, “Shixiong1, let’s go.”

Qiu Bai smiled, a trace of cunning deceit hidden in his eyes. “Alright, shimei.”

The sky suddenly darkened.

Enormous black clouds gathered together.

The elders who were responsible for opening the hidden realm used various magic tools to form a huge array.

Golden characters thickly dotting the sky connected into a complex Eight Trigram array2.

The elders roared in unison: “Open!”

The hidden realm’s immense stone gate, from within the dense and dark clouds, slowly opened.

Rich spiritual energy rolled in from the hidden realm. It was unknown just how many precious treasures there were, to have such spiritual energy.

The moment the hidden realm was opened, all the sects who sent people used their magic tools, commencing the treasure hunt.

In a single moment, treasure fans, flying beasts, longswords, and flower baskets3 carrying the sects’ disciples all charged through the hidden realm’s stone gate.

Bai Weiwei flicked her wrist, and a white sleeve made from spiritual energy formed.

Qiu Bai also brought out dozens of flying swords and sent in all the disciples of Grand Heavens Mountain.

Ning Yishu could only be regarded as an ordinary youth, and could not go in alone.

Qiu Bai also forgot about him and led the disciples through the stone gate.

He stood in the same spot. It was completely deserted all around, and his heart began to chill.

Suddenly, a white sleeve flashed through the air, wrapped around his waist, and lifted him up.

Ning Yishu looked up and saw Bai Weiwei, the sleeves of her robe fluttering, her slender hands and white wrists fastened with water sleeves, as she dragged him through the layer of clouds into the stone gate.

The stone gate slammed shut.

From the edges of the gate, a faint, dark gas emerged and began to eat away at the golden array. 

The hidden realm was different from the outside.

The sky was a strange purple, with six glowing moons.

Under the moon were lofty mountains and flowing water, forests and flower fields. Everything was both beautiful and dangerous.

In this place, there was a rare flower within three steps, and a spirit spring within five.

Everyone scattered to harvest these matured medicinal herbs.

This time it was Qiu Bai leading the team.

So Bai Weiwei didn’t have to do anything and simply strolled around with Ning Yishu.

Ning Yishu silently considered the map of the hidden realm that he had seen and knew that the Blessed Flower he wanted was not far away.

He didn’t dare to let Bai Weiwei see, and could only silently follow after her.

Suddenly Bai Weiwei turned back and lazily said, “I’m tired. You squat down.”

Ning Yishu’s footsteps paused. He hesitated a moment, then slowly crouched down.

Then he felt Bai Weiwei’s body temperature from right next to him.

She lay right on his back, her lips close to his ears. “Carry me.”

Clearly this was such a humiliation.

But Ning Yishu was only aware of an itch in his ear. Her warm breath brushed over his sensitive ear, turning the tip red.

He didn’t even have half a sense of shame in his heart. Instead, he felt somewhat awkward.

He was afraid he would drop her.

After she absorbed all the power in him, her body was warmer.

He didn’t know how long his energy would keep her warm.

When he thought of this, Ning Yishu’s eyes darkened.

What he thought of was not whether or not his body would encounter problems.

But that at whatever moment, she might need his powers.

Ning Yishu thought coldly, this kind of vicious woman, he should find an opportunity to kill her.

When he brought her to a nearby spirit spring, the dagger in his pocket suddenly became hot.

This bloodstained dagger had a warning function.

There was something terrible in this spirit spring.

Moreover, it was extremely well hidden. Even Bai Weiwei didn’t seem aware of it.

The bloody dagger would only warn against a great and terrible danger. 

He turned over many calculations within his mind. Finally, he softly whispered, “Shifu, are you tired? Would you like to take a rest?”

1: 师兄: martial (older) brother.

2: A very common sight in cultivation novels or really any media that is heavily based on Daoism. I also think about the special technique that one character from Naruto uses. What’s his name again? Hyuuga Neji?


3: 宝扇飞兽,长剑花篮: it’s hard for me to imagine a flying beast named after a treasure fan, or a flower basket that’s shaped like a long sword, so I can only conclude that this part is describing 4 different modes of transportation instead of 2?

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