ATMLWESM Chapter 2

Translator: Hali

When the Rich Woman becomes a High Mountain Flower (2)

Gu Xu glanced at Huo Cheng in surprise, as if confirming that he wasn’t joking.

She embarrassed his girlfriend in front of him, but he didn’t say anything and even went as far as to send her home.

“The male lead is sick in the head.”

Gu Yu ridiculed him in her heart, the system laughed softly but didn’t respond. Gu Yu also didn’t pay attention to the system, and only struggled free from Huo Cheng tightly clasped hands.

She has an obsession with cleanliness and didn’t like being close to people. This was the first time, since she transmigrated into this world that she had close physical contact with another person.

The skin at the bottom of his palm was white and shockingly tender. Just by holding it lightly, it turned red as if doing something bad, in sharp contrast to her cold face under the light, it made a person’s heart feel slightly itchy.

Gu Yu struggled for a bit and stopped when she couldn’t break free. Sitting next to Gu Yu, Bai Lang just persuaded his mouth and glanced at her, her eyes were dim, suddenly he laughed: “Huo Cheng, Miss Xu is still here. You can’t leave her alone, play first, I’ll take Miss Gu back. “

“You don’t mean anything to her anyway,” he got up and put his hand on Gu Yu’s shoulder.

Huo Cheng raised his eyes and looked at the two of them. Gu Yu didn’t say anything when he took the initiative to release her hand.

Bai Lang joked with Gu Yu for a few moments, and the atmosphere finally improved again.

Gu Yu didn’t speak anymore, but Huo Cheng watched the two of them go out intimately, and he pinched his cigarette butt.


The system didn’t make any noise until the two were in the car.

“What do you mean?” Gu Yu asked.

As soon as she leaned her head on the back seat, she saw Bai Lang pass her tissues and was ready to start the car.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t drink. I’m not going to drunk, driver.”

“I just saw that you kept wiping your hands, and your hands were red.” He didn’t know whether it was Xu Weiwei’s toast or when Huo Cheng held her hand.

Gu Yu looked at him, and thought that the little junior was a little too careful, she didn’t refuse the package of wet paper tissue.

There was a faint fragrance when she took the tissues. Gu Yu couldn’t tell what fragrance it was. when she was about to open her mouth, she felt dizzy. Thinking about the meaningful sigh of the system, before she could question the system she fell softly on the back seat, then she heard the systems calm voice: “Host, please don’t collapse and wait for the male leads rescue.”

Shit, her boat capsized in the gutter!1

This was the last sentence Gu Yu thought before closing her eyes.

Her body was in a coma, but her consciousness was very clear. She didn’t know when the car had stopped. When she opened her eyes again she saw herself in a luxurious room with no one around.

It was already dawn, she saw that her clothes weren’t messed up, it was just that there was a delicate manacle on her ankle when she saw that everything was okay her body relaxed. The anklet was a luxury limited edition, that she saw in a magazine before, and told Bai Lang that she liked it very much.

So, when she was unconscious, Bai Lang had brought her a foot chain?

She moved her ankle and lifted the quilt out of bed. Then asked the system: “Why did he kidnap me for?”

After thinking for a long time, Gu Yu was very puzzled about why Bai Lang had kidnaped her.

And what did this anklet mean?

“People always liked to give something to their favorite spouse to express their feelings.”

“He might like you.”

After looking at her for a while, the system realized that she wanted to get an answer, so it began to think about it. The second half of the sentence that it didn’t say was: It’s the kind you like.

Gu Yu frowned, not happy with the sentence that the system had given: “I remember that I didn’t choose this body’s constitution.”

The room was silent for a while, finally, a low laugh sounded.

“Yes, but you are the flower of a high mountain.”

For some people, the more arrogant you were, the more fascinating you were.

Through the surveillance, Bai Lang watched the woman in the video wake up with the same expression and watched her looking at the surrounding environment indifferently. When he saw her indifferent expression his fingers couldn’t help but grip tighter.

The eyes of the playful youth were bright and deep, he thought of something and laughed again.

Gu Yu heard a knock just as she was about to try and see if the door was open.

“Ah Yu, have a meal.”

Outside a card was stuck on the door. After the sound, the door opened smoothly. Gu Yu frowned and saw Bai Lang bring in a meal as casually as before, Bai Lang put the meal on the table.

Although she got an answer from the system, in order not to reveal the truth, she questioned it according to normal people’s logic.

So Gu Yu asked with a cold face, “what’s your purpose of bringing me here?”

Touching her eyes without a trace of emotion, Bai Lang pursed his lips and jokingly said, “Ah Yu, I like you.”

Knowing that he couldn’t tell the truth, Gu Yu retracted her eyes, and didn’t even glance at the food on the table, but turned her face the scenery outside the window.

Bai Lang’s eyes changed slightly. Thinking of those rich second generations who talked about how Gu Yu was a high mountain flower, while they were playing together, Now that he thought about it that title fitted her perfectly.

So cute.

He exclaimed in his heart. Thinking about it this way, the young man paused his fingertips and raised his lips: “A Yu, it’s all your favorite dishes. Eat it.”

There was silence in the room.

Gu Yu didn’t want to speak, but the system in her mind began to read again. She had a  headache, listening to the inappropriate voice of the system, when the system stopped speaking her eyes were a bit red.

She was so angry.

The garbage system polluted the motherland of swans.

Bai Lang didn’t know Gu Yu’s inner activities, in his eyes, the women’s eyes were red from anger. The colder her eyes, the more people would get hooked with her.

He licked his lips and was tempted to approach Gu Yu to smell her.

With the combination of her OCD’s and the aggressive nature of swans made Gu Yu feel a little overwhelmed. When Bai Lang approached, she finally couldn’t help but fight.

The system sensed what she was going to do, and immediately jumped and started reading: “she feebly softened her body and breathed…”

Softened, what?

Gu Yu’s movements became stiff, and she shook her hands in disgust. In the eyes of those who don’t know they would think that Bai Lang was dirty.

Even when he was treated this way, the teenager wasn’t angry. He laughed and approached Gu Yu, looking at her eyes: “Doesn’t A Yu want to know why I kidnapped you?”

She wanted to know.

But a high mountain flower would never talk with a pervert, so Gu Yu didn’t say anything.

Bai Lang’s eyes sank, and he said with a smile, “Ah Yu, tell you a secret. I’ve given you something to help you eat. You’ll be very comfortable later.”

Listen, do you want to play the novel by yourself?

What a dirty mouth!

Gu Yu just started to complain, suddenly she saw the door that had been closed was suddenly opened.

“Someone’s here.” The system stopped entertaining and teased.

Gu Yu raised her head and saw the smiling young man turning around a little surprised, as a result, he was pushed to the wall by his hair the next second.

“Fuck!” Bai Lang touched the blood of his forehead, and his face finally turned cold.

“Huo Cheng” Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief. When he looked at her, she quickly straightened her expression and recovered her calm appearance.

Huo Cheng stopped when he came in and saw the image of Gu Yu. His eyes turned deeper, but he just appeased: “sister in law, you didn’t go home last night. Brother Qi asked me to come over and have a look.”

Huo and Qi Yinghan grew up together. They had a good relationship since childhood. Qi Yinghan didn’t get any news from Gu Yu since the banquet had ended. Qi Yinghan, who was still on a business trip, knew something was wrong. So he called Huo Cheng for questioning.

Huo Cheng was a little surprised when he received the call. It was already this early in the morning, but Gu Ye hadn’t gone home?

So late, a girl…

He frowned at Bai Lang’s appearance when he left last night and called his secretary.

When Bai abducted Gu Yu, he did not try to hide his intention from others and found a place very quickly, under the instructions of Huo Cheng they quickly found where they were. On the way, Huo Cheng had thought about Bai Lang’s purpose until he saw Gu Yu’s current situation.

The tall girl stood far away, the light outside the window was shining on her skin, white and dazzling. But she didn’t seem to know her current situation. The look on his face was still very cold, like last night when she had poured the wine on Xu Weiwei.

But the difference was that now Gu Yu had a chain on her foot. That foot chain that was clearly just an ornament, but it seems to tie her whole person down. At a glance, he felt cold and ambiguous.

Huo Cheng suddenly understood why some people liked to domesticate swans. When that noble creature was broken, its wings imprisoned in a cage, it was hard for people to not have desires.

Gu Yu didn’t knew the idea’s swarming in the nobleman’s head in front of her. When she heard Huo Cheng’s words she said, “thank you.”

Her voice was clear and cold. It was good to say thank you, but it was a little strange about the current situation. Huo Cheng took a deep look at her and didn’t speak anymore. He just crouched down to take off the anklet for her. It was better to throw away something that didn’t suit her.    

The man’s warm fingers touched her cool snow skin. Gu Yu moved uneasily but was held by him.

“Don’t move,” Huo Chen said in a deep voice.

Gu Ye felt that Huo Ye’s hand was hotter, and he was shamelessly holding her ankle, it made her squint slightly. But Huo Cheng was stronger than her, which made her unable to break free and could only be imprisoned.

Bai Lang, who was bleeding on his forehead, looked at this scene and suddenly hissed: “Huo Cheng you followed me, to be the hero and save the beauty.”

“It’s just an ornament, and it took so long for you to understand it, didn’t you eat Huo Cheng?”

His voice was full of malice. Huo Cheng listened to him and looked up at him lightly. “I’ve already reported it to the police. Now, you’d better think about how to explain this to Gu Yu and the police

The lock at the back of the ornament opened. Gu Yu moved her ankle to look at Huo cheng.

“Let’s go.”The bright young man was quiet, watching her walk out before closing the door.

And the person who made all the trouble watched the two of them leave straight away, hissing softly. Bai Lang leaned against the door. When Gu Yu turned around, his eyes lit up and he waved his hand to Gu Yu. “Ah Yu, let’s play next time.”

He smiled naively and had a full sense of youth. Gu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle and silently decided to stay away from this neuropathy.

When they got out of the villa, she saw the car at the door. Gu Yu thought he was going to take her back home or he might take her to Qi Yinghan’s house, but she didn’t expect that the car would turn in one direction and drive to the other.

“It’s not convenient for a sister-in-law to go back like this. First, go to my place to change clothes.”

He paused, looked at the bright red mark on her wrist caused by his previous hard grip, and stopped the car at the side of the road.

Despite the curiosity, the human design of the High mountain flower didn’t allow her to show a trace of strangeness. Gu Yu had to swallow curiosity into her stomach and waited on the roadside.

After a while, Huo Cheng returned, and he had ointment in his hand.

“For me?” Gu Yu was just about to open her mouth, but suddenly felt her stomach heating up, and her appearance became somewhat blurred. The sweat beads on her forehead slid down, she realized what Bai Lang had told her, that she would be very comfortable.

1:阴沟里翻船: to commit a nearly impossible mistake.

Hali: This chapter isn’t edited so if you see any mistakes feel free to point them out, the next update is going to be next week. Enjoy.

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