MGCH Chapter 457

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (34)

Bai Weiwei smiled. Her voice was sweet as she answered: “Shifu, I have cultivated to the fifth level.”

Her master said: “Only five levels, have you been slacking?”

Bai Weiwei: “No, shifu.”

Her master snorted, then suddenly he threw out spirit power and fiercely whipped her.

“Only five levels. You are a genius with a single spiritual root, a talent without a bottleneck when forming a golden core. What I want is not the speed of a normal cultivator, but a hundred times faster than that. Do you understand?”

Saying this, the faceless man continued to flog her.

Bai Weiwei, lacking strength, lay on the ground, recoiling as she said: “I’ll reach the sixth level as soon as possible.”

But her eyes were cold and ruthless, seeming to hide the grudge in her heart.

Ning Yishu, standing at the door, felt his heart throb.

In the end, Grand Heavens Mountain was where she gradually learned cruelty.

Just like raising a gu1.

She later tortured people using these means.

Ning Yishu couldn’t stop himself from rushing out. The faceless man was gone, leaving only her curled up figure on the ground.

He suddenly didn’t dare to approach her, as if she would disappear with a single touch.

But Bai Weiwei lifted her head, coldly staring at him. “Are you laughing at me?”

Ning Yishu had a bitter taste in his mouth. “Why would I laugh at you?”

“I’m this arrogant and degrading, yet I can only grovel at the feet of my mortal enemy who killed my family, wagging my tail like a dog. It’s disgusting to look at.”

Ning Yishu’s heart trembled, and his eyes began to burn.

“You’re just protecting yourself.”

He, too, under her torment, hated her but endured with a flattering smile2. How could it not be self-protection?

They were so similar.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 25.】

When Bai Weiwei heard his words, she couldn’t hold back the grievance in her eyes.

Her eyes were watery, but her mouth stubbornly forced out, “That old coot3, no, the entire Grand Heavens Mountain. Sooner or later I will trample them all under my feet, and anyone who disobeys me will not die a natural death.”

Such vicious words.

But it was so pitiful and miserable.

Ning Yishu found that he couldn’t hate her.

He even felt… heartache.

He couldn’t help but crouch down and reach out to hold her bruised and battered figure in his arms.

“You will. In the future, you’ll crush the entire Grand Heavens Mountain under your feet.”

Yes, in the future, she would become a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and people could only look up to her.

Wherever she went, her beauty was unparalleled, and nobody dared to bully her.

When Bai Weiwei heard his words, her whole body trembled. She buried her head in his arms, refusing to let him see her cry.

“I’ll be the greatest.”

She was like a child who met with a great calamity, clutching at life-saving straw and desperately hypnotizing herself that she could be saved.

Ning Yishu didn’t know why his nose stung. “You’ll be the greatest.”

He clearly hated her.

He also was aware of her vicious and cruel nature.

But at this moment, when he was holding her sore and restless body, he didn’t feel a bit of resentment.

Suddenly, she vanished from his arms.

Ning Yishu was alarmed, as though he had lost something important. He looked all around.

All around him was a group of faceless people speaking to each other.

Shijie broke through. Foundation Establishment at 14, Core Formation at 50, truly a genius.”

“Yeah, ah, shifu is very pleased.”

“Of course he’s pleased. Shifu is at Nascent Soul stage, but he’s already out of time4. Now that Qiu Bai shixiong and Weiwei shijie will get married, our Grand Heavens Mountain will have a successor.”

Qiu Bai…

Ning Yishi frowned. He passed by those faceless people.

All of a sudden, the scene before his eyes brightened, and all of the dim colors glowed with life.

She came from the other end of the hallway, wearing a light blue chiffon dress, her long hair hanging down to her waist. With every step, a small bell chimed.

1: 蛊: a creature found in Chinese folklore (and many webnovels), created by placing all sorts of venomous, poisonous, vicious, etc. creatures in a jar and sealing it, allowing them to kill and devour one another. The sole survivor would then absorb all the poison in the jar and become a gu. Gu could be used for various purposes, including controlling others’ minds/bodies, torture, and so on.

2: 忍耐着做小伏低: to exercise restraint + to meet rudeness with a flattering smile.

3: 老不死: a person who has outlived his usefulness.

4: 大限: lit. great limit; day of one’s doom, AKA he’s old and dying.

Cheese: i get the vague feeling that all of this will come back to play a role at the end of the arc? like shes talking about how shes going to skin and chop up all of her enemies and that’s supposed to be her canon fate right? so maybe this is like laying down the groundwork for the finale???

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  1. >She was like a child who met with a great calamity, clutching at life-saving straw and desperately hypnotizing herself that she could be saved.

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