MGCH Chapter 458

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (35)

This was the adult Bai Weiwei.

She suddenly quickened her pace and arrived in front of him in a flash.

“A’Ning, where did you go? I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

The fragrance of her body wafted over.

Ning Yishu smelled her familiar scent and saw her familiar face, both completely overlapping with the her in reality.

But in the real world, she wouldn’t have such a friendly attitude.

Bai Weiwei suddenly raised her eyebrows in surprise. “You said you’re an ordinary person, but after all these years, you haven’t grown any older?”

Ning Yishu’s heart thumped.

Was she beginning to doubt?

Once she began to suspect that something was wrong, the dreamworld would waver.

Then they could break out of the dreamworld.

No, he should have left long ago. Because this dreamland was not his, in theory, he couldn’t be trapped.

But he didn’t leave.

“Why do you look so bitter, did you not want to see me?”

Bai Weiwei poked his forehead with her finger, unhappy.

If she wasn’t happy, other people couldn’t be happy.

Suddenly, a male voice interrupted.

Shimei, how could you reject my marriage proposal?”

Bai Weiwei’s expression darkened, and there was a hint of disgust in her eyes.

She stood in front of Ning Yishu and nonchalantly twirled her hair. “I’m practicing the Water Spirit Scripture, and I must guard my nascent soul. I can’t get married or dual cultivate in this life.”

Qiu Bai wore a white robe, looking handsome and gentle. “How can shimei say such a thing? We only need spiritual union; we don’t need physical intercourse.”

Spiritual union was a much deeper connection than the physical method.

Bai Weiwei snorted. “No need, I don’t want to marry you.”

Qiu Bai’s face sank. “Oh, does shimei despise me?”

Bai Weiwei became fed up. “No, I think you’re ugly.”

With that, she turned and pulled Ning Yishu forward.

Ning Yishu turned back and saw Qiu Bai’s resentful expression.

If it were him, he wouldn’t make enemies so straightforwardly, unless he could kill them.

She had more than enough viciousness, but not nearly enough intelligence.

Suddenly, she turned back. “Nobody else can see you.”

Ning Yishu’s heart tightened. Did she finally begin to doubt?

But she just looked sad. “Maybe I’ve been too lonely, and just imagined a person to accompany me.”

Ning Yishu took a step forward, seemingly unable to help but get closer. He wanted to say that he was real.

But he couldn’t say it.

Because it was all fake.

She sank into the dreamworld weaved from her own memories and couldn’t get out.

And he was stuck here.

Bai Weiwei didn’t want to hear his answer, “Forget it. Anyways, once I get strong enough, you’ll disappear. The strongest people don’t feel lonely.”

With that, she shook off his hand and left.

Ning Yishu’s fingers felt empty, and his heart also felt hollow. He saw the fluttering sleeves of her robe, the unhesitant figure as she turned and left. He didn’t know where the impulse came from.

He suddenly dashed forward.

He grabbed her wrist, but he used too much strength, and he pulled her into his arms.

Her black hair fluttered. Her face showed a hint of shock.

Ning Yishu held her in a tight embrace. Her softness and sweet scent was within reach.

“No, I do exist…”

He also didn’t know why he wanted to emphasize this.

Bai Weiwei was taken aback and let him hug her.

Ning Yishu didn’t know where he gained the courage. He suddenly lowered his head and softly kissed her lips.

The doubts and sudden impulses in his heart broke through his wall of reason and directly expressed themselves as an overwhelming passion.

He finally knew why he couldn’t leave.

She was trapped by her past.

And he was trapped by her.

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Cheese: finally getting to see that favorability go up lol never thought we’d see the day BUT ALSO eyes emoji @ml bc of that second to last line since the illusions are based off his deepest desires/obsessions so like if he’s trapped by her then it means she’s his deepest desire wowWOWWOW *Jurassic park voice* clever girl


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