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“Empress Mother is the noble mother of the country. There’s no need to personally do such a thing.”

Song Yuan’s original plan was to circle around the mall once and have lunch here, but after the incident at the dessert stand, she felt it would be better to go home and eat ba!

Fortunately, Rong Ting looked cute and charming. Song Yuan used the little boy watching period dramas at home every day as the reason for his overexcitement1. The look in the dessert stand worker’s eyes became even more affectionate, and even the cleaning auntie who came with a mop did not look impatient. Worried that Song Yuan would scold the child, the auntie said with a smile: “This child is very good-looking. You must be brother and sister ba? Actually, girl ah, you should give children fewer cold things to eat. It’s not good for the stomach.”

Rong Ting’s expression was cold, and he looked like he wanted to say something. Song Yuan, who already understood him a bit, hurriedly covered his mouth and apologized to the auntie, “We’ve troubled you today. So sorry, so sorry.”

Song Yuan took Rong Ting to the ground floor, where there was a large supermarket. She sighed, “We don’t have poison testers here, and there is no one who wants to harm me, but today’s incident was my fault. I brought you out before you could get used to this era, so it’s normal for you to be unfamiliar with things. I’m sorry.”

Rong Ting initially looked at Song Yuan without speaking, thinking she was angry. Now, he saw she didn’t get angry, but instead apologized to him. The arrogant2 and disagreeable temper he inherited from his father made him sneer. “It’s good that Empress Mother has acknowledged her mistake, but gu still wants to say that Empress Mother should not be negligent. In the future, follow gu back to the palace. It is much safer.”

He paused, then in the manner of striking the palm then giving a date3, his tone softened greatly. “But Empress Mother needs not worry too much. Gu will protect you well.”

Song Yuan laughed dryly, “Then I’ll first give you my thanks ah.”

After all this, she was certain that this child did indeed transmigrate from ancient times. That was to say, she who was well-versed in novels had a very large hole in her brain. Otherwise, she wouldn’t associate a child’s strange words and behavior with so much.

“Do you want to ride it?” Song Yuan pointed to the shopping cart.

There just so happened to be a little girl with her mother nearby who was also sitting in a shopping cart.

Rong Ting felt it was odd, but he didn’t show it on his face. He simply nodded his head in a reserved manner.

Song Yuan placed Rong Ting in the shopping cart. Rong Ting was still a child, after all. His face already showed surprise.

The supermarket was very big. Song Yuan first pushed Rong Ting over to the fresh foods section. “You really don’t have luck with food4. I wanted to take you to eat good food in the afternoon, but I’m guessing you’ll make a fuss at the restaurant.”

Rong Ting was angry again, “Are you blaming gu?”

“I’m not ah. Don’t think too much, okay?” Song Yuan weighed out some pork ribs. Children generally really liked to eat sweet and sour ribs5. Whenever she stopped by Xie Ya’s place, Xie Ya’s little sister liked to eat the sweet and sour ribs she made. Rong Ting was about the same size as Xie Ya’s sister, and his taste in food should not be too different ba.

She downloaded a certain kitchen app on her phone and pushed the cart as she browsed the content. Finally, she decided on today’s menu.

Sweet and sour ribs was a must. Children generally shouldn’t eat dishes that were too spicy, so she could make tomatoes and eggs6. Song Yuan also asked the supermarket chef to pick out a bass for her, preparing to make steamed bass7. These three dishes were relatively easier to make and weren’t that complicated.

The main purpose of visiting the supermarket was to buy food, but it was definitely not the only reason.

The greatest pleasure was, of course, buying snacks.

Song Yuan had a slender physique. Her mother and father stayed in good shape even in their middle age. Even without self-discipline and attention to her figure, she had very formidable genes. As their daughter, she inherited nearly all of the good genes. Two people with a face value of 5 or 6 points gave birth to a daughter with a face value of 7 or 8. It made people very pleasantly surprised.

Since it was established that the little Gugu fellow transmigrated from the ancient era, Song Yuan wouldn’t ask him what snacks he wanted to eat. This child was too disagreeable and might think that she was ridiculing him as a country bumpkin.

She also had no experience with children. She went over to the coolers and took out two packs of Yakult, as well as some yogurt.

Of course, Rong Ting didn’t have the leisure to find faults. Everything here was strange to him. For a child born and raised in the imperial palace, who could count on a single hand the number of times he had left the palace, this was a very novel experience. He still remembered his identity and tried very hard not to look around.

“It seems that many children like to eat nori8.” Song Yuan grabbed a packet of nori and placed it in the shopping cart.

After a short while, the shopping cart was nearly completely full.

Rong Ting remembered a big matter that he nearly overlooked. He asked somewhat incredulously: “Empress Mother, you didn’t bring silver?”


He should be referring to money. Song Yuan translated his meaning and communicated simply with Rong Ting. “Brought.”

“Why didn’t gu see you give silver to that peddler?” Rong Ting turned his head and saw a man take some jelly off the shelves and place it in his shopping cart, completely calm. He couldn’t help but gape with wide eyes. “Or could it be that in Empress Mother’s native land, one does not need to pay when one goes out to buy things?”

Song Yuan burst into laughter. “Your way of thinking is quite nice. Naturally you pay money, but the person who collects the money is near the entrance. You can only leave after paying the money.”

Although Rong Ting had a disagreeable temper, and he had been given an education fit for a crown prince, he could occasionally be very modest. “It’s astonishing that there is such a business talent in the world.”

Song Yuan: “…”

Fine ba! From the perspective of a person from ancient times, modern society would seem very miraculous and very convenient. Gugu’s sigh of admiration wasn’t wrong. The supermarket truly was very convenient, ah.

This place’s supermarket also sold bread. The seller, seeing that Rong Ting was super cute, offered him a freshly made nori and pork floss xiaobei9.

Rong Ting had a guarded expression. He thought in his heart, this man must not know his identity. Otherwise, how would he dare to be so presumptuous? Since he didn’t know his identity, then he must be hiding his malicious intent behind a fawning face10.

Song Yuan saw his look and knew what he was thinking. She stepped forward in front of the seller and said, smiling broadly: “My family’s child doesn’t like to eat bread. I’ll try it for him.”

Rong Ting realized his behavior had made Empress Mother unhappy.

Empress Mother had forgotten everything about her life in the palace. Perhaps the people here made her very trusting.

Empress Mother didn’t seem to turn down other people.

Song Yuan took a bite of the nori and pork floss xiaobei and sighed: “It tastes very good ah. There’s plenty of mayonnaise. Give me a box ba.”

While the seller happily went to weigh it, Rong Ting sighed softly.

Song Yuan gripped the shopping cart with both hands, “It’s not good to sigh so often at such a young age.”

Rong Ting looked at Song Yuan with a complicated expression, but said nothing in the end.

Song Yuan bought many things. After returning home with Rong Ting, she was initially going to turn on the TV for him, but then she thought that he would not be able to handle the stimulus. Let him slowly adapt to modern society ba. With that, she gave him a bottle of Yakult, “This is a pretty good drink. Don’t worry, I tested it for you, it’s not poisoned. I’m going to go cook now.”

“As the son, how could I let Empress Mother test poison for me?” Rong Ting heavily disapproved.

Song Yuan felt it was very mystical. Were all children from ancient times like this? Acting serious, speaking with an air of self-confidence, using complicated and literary jargon.

“It’s almost twelve now, so I won’t keep talking with you. I’m going to cook.”

Song Yuan’s cooking skills were considered to be on the level of ordinary home cooking. When she was a child, the court gave custody of her to her mother. Her mother was busy with work and often wasn’t around. During those times, her mother asked a distant relative to take care of Song Yuan. The auntie was very responsible, but she also had four rest days a month. There was no takeout delivery at the time, and she was an elementary school kid. She also didn’t have the courage to eat at a restaurant alone. Sometimes she would buy grilled skewers11 at the school’s snack bar, and sometimes she would experiment at home. After so many years, her cooking couldn’t be said to get full marks in smell, look, and taste, but it also didn’t make people feel that it wasn’t tasty.

Modern society was so convenient that she cooked less and less often, mainly because it was too troublesome.

Shopping for groceries was already troublesome. Then you had to wash and chop the vegetables. After eating you only want to lie down, but then you had to collect and wash the dishes. The reason she was willing to cook today was mainly that this new house had a washing machine. Otherwise, she might not have had the patience.

Rong Ting picked up the bottle of Yakult, vigilantly inspecting it. He secretly gave it a sniff when Song Yuan wasn’t paying attention.

He couldn’t disappoint Empress Mother’s good intentions.

Thinking of this, Rong Ting took a sip of Yakult the way he had seen Song Yuan do it.




It tastes so weird!

Take another sip!

Wu, barely managed to swallow.

Rong Ting thought so in his heart, but his mouth was very honest. A few sips later, he finished drinking the small bottle of Yakult.

He followed the sound to the kitchen and saw Song Yuan wearing an apron and chopping vegetables. He was surprised in his heart. Empress Mother had cooked for him again.

Thinking this, the expression on his face became more cheerful, but his mouth still said: “Empress Mother is the noble mother of the country. There’s no need to personally do such a thing.”

Song Yuan was in the middle of cutting tomatoes. Startled by the sound of someone talking to her, she nearly cut off her hands in her fright. She turned around and saw it was Rong Ting. She said, helpless: “You scared me. I was in the middle of chopping vegetables.”

Rong Ting didn’t speak, probably not expecting her to be startled.

Song Yuan liked to eat spicy food. Glancing at the chopped ginger, onion, and garlic, then looking again at the dishes on the kitchen counter, she couldn’t help but say: “This is really strange. I’m so lazy, yet I went out to buy food for you. Now, I’m even washing and cutting vegetables and cooking. It’s unbelievable.”

Looking back on it now, she felt that she had been too kindhearted.

Even if she had let this child stay, now she was even cooking for him…

It completely changed her perception of herself.

Rong Ting looked at Song Yuan and said matter-of-factly: “What’s so strange about this? You are gu’s Empress Mother. You are gu’s birth mother. You should be concerned for gu.”

Before, Song Yuan was still stewing over the fact that Rong Ting was a child who transmigrated from ancient times to modern times. Listening to him again after accepting the fact, she suddenly understood where the sense of unease came from.

He transmigrated from the past.

He always called her Empress Mother.

Song Yuan, shocked, pointed to herself with the finger holding the kitchen knife, “Wait a minute! I need to ask you, why do you say that I’m your mom ah?”

[1] 上头: usually refers to what you’d think is typical drunken behavior, but it can refer to being impulsive or excited

[2] 臭屁 can be used to describe a smelly fart LOL but it can also mean that someone is arrogant, proud, or loves to show off

[3] 打一巴掌给一个甜枣: the carrot and stick; to use both hard and soft methods to exact discipline

[4] 口福: a gourmet’s luck; the fortune to get something nice to eat (vs. luck with money, or people, or jobs)

[5] 糖醋小排: sweet and sour [spare/pork] ribs

[6] 西红柿炒鸡蛋: stir-fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Like mac and cheese, it’s quick, easy, and cheap, making it a popular comfort/college budget food LOL

[7] 清蒸鲈鱼: can be perch or bass. Some sort of perch-like fish that’s steamed in a clear broth (not colored with soy sauce, etc.)

[8] 海苔: nori, AKA dried seaweed or roasted laver

[9] 海苔肉松小贝: a savory pastry? Cake? It has a spongy cake inside with mayonnaise and coated with pork floss and seaweed/nori flakes

[10] 无事献殷勤, 非奸即盗: one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions; there’s no such thing as a free lunch

[11] 烧烤: the translation said barbecue but I feel like when I think of barbecue I always think of, like, large cuts of ribs and such

Cheese: i wasnt expecting to have so many food related footnotes… word to the wise: never translate on an empty stomach……

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