ATMLWESM Chapter 3

Translator: Hali

When the Rich Woman becomes a High Mountain Flower (3)

There was silence in the air.

Gu Yu grabbed the car’s door and had to bend down to relieve the hot dryness in her lower abdomen. Of course, Huo Cheng’s also saw her wrong state.    

He didn’t know why she suddenly stopped.

The woman in the car had her eyes closed, perhaps because she was weak right now, her slender snow-white neck bowed gently, from Huo Cheng point of view, he could see the sweat beads in her hair running along her cold jawline, 一falling one by one on her fragile neck.

Huo Cheng’s hand gripped on the medicine box tightened a little, at that moment he unexpectedly became calm.

Huo Cheng had a neck addiction. This addiction was harmless, but only he knew it. When observing a woman, he first looked at the other person’s neck.

After an unknown time, and Gu Yu who was fighting against her heart finally lifted her head and gasped slightly: “Take me to the hospital.”

Her voice was hoarse, he didn’t know whether it was tears, under her eyelashes, but she looked pitiful.

Huo Cheng’s eyes were drawn from her clear face to her snow-white neck that was leaning on the seat and before Gu Yu noticed, she retreated slightly, with a concerned face Huo Cheng’s asked: “Is everything all right?”

Seeing that he had returned to the driver’s seat, Gu Yu shook her head and reluctantly said, “It’s all right.”

As for the case of being drugged,  it was absolutely impossible for the original owner to come forward on her own initiative so Gu Yu did not say much. She opened the window, leaned back, her eyes red, she was still cold everywhere.

“You’re upset” the system suddenly popped up.

“Dizziness.” Gu Yan said with difficulty.

As a swan, she never knew that some human medicines would be so scary. Gu Yu had just loosened up a little, and tiny sweat broke out on her forehead.

As soon as she was going to really bear to use the system’s powers to ease herself for a while, she heard a gentle sigh.

Then there was a clear voice in her ear.

“Thank you, shut up.”

The veins on Gu Yu’s hand popped: “What’s the matter with you reading cleaning spells?”

The system stopped regretfully: “Sorry, I’ve read too many books recently and can’t change my habit.”

Gu Yu stepped back and closed her eyes: “Play a song.”

After a minute, the system finally found a suitable song.

“Come on, be happy”

The exhausted Gu Yu, they finally arrived at the hospital in 10 minutes. She was already unable to walk, but Huo Cheng had no intention of letting her walk by herself, bowed down and picked her up.

The woman in his arms was very light and held little weight. Her scattered hair slightly tickled his mouth. Huo Cheng suddenly wanted to look at her face, but he restrained his gaze.

She was his sister-in-law.

It’s wasn’t like Qi Yinghan didn’t care about her, they’ll be getting married soon.

He only told himself that a few times, but he couldn’t help but clench his hand.

The elevator soon reached the ninth floor, the slender youth and the weak beauty in the arms attracted a lot of attention, Gu Yu grunted, and Huo Cheng finally lowered his head.

Until Qi Yinghan came.

As early as last night when Gu Yu disappeared, Qi Yinghan booked a ticket to return. Looking at the man who naturally reached out to take Gu Yu, Huo Cheng suddenly regretted calling him.

If only he didn’t tell Qi Yinghan about Gu Yu’s condition, his thoughts only lasted for a moment, he snapped back to reality, and his arms were empty.

It was too late to say anything, Qi Yinghan and Huo Cheng nodded at each other, and Qi Yinghan turned around and carried her into the hospital room.

People of the VIP class could book the best doctor with a single phone call. In order to avoid embarrassment for Gu Yu, on the way, Huo Cheng chose a female doctor.

People were going in and out of the clinic. Huo Cheng quietly leaned against the window and lit a cigarette, exhaling slightly.

A man with a clear, handsome face in a dim hall had caused many people to look at him, but Huo Cheng didn’t care. What was he thinking?

He remembered the delicate touch of Gu Yu when she untied the anklet today, the long, quivering eyelashes when she dropped her neck and the groan that was clear and weak.

Really terrible.

He raised the corner of his lips, silently said “fuck”, and destroyed the cigarette butts.

Gu Yu didn’t know Huo Cheng’s thoughts, Gu Yu was surprised when she saw Qi Yinghan, but the painful feeling that followed didn’t give her any time to think about it too much. After being picked up, she could only lean on the man instinctively.

Qi Yinghan had just returned from a business trip and was still wearing a suit, but even in this case, she couldn’t see any hint of rush from his face.

The man had a faint ambergris scent, but after seeing Gu Yu his face loosened a bit. Gu Yu sometimes thought that Qi Yinghan’s aloofness was even more daunting than himself.

For at least a month, she didn’t know what her cheap fiance was doing. She was in the clinic when he came back.

The discomfort of Gu Yu’s body made her feel weak, but the High Mountain Flower character setting forced her to leave Qi Yinghan’s arms.

“Thank you.” She said in a hoarse voice.

The woman in front of him was tortured pale by drugs, her beautiful brows slightly frowned, and her long eyelashes were stained with mist. But her face was still cold, even her eyes hadn’t shown any emotion.

No one knew what she was enduring, except the soft body, and there was sweat between her hair.

Qi Yinghan looked at his hand that she had pushed away, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Gu Yu thought he would, as usual, take his hands away, before she had the chance to reject him, but this time Qi Yinghan didn’t do as she hopped for him to do.

His eyes were faint, he held her hand, and whispered: “I’m your fiance.” Looking at Gu Yu’s confused eyes, he slowly said: “You should rely on me.”

The hospital room was very quiet. Qi Yinghan didn’t talk anymore but watched the doctor drew blood for a series of examinations in silence. Gu Yu’s hand still hadn’t been released.

After the doctor finished the examination she spoke: “Miss Gu should have eaten the stimulant drug by mistake. But the medicine I’m going to prescribe won’t harm her body, but she has to take it regularly, by afternoon it should ease her pain a bit.”

The doctor didn’t know the specific reason, so she had to be careful and say that Gu Yu had misplaced the drug.

He had known from Hou Cheng that Bai Lang had done this to her, but when Qi Yinghan saw the red marks on Gu Yu’s ankle the atmosphere around him became colder, Gu Yu felt a tight squeezed her hand, and couldn’t help but struggle slightly.

Qi Yinghan snapped back to reality. Loosened his hand, looked at the doctor and resumed his usual tone and spoke again:  “Can I trouble you to prescribe some medicine for her.”

The two of them had spent an hour in the hospital room before they came out.

After taking the medicine, Gu Yu felt a lot better. The system detected that her drug was fading, it politely advised: “You can try to walk out.” 

Gu Yu felt the same way, so after thanking the doctor, she told Qi Yinghan: “I’m okay, if your company is busy, you can go back first.”

She was just trying to show that she could leave by herself, but Qi Yinghan got it wrong. He thought that she was worried about his work and his complexion became a little softer.

He was often cold faced, so when his lips raised, Gu Yu thought she was hallucinating. But the next second Gu Yu knew it wasn’t an illusion.

Qi Yinghan’s voice was still calm, but his slight smile, made him look like he was in a good mood.

“Let’s go.”

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