MGCH Chapter 464

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (41)

Bai Weiwei was frightened out of her wits. She couldn’t continue to make up a story.

She smacked the system: “I think it’s time for this dream to end.”

The system lay on the keyboard, lifelessly saying: “My fingers are cramped, I can’t write the ending. Wait for me to recover.”

Ning Yishu’s movements were very fast; his clothes were already stripped off.

Two people were pressed together.

Bai Weiwei’s face turned white. “What are you doing?”

Ning Yishu’s eyes were full of malice and ruthlessness. “I agree to be your partner, but what I want is not a spiritual union, but real, actual…”

As he trailed off, his arms tightened around her.

This posture. It could be understood without words.

Bai Weiwei’s expression drastically changed. “Fuck off, you want my cultivation to regress?”

The Water Spirit Scripture could only be practiced by a pure, untouched woman. The moment she lost her nascent soul, she would directly fall to the Foundation Establishing stage.

Not only that, but later it would be difficult for her to cultivate any further.

She continued to struggle, and he couldn’t hold back his excitement.

Ning Yishu endured this extreme torment. His lips pressed against the side of her neck as he spoke coldly.

“You see? You want to find someone stronger than you, but if he wants to destroy your cultivation, how can you be sure you can resist?”

Really so stupid, he couldn’t bear to watch.

Wanting to scheme against people, but not even knowing to cover it up.

When Bai Weiwei heard this, she went stiff.

Ning Yishu was so closely glued to her. How could he not notice her intense shaking?

He hugged her, his smile somewhat sorrowful. “Shifu…”

This one word, shifu, shattered all his extravagant and hopeless thoughts.

Bai Weiwei looked back, somewhat at a loss, and saw that Ning Yishu’s eyes were red.

He reached out and softly touched her face, then he abruptly gave her a gentle kiss.

“Let’s go back.”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 50.】

When he began to realize the desires in his heart and his feelings for her, he couldn’t be heartless. He couldn’t give up, letting the two of them wander in the dreamworld.

If he did, she couldn’t escape.

He also trapped himself.

Wasn’t that another way of being together?

Ning Yishu took out the dagger and cut his wrist. His blood fed the dagger.

A strange red light, mixed with a hint of gold, broke through the dreamworld’s barrier.

The dreamworld began to collapse.

Bai Weiwei still maintained that blank expression. Gradually, her body became blurred.

Ning Yishu destroyed the dreamworld with his dagger.

He watched as the familiar spirit spring and the familiar Grand Heavens Mountain faded bit by bit.

He also saw the woman in his arms slowly become transparent.

The dreamworld collapsed.

As soon as Ning Yishu broke free, he realized he was still in the Labyrinth of Dreams.

For a moment he was somewhat dazed, unable to distinguish between the dream and reality.

Suddenly, the pain in his wrist brought him back to his senses. This was the wound where he fed the dagger his blood.

When Ning Yishu heard the roar of a beast, he suddenly remembered.

He had tossed Bai Weiwei near the Blessed Flower, attracting the guardian beast.

They’d been stuck in the dreamworld for a long time, but in reality only a short time had passed.

Ning Yishu suddenly looked back. At this moment, he was faced with the most difficult decision of his life.

To give her up was helping himself.

Ning Yishu learned from an early age that it was every man for himself. The moment he identified his goal.

He persevered to achieve it.

His biggest dream was to cultivate and ascend.


A terrifying monster with two mouths and black fur appeared out of the mist.

It slowly approached Bai Weiwei’s direction.

1: 吼: roaring sound.


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