MGCH Chapter 451

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (28)

With this resolute temperament, it was no wonder he could continue face slapping until he became god.

Suddenly, Bai Weiwei’s face looked a little ugly. “Scumstem, Ning Yishu isn’t going to feed me to the guardian beast, right?”

System: “I flipped through the data. That guardian beast likes the taste of a living woman’s flesh the most.”

No wonder Ning Yishu didn’t stab her to death.

It was to take her and feed her to the beast, ah!

Bai Weiwei’s mind whirred as she thought hard. If they continued like this, she would likely go bye bye1.

It was too much to hope for Ning Yishu to have a favorable impression of a vicious woman.

The previous favorability of 8 was probably thanks to being the most beautiful woman in this mission plane. 

After all, everybody liked beautiful things.

No matter how poisonous a flower was, there would still be some people who had an inherently good impression of it. It was a sensory instinct.

But this kind of favorability was really too shallow.

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Bai Weiwei swept through the original host’s experience, then suddenly whacked the system. “What, what, does the villain have a past?”

System: “Has, ah.”

“What’s the original host’s past?” She flipped through the novel, but couldn’t find it.

Her memories were also blurry.

System: “The author was lazy and didn’t think of one.”

No wonder her memories were so vague and unclear.

Bai Weiwei: “Can I fill it in?”

System: “Five days of life.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System: “Even if you make it up, you still have to maintain Ning Yishu’s opinion of you as cruel and ruthless.”

Bai Weiwei face had no expression. “Can I make him think that I’m pitiful?”

System: “Can, but you can’t break your cruel and ruthless character.”

Bai Weiwei: How obsessed you are with being cruel and ruthless.

Ning Yishu steadily headed towards the Labyrinth of Dreams. He knew that there was a beast guarding the flower inside.

And that the beast loved to eat females the most.

The strength that had been stimulated earlier further convinced him that his spiritual root was blocked. If it wasn’t blocked, how could that power be so on and off?

He was no match for the guardian alone.

And Bai Weiwei was undoubtedly very good bait…

Thinking this, his heart felt somewhat stifled.

Ning Yishu ruthlessly pressed down this feeling. It was every man for himself2.

What’s more, a woman like Bai Weiwei should have died long ago.

Ning Yishu’s nature was to coldly tolerate, then exact revenge.

Seeing the Labyrinth of Dreams appear, Ning Yishu’s footsteps paused. His face was clouded over with a momentary struggle, before he finally stepped in.

As he walked, he gently appeased her. “Shifu, we can leave soon. Shibo is dead, so Grand Heavens Mountain will soon be yours.”

Bai Weiwei weakly snorted. “Don’t call that swine shibo. Once we leave, you will not be punished with lashes. Instead, you will help me repair my broken meridians.”

Ning Yishu was very gentle. “Yes. To serve shifu is disciple’s3 honor.”

But his expression was frightfully cold.

Clearly she knew that if there was too little qi, one’s spiritual roots could be destroyed, yet Bai Weiwei had no qualms about using him.

When he entered the labyrinth, he made a show of walking in circles several times.

“We seem to be lost, shifu.”

But Bai Weiwei didn’t answer. She was so weak she had passed out.

Ning Yishu was extremely cautious. “Shifu, wait here for a minute. I’ll go look for a way out.”

He waited a moment, making sure that she really was unconscious.

He slowly lay her down, letting her lean against a stone facing the entrance to the guardian beast’s cave.

She was covered in blood, her lapel was torn, and some of her hair ornaments were gone.

A complete mess, ah.

Ning Yishu darkly stared at her. His gaze fell to her torn clothing; partly hidden and partly visible was a patch of white skin.

His breathing became heavy, and he quickly closed his eyes.

Then he took off his outer robe and put it on her.

If she weren’t so cruel, he wouldn’t have to kill her.

Ning Yishu’s retreat was hesitant, each footstep somewhat heavy.

Suddenly, a terrifying roar came from behind him.

He hesitated a moment, his fist clenched. With a fierce look in his eyes, he quickly left.

Leaving behind Bai Weiwei as the guardian beast’s food.

1: 拜拜: homophone for bye bye in English.

2: 人不为己天诛地灭: one does not make oneself stand condemned by god/be executed by heaven and destroyed by earth. The poetry of the last four characters fucking SLAPS.

3: Up until this point, Ning Yishu has been using the diminutive form of disciple, but here, he uses the actual word. So he could either be referring to just any disciple in general, or it could be an indication that he’s lost hope in Bai Weiwei being a true master to him and is just using the formal term.

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