MGCH Chapter 480

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (57)

Once he lost his pity for her, he began to exact revenge.

The lightning struck for more than half the day. Bai Weiwei, exhausted, simply wanted to lie flat out on the ground. “Come, ah, let the lightning and thunder rain down even stronger.”

But, remembering her character settings, she could only continue to hold on.

Just when Bai Weiwei thought she would be reduced to cinders, the skies changed, and a dense and cold force emerged from the heavens.

The bloody dagger belonging to Ning Yishu appeared overhead.

All the power of the lightning and thunder was swallowed up by the dagger.

The dagger was unlocked, and the heavenly soul was awakened.

The dagger grew bigger and began to turn crystal clear. Finally, it became a longsword with a qi that could destroy the sky and drown the earth.

A slender and graceful hand simply gripped the hilt, and all the tempestuous attacks on the heaven and earth subsided.

The dark clouds dispersed, and a gold light spilled out.

A tall figure slowly emerged from the light.

Bai Weiwei lay on the ground, her clothes ragged and soiled and her face green.

She looked up and saw him slowly approach her. Clearly he still had those familiar features, but his jade-like face and his long brows1 were extraordinarily handsome.

He slowly bent down, the strange look in his eyes making her hair stand on end.

Shifu, does it hurt?”

He revealed a gentle and affectionate smile, and his previously wooden expression became radiant.

As soon as Bai Weiwei opened her mouth to speak, she spat out blood.

Her eyes flashed with shock, feeling it was inconceivable.

“Ning Yishu?”

Ning Yishu’s smiling expression didn’t change, but his eyes were deep and gloomy.

His voice was soft and hoarse. “Wait for me, shifu.”

Before Bai Weiwei could react, the bloody longsword suddenly emerged. Splitting the sky and rending the earth, it broke through space and caught up to Yu Chen, who was already thousands of li away from Grand Heavens Mountain.

One pierce through the heart, splitting the body and shattering the soul.

Yu Chen was dead.

Killing a late Immortal Ascension stage cultivator like killing an ant.

Ning Yishu summoned his sword and brought out Yu Chen’s tattered body.

Tossing it far away, the body smashed into the ground.

Bai Weiwei shuddered. Fucking hell, so savage.

When Ning Yishu finished his slaughter, he turned to look at her eyes trembling with shock and fear. Was she feeling heartache for Yu Chen?

His expression darkened. “Shifu, the strongest person is already dead, so now it’s your turn to fight me.”

She was supposed to fight with the man who won.

If he won, she was his.

Bai Weiwei’s lips trembled. Her body had been damaged by the lightning tribulation. Her originally half-healed meridians had split open once again.


Yu Chen died and couldn’t die again.

Wasn’t he going to slice off her flesh and peel her skin?

Bai Weiwei thought about how she should react. She was stupid and sought trouble, which pots were not opened?

Her lips quivered and her teeth chattered. “You want to kill me?”

Ning Yishu’s expression froze. Suddenly, he revealed a smile. The smile on his face grew bigger, but the look in his eyes distorted.

“Me, kill you?”

He forced out each word through clenched teeth.

The air chilled, cold enough to freeze people solid.

“Don’t you want to kill me?”

In her eyes, he was just a Foundation Establishment waste. When he wanted to participate in the tournament, she didn’t even ask him why.

Her sentimental attachment to him was discarded like trash.

She even kicked him onto the platform, letting him die.

If it weren’t for his miraculously obtained body and spirit and his unlocked dagger, he really would have died.

The moment he faced Yu Chen’s attack, his heart was completely cold, and his mind cleared.

His master was not his little girl.

Even in the dreamworld, when she treated him especially well, she still wanted to make use of him.

So what was it he wanted?

Her love?

1: 长眉入鬓: lit. long eyebrows reaching the temples.

Cheese: *lights incense for yc* rip yu chen, you were only around for like, 3 chapters. at least you seemed like more 2ml material than that asshole qb

Hali: Offf that was too much


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