ATMLWESM Chapter 1

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When the Rich Woman becomes a High Mountain Flower (1)

“Welcome to Binding Rejection System, You have three minutes before we jump to the task world, please select your physique.”

This was Gu Yu’s first time doing a task with the system. After hearing the system’s voice, she simply answered it.

A month ago, she accidentally encountered an accident while transforming, causing some physical problems.

Before, she searched for all kinds of methods, but couldn’t find a cure. At this time, a self-proclaimed system found her and promised to help her repair her body, but on one condition,  she had to travel with the system to different worlds and complete multiple tasks.

With each task being complete, 10% of her body would be repaired.

The things it promised were questionable and Gu Yu was hesitant at first, but she still agreed and made a deal, which pointed to today’s scene.

As the voice sounded, the task board lit up, and three options gradually appeared in front of it.



[High Mountain Flower2]

Different physiques will trigger different plot worlds, so the host must be careful about choosing physiques, this was written in the Missions Guide Book.

A swan’s projection appeared on the screen and Gu Yu frowned. After hesitating for a minute, because she was unable to deal with strange blackening and having millions of people be crazy about her, she had no alternative but to choose the last option, “High Mountain Flower.” 

The moment her voice fell, the ice-cold electronic sound suddenly became overcast. Unlike the sound of the general system, the cheerful voice was somewhat languid: “Welcome to the third world, congratulations on choosing the physique ‘High Mountain Flower.’”

“Here, you will maintain all the perfect qualities that belong to a High Mountain Flower until the end of the plot.”

“In short, you have to complete the plot without going out of character.”

This time, Gu Yu understood.

The system continued lightly and chuckled: “The swan will never lower her noble head, even if she were to die. From now on, you are proud, lonely, cold, and spotless. Those arrogant sons of heavens will be worthless in your eyes, no matter what.”

“Whether they be in shackles or pleading.”

The voice in her mind was full of enthusiasm. It observed Gu Yu’s reaction. It wanted to know what kind of expression this little swan would make when she heard such stimulating content. The outcome? She nodded and said: “It sounds pretty good.”


“But I forgot to tell you, I’m a chatterbox.”

Let a chattering swan pretend to be a high mountain flower?

“The difficulty is quite high.” She sighed earnestly.

But the system was not an ordinary system after all, even if it heard such words, there was no trace of movement.

“If that’s the case,” he let his forehead droop and laughed, “It doesn’t matter, they won’t find out.”

Gu Yu didn’t know what his words meant at first until she was put within the mission world. She was clear about her character, once she opened her mouth she couldn’t stop talking. Usually, she was the swan on the lake singing a song, and even at the bottom of the lake, fish and shrimp would chat with her all morning.

Gu Yu was ready to collapse when she selected her halo. But unexpectedly, she had already crossed into the mission world for a month. The words that came out of her mouth amounted to less than 50 sentences. Her image of ‘High Mountain Flower’ was perfect.

“You are indeed a genius without a teacher.” The system praised.

Gu Yan was shocked by someone’s shamelessness for the first time.

Because in the one month she was in this world, as soon as she opened her mouth to talk, the system would use its deep and languid voice to read aloud a temple-level piece of literature.

Mr. System’s tone rose and fell with real emotion

“She softly fell backward, but before she had hit the ground someone had grabbed her, both pairs of eyes met.”

“Shut up.”

Gu Yu, who had been sitting upright, immediately felt numbness in her back, but no one noticed her abnormality.

Gu Yu sighed quietly, as a grown-up swan that didn’t ever have a mate and couldn’t talk frankly, she can only chat with a ghost in this situation.

The voice in her head abruptly stopped at the most intense moment, Gu Yu’s cursed the system in her heart, but still maintained a cold appearance on the outside, until someone called her name, only then did Gu Yu snap to reality, and began to focus on the mission.

She was now at a private banquet whose main purpose is to host a reception for men who have just returned from abroad.

According to the introduction, the name of this world’s male lead is Huo Cheng, the sole heir of the Huo family in the capital. Saying that he’s a crown prince in a golden nest was not an exaggeration.  Even though he was born in such a powerful family, Huo Cheng didn’t become crooked. Instead, he grew blue3. During the Huo family’s crisis, Huo Cheng who was only 20 years old took over. Nevertheless, in just a few months, he suppressed the internal disorder in the Huo family with his own skills. No one ever objected. This matter had always been a legend in the circle.

It’s a pity that Huo Cheng had been abroad for several years, and this was his and Gu Yu’s first time meeting each other.

She came to the banquet as a substitute for her fiance, Qi Yinghan. Gu Yu’s fiance was Huo Cheng’s childhood friend, had a deep brotherly relationship

In other words, she should now be considered as “the male lead’s sister-in-law.”

Although they had this kind of relationship, Gu Yu was not a good person. Because at today’s banquet, for the benefit of her family, she would incite disharmony between the relationship of Huo Cheng and Qi Yinghan.

Of course, because of the plot of this world, Gu Yu would not succeed, but because of her stubborn nature, Qi Yinghan would hear about this matter, take pity on the innocent female lead and break off the marriage agreement with her.

Now the plot was going on to the scene where she deliberately knocks over the female lead’s drink and made Qi Yinghan lose face.

Gu Yu snapped back to reality, looking at the girl in front of her, her eyes slightly darkened.

“A Yu4 they’re all drinking wine, we should drink some juice.” The girl uttered softly, her eyebrows gentle, holding a glass of juice while looking at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu ignored her.

“A Yu, what are you foolishly looking at?” There seemed to be some noise in the confusion.

Gu Yu turned to look at her, and Xu Weiwei insisted on standing there under the light, looking pitiful. She lifted her eyes and became interested. As soon as she was about to test whether it was a real white lotus or a fake white lotus, the voice in her head began again.

“Her jade-like earlobe is stained with a little red, and she seems unable to bear it …”

Gu Yu: “Yi5, dirty!”

“Okay, I won’t say anymore.”

“A Yu?” It seems like she did not understand why Gu Yu ignored her, and Xu Weiwei was a little wronged. It wasn’t clear when the music in the private room stopped and at this time, Huo Cheng who was talking to the person next to him turned his head and saw the awkward scene.

He was still pressing a cigarette with his fingertips, and the spark was burning, his eyes looked strange when he looked back. It is clearly a noble appearance, but maybe because of the red trace at the outer corner of his eyes, it seems to be a little unfriendly.

Looking at him, Gu Yu’s back was slightly cold, and she felt that he was even scarier than her fiance, who was cold all day long. However, the high mountain flower character setting made it impossible for her to be even a little bit timid, so Gu Yan’s eyes only moved slightly and then her expression returned to normal, instead of looking back intently.

She was too cold, and her snow-white skin was not even a little bit warm even under the red stage lights tonight. Even though it was not summer, for no reason some people felt dry.

Huo Cheng stared at her for a second and smiled before he retracted his gaze. 

Gu Yu saw that he mouthed, “sister in law,” and she couldn’t help but stare blankly and was stumped for words.

“Hey, A Yu what are you thinking about? Miss Xu proposed a toast to you.” No one took note of the undercurrent between the two people, and the attendant Bai Lang who was sitting on the side was worried about Huo Cheng’s anger, so he reached out and patted Gu Yu’s shoulder and reminded her with a wink.

Gu Yu passed through several times but never saw her cheap fiancé even just a few times, and most of the time he was mixed with Bai Lang, and now seeing him (Bai Lang) say this, she also knew that she couldn’t offend Huo Cheng.

But the plot demands her not to drink this wine. It was noisy beside her ear, Gu Yu’s expression was slightly cold but she didn’t say a word.

When Gu Yu raised her chin, Xu Weiwei noticed her face. 

Gu Yu had been sitting in a remote place when she entered the banquet just now. She hadn’t seen her face clearly, but now she felt a little jealous.

When confronted with someone more beautiful than oneself, who wouldn’t be jealous? Xu Weiwei unconsciously bit her upper lip, barely comforting herself at the bottom of her heart. It doesn’t matter, even though Gu Yu is so beautiful, she’s still unwelcome, otherwise, Qi Yinghan wouldn’t allow her to go to the banquet by herself. And Huo Cheng, he had never been surrounded by other women. Although she was only a mere secretary, this time, he took her to a reception party, which may indicate she is different.

As long as she grabbed Huo Cheng and used the Huo family’s power, no matter who Gu Yu climbed up to in the future, she can’t be as good as her. Just like now, she doesn’t believe that Gu Yu really dare to ignore her.

Xu Weiwei thought this way and finally dared to look straight again at Gu Yu.

It’s still thrilling to look at it this way.

Gu Yan’s skin looks very beautiful and even the system has to admit, not to mention others. From the perspective of others, she only saw her slender snow neck rising like a swan. Although she was proud, her heart tightened, as if under that cold snow was some kind of unknown charm.

The people who snapped back to reality all sighed. It’s just been a few days since they didn’t see her. How come this little girl of the Gu family become even more attractive? Don’t know everyone’s thoughts, but nobody broke this tranquil atmosphere. 

Gu Yu didn’t look at Huo Cheng when everyone thought she’ll give face, she reached out and picked up the cup of wine out of Xu Weiwei’s hand. A slightly ice-cold touch accidentally passed through her fingertips before Gu Yu took her hand back. Xu Weiwei looked distracted and saw Gu Yu pick up a newly opened bottle at the side to pour the cup again and tilted her head to drink. 

Someone’s expression changed. 

Instead of drinking the juice from Xu Weiwei, she poured herself a glass of wine. The poor cup of juice that had been her hand for a long time was thrown at random on the ground and hit the corner of the white skirt of the girl.

Xu Weiwei opened her in disbelief.

Gu Yan only wiped her hands, her voice cold and indifferent: “Sorry, I don’t drink what others give me.”

“Huo Cheng.” Xu Weiwei reacted and turned to look at Huo Cheng as if she didn’t know how to solve the scene in front of her, and the scene was a bit scary.

Hearing the sound, Huo Cheng paused, raised his head and raised the corners of his lips. Xu Weiwei froze for a moment. Because the smile was so familiar, the last time Huo Cheng smiled at others like this, it was …

She shuddered, and all those smug feelings subsided.

Not taking note of the true relationship between those two people, even the proud swan would be curious after the first part of the plot was over. Gu Yu cannot help but ask the system in her mind: “How was it? Was my acting realistic?”

“Of course.” The system stopped flipping the book in his hand and immediately complimented: “You are talented.”

“I’ve never seen someone as fit for this job as you are.”

Inside, she was blowing rainbow fart6, Gu Yu’s desire to act was bursting. She suppressed the expression in her eyes after she successfully intimidated the female lead and hit the face7 of the male lead, she threw the tissue into the trash can with a cold expression. Ignoring the eyes of the crowd, she stood up to leave. “I’m leaving first, everyone please continue on with the banquet.” 

Along the way, no one dared to say anything, Gu Yu lamented the convenience of the high flower mountain character setting, and the result was someone caught her wrist as she passed by.


The system couldn’t help but raise the corner of his lips.

“Huo Shao8.” Gu Yu’s breath stems from the bottom of her heart, her eyes slightly cold.

Who knew Huo Cheng just said: “It’s not safe at night, I’ll send you home.”

The male lead’s cold face was somewhat indifferent, he casually glanced at the pale face of Xu Weiwei and smiled at Gu Yu: 

“Don’t take it to heart, sister in law.”

黑化 1: Blackening is a dramatic change in a character’s personality or mental state, and it is also one of the adorable attributes in the ACGN ( Animation, Comic, Games, Novels) subculture. Blackening means that it is generally close to collapsing and worsening but to a much lesser degree. It means that mental breakdown is simply to switch to a dark personality.

Melanization is not the same as sickness. When discussing the relationship between the characters and the influence of both sides, blackening means falling from a righteous hero to an evil criminal. It also means losing humanity and reason, becoming mad and wild.

高岭之花 2: Used as a metaphor for things that can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be touched, that is, things that can only be longed for, but are out of reach for themselves. It is similar to “high unreachable” and “unreachable” in Chinese.

青出于蓝 3: (Idiom) Blue is extracted from bluegrass, but the color is darker than blue. The metaphor is that students surpass teachers or descendants surpass predecessors.

阿妤 4: Term used when fond of someone, nickname, or to indicate familiarity.

咦 5: Expression of surprise.

彩虹屁 6: (Internet buzzword used mainly in Mainland China.) Used for crazy, over the top admiration. It’s when you like someone so much that you even praise their farts.

打脸 7: To hit the face is figurative. The face is figurative for dignity or prestige. So to hit the face means something along the lines of hurting someone’s pride.

霍少 8: No, this is not a typo, it really says, “Huo Shao.” When shao is used in names, it’s intent is to address a young person respectfully.

Hali: Hello everyone were picking up another project yay, I’m so excited to for the rest of the chapter, Also I’m going to be updating one chapter a week before I get more people to help me, but my goal is to update once a day, but I’ll never reach that goal, I hope I will, but who knows. Also phoodzs mlted lady half of the chapter when I “finished” I thought I was done but phoodz saved me and was like you didn’t translate the last half. Enjoy.

Phoodzz: While I was mtling the last part of this chapter, I was laughing my ass off because of the results of mtling the last sentence. 

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I was shookt, XD. Good thing I also use a Chinese Dictionary 


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