ATMLWESM Chapter 4

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When the Rich Woman becomes a High Mountain Flower (4)

“He said he wanted to apologize?”

Gu Yu stopped to wipe her hand and couldn’t help asking. After the words came out, she felt something was wrong, and frowned slightly.

 It was strange for Qi Yinghan to see her like this: “Why?”

Looking at the man’s confused eyes, Gu Yu looked back and shook her head: “Nothing.”

Qi Yinghan saw her reaction in her eyes, but he didn’t know what she was thinking, he didn’t ask again. She closed her computer and said, “It’s late, you should take a rest, I’ll get the quilt.”

Gu Yu also thought of Huo Chengyu’s words and nodded absently.

“System, what’s going on?”

The male lead, which should have sued instead, took the initiative to apologize. After reading the materials about Huo Cheng, Gu Yu did not believe that he was a person who retaliated with kindness. 

Although he was born with a good appearance, he was strong and ruthless. Having read the book, Gu Yu didn’t believe that he was a person who retaliated with kindness. When Qi Yinghan returned, Gu Yu didn’t think too deep about it, and could only keep the matter at its bottom.

On the other side, across the phone, Huo Cheng sighed with relief.

The sound of the water in the bathroom soon became clear in the silent room. Hou Cheng slept early that night, but a dream woke him up.

He dreamt about Gu Yu.

It was the first time a woman had appeared in his dreams.

The woman who had just met during the day was standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, wearing a wide shirt. She turned her back to the door, without knowing what she was thinking. 

Huo Cheng couldn’t help but stop his eyes on her long snow neck.

Huo Cheng knew it was a dream, but he always remembered how she weakly looked down during the day. 

The sweat beads running across her neck, in an awkward posture, but with one glance, it was memorable.

 Even in a dream……

Huo Cheng scoffed, turned off the shower knowing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He was thinking of Gu Yu’s name and eventually switched to his sister-in-law. 

He restrained and forbade himself not to think of her.

Hou Cheng made it clear to himself that Gu Yu was a person that he wouldn’t be able to get. She was Qi Yinghan’s, who saved his life, and for whatever reason, he should not think of his woman. 

When he closed his eyes, she appeared again, and his eyelashes trembled.

A vein popped on the back of the hand. It took him a long time to get out of the bathroom.

Gu Yu didn’t know what Huo Cheng was thinking. She slept until noon. The quilt on the sofa was folded. Qi Yinghan had gone to work. Gu Yu picked up the note on the desk and looked at it. It was left by the man when he left.

“The porridge and vegetables are in the kitchen. Remember to take your medicine when you wake up.”

Gu Yu put down the note, hesitated for a moment, and went back to bed. Looking at her, the system flashed a smile in its eyes: “it’s already 12 o’clock. No High Mountain flower would stay in bed until this time.”

Gu Yu pretended to be dead and lay motionless.

It was raining outside, this weather was suitable for sleeping.

The system was always able to understand her thoughts, so it sighed: “It seems that the host is suggesting that I exchange literature in bed.”

Before it had finished speaking, Gu Yu immediately sat up. In the system chuckle, Gu Yu explained without laughing: “no, I don’t mean that.”

“How can High Mountain flower go to sleep? She only thinks about life while laying on the bed.”

“Oh, then what are you thinking about?” It asked. Gu Yan sighed: “I’m just thinking about how to deal with Huo tonight.”

“The plot has been wrong once before. If it is wrong again, I will be judged and be unqualified.”

Already familiar with the task instruction manual, Gu Yu didn’t hope that the system would drain water, she only hoped that the plot tonight, won’t have any mistakes.

Seeing her concern, the system comforted: “It’s okay, as long as you don’t mess up more than 3 times, it will be fine. So what are you going to do tonight?”

It suddenly changed the subject and jumped to another subject, Gu Yu secretly complained. However, she still replied honestly: “I’m going to find an opportunity and slap Huo Cheng.”

Gu Yu’s plot task was to instigate the relationship between Qi Yinghan and Huo Cheng and successfully kill herself. If Huo Cheng’s good brother’s finance slaps him, it would not only make Huo Change cold to her, but it would also make Qi Yinghan alienate himself from her, in this way the plot that didn’t go as well before would be made up. 

Gu Yu thought this way, only thinking that this idea was killing two birds with one stone. 

Huo Cheng didn’t mind her splashing a drink on his partner, but would he mind her slapping him?

The system listened to her plan, it did not give an evaluation, it just gently said: “good luck to you.” Gu Yu didn’t hear the system. She checked her calendar and drew a big mark on when the appointment was going to be.  

 It was going to be evening soon.

 Qi Yinghan just finished filling out the documents and looked at the time. It happened to be at five o’clock in the afternoon. It was an hour before the appointment he had with Hou. 

He sent a message to Gu Yu in advance to give her time to prepare before the head.

 It was quiet in the office, Qi Yinghan pressed between his eyebrows. Thinking about the boy from the Bai family, his eyes turned cold. He went back and checked again that night when the police showed him the video of Gu Yu being unconscious in the car, he couldn’t restrain his anger. 

The girl fell softly on the seat of the car and was held gently by the other person. For a moment, Qi Yinghan wanted to kill the man holding her.

 His uncontrollable feeling woke him up. He didn’t know when his desire for Gu Yu had become so strong.

It wasn’t like this before. Even if Gu Yu wouldn’t come home after playing outside, he didn’t feel anything, but this time.

 Qi Yinghan didn’t get any answers for the first time. But no matter what, Gu Yu was his fiancee, and they would get married soon. Qi Yinghan thought so and didn’t get so tangled with the questions that didn’t have an answer.

 As for Bai Lang, he had already called and warned Bai Hezhou. If he couldn’t manage his nephew well, he didn’t mind helping him teach him a lesson. 

For example, letting him stay at the police station for a few more days.

Qi Yinghan was looking down, his long fingers were playing with his phone, and his eyes were dark. Only when he receives a reply, did his gaze gradually soften.

Gu Yu was already ready. After seeing Qi Yinghan’s message, she applied lipstick and replied.

With the help of the system, she chose a black off-shoulder dress today, with a simple and elegant design, but with a more curved noticeable temperament. As soon as she put down her makeup bag and replied to Qi Yinghan, she returned soon.

Qi Yinghan didn’t expect to see such a beautiful scene when he opened the door and was stunned slightly.

Gu Yu was worried because she can’t pull the zipper all the way. Her long eyelashes vibrate gently. Her waist skin was red because of friction. When she heard the sound of the door opening, she turned around and paused, saying, “you are back.”

Qi Yinghan leaned against the door. Seeing Gu Yu’s slightly anxious expression, he calmly asked, “A Yu, do you need help?”

The design of the skirt was very devious, and a person couldn’t put it on all the way, Although Gu Yu was not at ease, she nodded, “please.”

Gu Yu was not used to being close to people. When Qi Yinghan came, she took a step back unconsciously and frowned.

The heavy man in front of her only called out her name: “A Yu.” 

These two words were like some kind of prohibition taboo, which made Gu Yan motionless. Surrounded by the smell of perfume, Gu Yu felt a warm hand on her back.

The touch of her skin would make any man go crazy, but Qi Yinghan was calm. He lowered his head and silently pulled the zipper all the way up when Gu Yu thought it was over. 

He suddenly seized her waist and pulled it back. His hands were tight. After a long time, he said in a deep voice, “Ah Yu, sooner or later, there will be such a day.”

What kind of day?

 He felt her body go stiff when he sized her waist. Qi Yinghan sighed slightly and was somewhat helpless.

They were an unmarried couple and would get married in two months. Living under the same roof, sooner or later, she will get used to his touch.

Gu Yu knew what he meant, but she was embarrassed. Fortunately, as long as her face was expressionless, no one else could see what she was thinking.

Therefore, after hearing Qi Yinghan’s words, she just pursed her lips and said nothing. Fortunately, Qi Yinghan didn’t say much about it and retreated.

When the two arrived at the agreed restaurant, the time was right. Huo Cheng was already sitting there, but unexpectedly, he didn’t have the heroine Xu Weiwei beside him, he was alone.

When Gu Yu came in, she looked around the restaurant. She couldn’t understand what Huo Cheng was thinking, actually inviting them to a couple restaurants.

Around the restaurant, men and women were sitting in pairs, there were very few people alone, so it seems a little abrupt for Huo to be alone. But he had a noble temperament, which made most people in the restaurant more curious for a while.

What kind of woman was it that could make such a person wait?

Gu Yu didn’t know what these people thought. She was going to come in with Qi Yinghan, but when she got to the door, she was pulled by someone.

“Ah Yu.” He called again.

Gu Yu frowned and finally put her hand on his arm.

As soon as they entered the door, they attracted a lot of attention. After all, it was rare for them to have such a matching couple. But when they saw them walking to Hou Cheng hand in hand, their expression became somewhat intriguing.

Three people in a couple restaurant?

Qi Yinghan, of course, also noticed the unusualness of this restaurant. He pulled the chair for Gu Yu and sat down, then put down his suit lightly.

“How, did you think of eating here?” he just asked casually and didn’t expect Huo Cheng to be able to say why. But unexpectedly, Huo Cheng half-jokingly answered: “Maybe I’ve been single for too long recently, and like to be lively.”

 In a word, Qi Yinghan was a little surprised by his relationship with Xu Weiwei. He thought that Huo Cheng was in a relationship with the little secretary this time, so he apologized to her for Gu Yu. Now, it seemed that that wasn’t the case.

Among these people, Huo Cheng was the best, with a clear and noble temperament. He always had a smile on his face, but only Qi Yinghan, who grew up with him, knew. 

That Hou Cheng’s heart was harder than stone.

But after all, it’s someone else’s business, and he can’t interfere. Qi Yinghan nodded a little and stopped talking about it. He turned to look at Gu Yu, and his face softened.

“Thanks to you taking care of A Yu, I’ll remember this.”

From the moment he entered the door, Huo Cheng kept himself from going to see Gu Yu. When he heard this, he just smiled: “brother Qi, it should be.”

“Miss Gu is my sister-in-law, after all.”

He spoke word by word, but Gu Ye thought something wasn’t quite right and frowned upon seeing Huo Cheng calm eyes, his face was slightly smiling, Gu Yu brushed that thought.

But Qi Yinghan looked at Hou deeply.

Huo Yan lowered his eyes, covering his eye bags under his eyes. He didn’t look at Gu Yu, because he was afraid-remembering that dream.

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