MGCH Chapter 446

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Hali

The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (23)

Bai Weiwei: “Better than a wolf in human clothing1.”

Qiu Bai: “Since you and your disciple no longer want face, I’ll clean out the sect today.”

Saying this, the sword charged ahead, aiming to kill Ning Yishu.

Bai Weiwei exclaimed, fuck, this again!

She managed to gather a bit of spiritual energy and turn it into a water sleeve. It wrapped around the wastewood protagonist and threw him aside.

Although the protagonist couldn’t die.

Who knew if there would be any accidents in this fucking world.

If Ning Yishu died, how many life points would she need to save him?

Throwing aside the annoying matter of the wastewood male lead, Bai Weiwei searched through the memories of this body’s cultivation.

She immediately reached out and cast a spell. The nearby spring turned into countless spirit swords, countering Qiu Bai.

Qiu Bai sneered, “You overestimate yourself.”

Even an uninjured Bai Weiwei struggled to contend with him.

As she was now, she was just waiting for death.

Qiu Bai’s long sword split into thousands of swords. With an ice-cold hiss, her water swords shattered.

Bai Weiwei’s chest tightened, and she panted, “I think it’s a good idea to purchase a plug-in on credit. Do you have any props that can kill him?”

The system searched and searched. “There are only stupidity tablets2 on sale, do you want?”

Bai Weiwei: This weird name gives me a bad feeling.

“Buy…” She was hesitant and uncertain.

System: “Purchase completed. User, Qiu Bai.”

The long swords were about to pierce Bai Weiwei’s body. The moment before she was about to “go die3.”

Qiu Bai, who had eaten a stupidity tablet, suddenly withdrew his sword.

He laughed, “Shimei, I just remembered, you haven’t lost your nascent soul yet, right?”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system repeated with good intentions: “He’s asking if you’re a virgin.”

Qiu Bai stalked towards her step by step. “Although snatching your nascent soul isn’t beneficial, and even hinders your cultivation, my heart aches to see you die without being pleasured by a man.”

The dead fisheye4 Bai Weiwei tapped on the system. “Is this the effect of the stupidity tablet?”

This powerful beep— tablet.

System: “If he was clearheaded you would already be dead. Stupidity tablets can bring a person’s IQ down to the level of an animal. Animals, you know. Apart from eating, they’re mating, ah.”

Bai Weiwei: You beepbeepbeep stupid system, refund my life points.

Qiu Bai very quickly arrived in front of Bai Weiwei.

He grasped her hair and said with a sad smile: “Your useless apprentice can’t do anything else except kiss you. It’s better to let your shixiong satisfy you once.”

Saying this, he reached out in a single breath and caught Ning Yishu, who was planning to make a quick getaway.

Ning Yishu let out a grunt and fell to the ground.

He found that his arms and legs were weak, and he was restrained by an inexplicable force.

Damn, was he really going to die here today?

Ning Yishu looked up, and his pupils shrank.

Qiu Bai had already torn Bai Weiwei’s collar. That spotlessly white shoulder stung his eyes.

The bloodthirst turned into sharp thorns that pricked, but it was baffling.

It was none of his business whether Bai Weiwei, this woman, suffered.

Just when he thought this, he heard her panicked voice. 

“Roll! You and I are at odds, there’s no benefit in doing this.”

She lost her aloofness, her mask of indifference and scorn. Only her flustered and panicked expression remained.

The person who viciously abused others had always been her.

The first time she was being humiliated, Ning Yishu discovered that his heart didn’t hold even half a point of joy.

1: 人面兽心: one’s human exterior conceals the nature of a wolf; a brute or fiend.

2: 脑残片: brain-dead, shithead, brainless, bonehead, moronic, hopefully you get the idea.

3: 狗带: homophone for go die.

4: 死鱼眼: eyes that lack spirit and look very dull or apathetic. Examples that were given were Kakashi (Naruto) and Gintoki (Gintama), who are, coincidentally, absolutely my type HAHA


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