MGCH Chapter 445

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (22)

Qiu Bai: “How are you better? In order to seize cultivation materials, you killed as you pleased. You casually accepted an apprentice, but beat and abuse him every day without end.”

Bai Weiwei: Some pots should not be opened1

Qiu Bai suddenly smiled amiably. “Ning Yishu, right? In terms of seniority, you should call me shibo2. Heed my advice, this woman is extremely vicious. Her own spiritual energy is in disorder, and she’s been absorbing your spiritual energy to treat it. If you don’t kill her, what awaits you is only the destruction of your spiritual root.”

Ning Yishu’s grip on Bai Weiwei unconsciously tightened.

It turned out that she had been extracting his spiritual energy.

If one’s spiritual energy was exhausted to a certain point, the spiritual root would indeed be destroyed.

Bai Weiwei snarled, “Shut up, swine3.”

Saying this, a white sleeve whipped through the air, curling around Qiu Bai’s favored4 sword.

Qiu Bai’s expression was cold. “You’re so badly injured, yet you still hope to beat me.”

When he said this, the long sword flashed with a white light, and the sleeve shattered.

Bai Weiwei’s chest convulsed, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Without thinking, she raised her head and kissed Ning Yishu. The strength in his body surged into hers.

Ning Yishu’s heart grew colder.

She really treated and used him like garbage.

Although he didn’t know how much spiritual energy he had left, Bai Weiwei continued to draw out more.

Sooner or later, his spiritual root would be destroyed.

Qiu Bai laughed loudly. “Ning Yishu, I’ll teach you a method. As long as you block off the passages to your dantian, no one can absorb your spiritual energy.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was pale, and her lips were trembling. She drew in a bit more strength.

But it was still excruciating.

She sneered, “How could the disciple that I taught listen to you?”

Saying this, Bai Weiwei seemed to want to confirm something. She gloomily looked at Ning Yishu.

“Kiss me.”

Still two simple words.

They carried a natural disdain for others.

But Ning Yishu noticed her body was tense, and the skin where his hands touched was bone-chillingly cold.

His looked down. Her blood flowed from his hands.

Even the blood was cold.

Ning Yishu’s reasoning told him that this was the best opportunity to get rid of Bai Weiwei…

“Kiss me.” Bai Weiwei repeated. Her voice was chilly, but carried a hint of a tremor.

He didn’t know if it was because of the cold, but her face was completely white, fragile and coldly indifferent.

Clearly this woman was vicious…

Ning Yishu suddenly bent down and pressed his lips on hers.

The familiar power surged up once again and entered Bai Weiwei’s body.

Her body relaxed at once.

The chaotic spiritual energy began to calm down.

The woman wearing a flying celestial skirt, lying in the man’s arms. The image of the two people kissing was unexpectedly especially beautiful.

Qiu Bai and the system: I feel like my mouth is stuffed with weird tasting dog food.

Qiu Bai’s smile distorted. “Shimei truly isn’t picky. In broad daylight, even doing it with your own disciple.”

As Bai Weiwei absorbed some strength, the spiritual energy began to close her wounds, and the bleeding finally stopped.

She glanced over, disdainful. “It’s better to be with my disciple than to be with trash like you.”

Saying this, she reached out to hug Ning Yishu’s waist and leaned her head on his chest. Her voice suddenly became tender and affectionate.

“Even if he’s a waste, he’s still better than you.”

As she said this, her soft body leaned against him without precaution.

Ning Yishu lowered his head, the corners of his lips quirked up. He smiled scornfully, but his spirits soared.

Qiu Bai’s face darkened.

“You really don’t know shame.”

1: 哪壶不开提哪壶: There are some things that shouldn’t be said in certain situations. alternatively, one should not talk about others’ shortcomings or private business.

2: 师伯: martial (senior) uncle: you would refer to your master’s shixiong (martial senior brother) this way.

3: 贱人: cheap/base person; bitch/slut, but it didn’t sound quite right to me in context. Also, I was trying to use synonyms for peasant and I came across hoi polloi and I rofl’d a teeny bit.

4: 本命: both formal definitions for this word don’t really make sense (heavenly stem and earthly branch associated with a person’s birth year; OR short for the Chinese word for zodiac year), so it probably means “most favorite,” usually referring to an anime/comic/game character. (“…the sword he stans” LOLOL that sounds absolutely ridiculous and I love it)

Cheese: *vigorously shaking the laptop* NoT mY cHeN jInGzHi


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  1. “Even if he’s a waste, he’s still better than you.”
    Gotta keep that first part in, and stay dedicated to her persona, otherwise it’s lightning chops for her whole family.

  2. I think the ‘favourite sword’ maybe be talking about the ‘soulbound sword’ that all other xianxia and stuff talk about?

  3. Laughed out loud at the “nOT MY chen JINgzhi” 😂 Maybe the author kept him out because he was a strong competition for the ML

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