MGCH Chapter 443

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (20)

This red mist was highly toxic.

Even though he guessed that there was a monster in the spring water, Ning Yishu’s complexion changed.

He didn’t expect that it would have an indiscriminate attack like the poisonous fog.

Looking at the speed at which that poison mist spread, he couldn’t escape at all.

The moment the red mist was about to reach his face, a cool water vapor wrapped around him in an instant.

“Waste, step aside.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him scornfully, then turned and raised her hands. Water sleeves fluttered through the air, and cool water droplets danced.

Her footsteps were light and leisurely, each step with the rhythm of a dancer.

The red poison fog was unable to even get close to her body.

Those water droplets condensed into a stream of water and transformed into an aqua blue satin sleeve that struck back the invading poisonous fog.

Ning Yishu had never seen Bai Weiwei fight.

The enemies that the bloody dagger warned about were generally very strong.

But the monster in front of Bai Weiwei wasn’t even able to fight back.

Moreover, the way that she fought the enemy was different from any other battle he had ever seen.

It was as beautiful as dancing.

Bai Weiwei really was just dancing. Although her physical health had never been good, it hadn’t been as serious during her childhood.

So she practiced classical dance. And on top of her body’s spiritual strength, when she jumped around as light as a fairy, she felt especially good.

“I feel like I’m flying in the sky.”

Bai Weiwei glanced at her sleeves with satisfaction as she beat the howling monster.

System: “BGM started, I want to fly higher, fly higher1

The sense of beauty that was painstakingly constructed was crushed with a single hit.

Bai Weiwei felt like there was no pleasure in life. She even had to be forced to suffer this devastating background music.

She inadvertently lowered her hands, and several water sleeves completely smashed the monster from the water spring.

The spring was still again, leaving behind only the monster’s remains floating on the surface.

She smoothly folded her sleeves. Her skirt floated without a breeze, and her dark hair looked like it was dyed in ink.

Amongst the water vapor, her raised eyebrows and the slight smile at the corners of her mouth unexpectedly carried a hint of playfulness.

“Just an insignificant little monster2 with resentment, actually daring to be unbridled in front of me.”

Clearly it was a scornful gesture.

Hateful and merciless.

But for the first time, Ning Yishu felt that this was how she ought to be.

As his state of mind stirred again, 【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 5.】

Bai Weiwei raised her head and put away the satin cloth. She said indifferently.

“You’re simply a shame to my sect. Wait until my health improves, you will roll out of Grand Heavens Mountain. You’re a waste who’s not worthy of being my disciple.”

Ning Yishu felt as though he had fallen into an icehouse. He was stiff for a moment.

Then he calmly said: “Yes, shifu.”

He tried to say it without any emotion.

But it was tense and unnatural.

Bai Weiwei was too lazy to look at him. “Let’s go.”

Ning Yishu was silent for a while before he followed.

In the end, he didn’t even walk two steps before Bai Weiwei suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. Her body shook and she fell onto Ning Yishu, who was trailing behind.

Her internal energy was in disarray, and her already damaged meridians were even more in danger from the rampaging internal energy.

Ning Yishu held her. “Shifu, what happened to you?”

Bai Weiwei coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. “Damn, to run into a problem at this time.”

She coldy ordered, “Kiss me.”

His strength could help her recover.

Ning Yishu’s eyes flashed with a hint of ruthlessness. At this moment, if he drew the dagger and ruthlessly stab it into her body.

He could kill her.

Bai Weiwei frowned. “What are you waiting for?”

Ning Yishu hesitated for a moment before finally giving up on this risky plan.

Then he bowed his head and softly kissed her lips. The coolness and fragrance of her lips immediately tangled with his scorching hot breath.

Before she could suck up the power in his body.

A cold laugh rang out.

“I didn’t expect that shimei, who looks as clean as ice and pure as jade, was actually a loose whore, getting together with your disciple.”

As soon as these words fell, a blade of light attacked, aimed at Bai Weiwei.

1: 我要飞得更高,飞的更高: part of the lyrics to Wang Feng’s song “飞得更高” (go figure): unimportant note: the lyrics should actually be 飞得更高, but 得 and 的 have similar pinyin (different intonation) so I expect that it’s a typo.

2: 怪: different from demon, devil, or ghost, I believe? A nonhuman (nonliving?) being with supernatural abilities, or something along those lines. If my brief research is correct, this is different from a demon, which is a living creature (excl. humans) that cultivated to gain spiritual energy. Take this with a grain of salt because the explanations seem to vary or just aren’t specific enough for me to make a clear distinction.

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