MGCH Chapter 455

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (32)

She frowned, as though not quite understanding, then thought for a moment.

“Can I get stronger?”

Ning Yishu nodded, his voice softening. “Definitely. Nobody can bully you after you get stronger.”

This was the truth he learned while growing up. The weak were prey for the strong; if you didn’t want to be the one being beaten, you had to become the one who beat others.

She suddenly beckoned to him. “Hey, come here.”

Before Ning Yishu could collect his thoughts, a soft, light kiss fell on his lips.

Startled, he reached up to cover his mouth.

She frowned, and humphed, “This is a bargain for you. That was my first kiss. Treat it as my return gift for your saving me; now I don’t owe you.”

Then she turned her back to him, grumbling to herself, “It really is a bargain for you. You’re so old and ordinary, no woman would ever like you.”

Ning Yishu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This could also be considered a return gift?

Moreover, this was a child. What kind of thoughts were running through her mind all day?

But his heart was sweet and soft, as though he had drunk honey.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 15.】

When Ning Yishu finished laughing, he discovered that the scene had changed again.

The sound of a bell rang out, and a tender and lovely snow-white foot suddenly appeared, pushing his chin up and lifting his head. 

What Ning Yishu noticed was the anklet hanging around her ankle, and the little green bells resting against her foot that was as white as snow.

Then her already matured face, her eyes like water, her features that were full of flirtatious charm.

Her eyebrows were raised, and her voice was crisp and sweet. “Idiot, where did you run off to? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

She sat on the railing, her ink-black hair fluttering, and her long skirt floating in the air.

Ning Yishu was dazed by her youthful and charming face, but he felt it was very familiar.

His heart skipped a few beats, and a bitter and astringent feeling gushed up.

She looked thirteen or fourteen.

She was in the prime of her youth1, full of a fresh and lively spirit.

Seeing he was dumbstruck, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but quirk up. She snorted, “Seeing that you’re still a mortal, you must be very weak. I’m already at the Foundation Establishment stage.”

Ning Yishu didn’t dare to look at her. He hesitated for a bit, before he replied: “You cultivated very quickly, ah.”

Hearing this, her red lips curled up, and she smiled happily. “Of course. I’m the fastest cultivator in Grand Heavens Mountain in the last thousand years.”

Ning Yishu wanted to run away.

He finally realized whose dreamland he was in.

He was completely clearheaded, so the dreamworld couldn’t use him.

It could only use someone else to construct the dreamworld, and the person who had fallen into the dreamworld and wandered about…


A coquettish and discontent voice called out. 

When Ning Yishu raised his head, her finger flicked his forehead.

“So stupid.”

Ning Yishu looked up at her, a complex mix of emotions flashing through his eyes.

She suddenly lifted her feet. “Help me put on my shoes, idiot.”

Still that unrestrained and willful appearance, a careless temperament that lacked kindness.

Ning Yishu knew whose past this was, and knew that he definitely could escape from this illusion.

Because this wasn’t his dreamworld. The Labyrinth of Dreams could only trap one person, and that person was… her.

Ning Yishu stepped back, staring at her with a profound look.

Just take a few steps back, use the dagger to break out of the dreamworld, and he could leave.

Back in reality, he still needed to pluck the Blessed Flower.

He shouldn’t waste his time playing with her here.

She suddenly lifted her feet, the sound of the small bells clear and melodious. Her head tilted in confusion.

“Are you stupid? Do you not know how to put on shoes?”

Even in her own dream, she loved to bully other people.

Ning Yishu exploded in anger. He gripped her ankle and yanked it hard.

1: 韶华正好: beautiful springtime/glorious youth + just in time/just right.


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  1. Awww, it was honestly sweet to see him sympathize with her, false though those memories might be. But now she’s riled him up a little too much, eh?

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