MGCH Chapter 453

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (30)

Suddenly, he raised his head and found himself in a familiar place.

Grand Heavens Mountain’s punishment room was gruesome and frightening, filled with the smell of blood.

He had been here several times, and each time he had been tortured to the point that death was better than living.

This made him hate Bai Weiwei even more.

Clearly he had been in the hidden realm, but now he was here. This was… the dreamworld.

Although he had promptly used the dagger to break out, it had been too late.

But he was quite sure that he was sober and clear headed, and the dreamworld wouldn’t use a clear headed person as the foundation to weave an illusion.

So whose deepest desires were used to create this illusion?

Before he could think further, an ice-cold whip swung heavily past him.


The smell of blood filled the air.

There was a weak and hoarse cry.

Ning Yishu looked to the side and saw that girl lying on the ground. The floor was covered in blood, and she was curled up in pain, helpless.

Unable to stop those terrible lashes.

“In Grand Heavens Mountain, one must be dispassionate2, removed from mortal affairs3, and must not long for worldly fetters.”

The girl fiercely looked up, her bloodstained face full of vicious resentment.

“You killed my parents. If you don’t kill me now, in the future I’ll water the earth with your blood.”

As soon as these words fell, the whip was brought down once more.

Ning Yishu knew that the whip was soaked in spirit power, and when it struck, the pain was excruciating.

He had experienced it before, and even for a tolerant person like him, the pain was enough to make him beg for mercy.

But the girl clutched her head, crying and cursing, “I won’t let any of you go. I’ll make sure you all die without an intact corpse.”

This vicious energy, the ferocity of a wolf cub.

The endless onslaught on her body made one’s heart ache.

Ning Yishu recalled that when he had been lashed, he hadn’t had this much resistance.

She only looked seven or eight years old.

Ning Yishu was well aware that this was a dreamworld, but he couldn’t help but reach out to her.

Wanting to pull her out of this hell.

Just when his fingers brushed against her, she suddenly raised her head, her eyes terribly bright.

“Who are you?”

Suspicious and cautious, her body automatically curled up.

It was an instinctive movement to guard against those who would hurt her.

This was a dreamworld, but she could see him?

Ning Yishu didn’t think much of it before he grabbed her and ran outside.

It wasn’t so much saving her as it was saving himself.

She reminded him of the times when he was whipped, when he had been hopeless, wanting someone to save him.

After he grabbed her, he ran out the door. In the blink of an eye, he raced to a remote area on top of the mountain.

He had discovered an uninhabited cave in this area.

There was a small spirit spring in the cave that could heal wounds.

When he was injured, he often used it to heal himself.

The girl stared at him, her expression grim, but her eyes were full of fear.

Ning Yishu couldn’t help but soothe her, “I’m here to save you.”

The girl frowned, refusing to believe it.

He placed her in the spirit spring. As the water seeped into her wounds, the pain made her scrunch her face.

Ning Yishu gripped her hand. The familiar feeling in his heart made him want to treat her well.

She looked up in astonishment, but she didn’t take her hand back.

The recovery was too painful. In order to relieve the pain, her fingernails dug into his palm.

Ning Yishu sucked in a breath. Even though he knew it was a dreamworld, he still felt pain.

This little white-eyed wolf4. He saved her, yet she treated him like this.

She suddenly grabbed his hand and dipped it into the spirit spring.

The wound healed.

1: 嗖: onomatopoeia for a whooshing sound.

2: 绝心断情

3: 斩断红尘: red dust/mortal dust; the world of mortals. A Buddhist term emphasizing the transience and insignificance of this world.

4: 白眼狼: ingrate.


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