MGCH Chapter 493

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The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (70)

Yu Chen’s master gave him a slight glance, neither sad nor happy, and raised his hand. “You kill my disciple, I kill you. It’s customary in the cultivation world to trade an eye for an eye.”

The flower in his hand turned into a white light.

The white light was like a sharp blade, aiming for Ning Yishu’s stomach just as he stepped outside the defensive array.

Ning Yishu didn’t dodge and indifferently stood still, his weak body standing as straight as a pine tree. He was handsome and composed.

A great many thoughts flashed through his mind, and each and every one was about Bai Weiwei.

Her cruelty, her occasional fragility, her helplessness and suffering when she was trapped in the dreamworld of her past.

And finally, her smile in the light of the morning sun.

“Idiot, next time you have to come earlier.”

He would be unable to go back to her side in this life or the next. Having his body destroyed and his soul shattered meant that he wouldn’t be able to reincarnate.

In the face of death, Ning Yishu finally dared to call out softly, “Weiwei.”

“Fool, why are you calling me?”

A clear and melodious voice rang in his ears. Ning Yishu’s eyes widened as a long skirt fluttered through the sky like a feather and a familiar aroma drifted into his nose.

He looked up and saw her pass through the void and step on air, stopping the blade of light in its tracks.

Ning Yishu felt his heart lift and his eyes burn.

“Don’t! Go back.”

A Nascent Soul stage couldn’t beat a Void Refining stage.

She would die.

Having shielded him from certain death, Bai Weiwei began to fall from the sky.

Ning Yishu’s mind splintered. He desperately chased after her and caught her falling form. The huge force of gravity made him unable to resist falling backwards.

He fell heavily to the ground. He bore all of the impact, not daring to let Bai Weiwei suffer even a slight injury.

When the Void Refining stage cultivator saw this, his voice turned frosty. “Since Grand Heavens Mountain has vowed to protect Ning Yishu, I can only slaughter your entire sect.”

Bai Weiwei, lying in Ning Yishu’s arms, raised her head and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her lips were stained with blood, and the expression in her eyes was fierce. For a moment, she was so beautiful it was dazzling.

“You old fart, your face and heart are rotten. You can’t even break through Void Refining stage. You’re just a waste with only a few years left to live. Still daring to make a ruckus in front of my Grand Heavens Mountain’s gate, you and your arrogant disciple are both dead goods.”

Standing with the protagonist.

What is it if not seeking death?

Saying this, Bai Weiwei used a finger to draw out a huge array in the air.

It was the key to the defensive array, which could keep Grand Heavens Mountain protected for thousands of years without change.

Once it was attacked, the attacker would perish as well.

Not to mention Void Refining stage, even a Mahayana stage1 cultivator had to weigh the consequences.

The cultivator’s expression finally changed slightly.

With a wave of his hand, he erected a protective force field for himself and sent away his sect’s elite.

“Go, it’s not suitable for you to stay too long.”

Bai Weiwei’s fingers clenched. “I won’t let you go that easily.”

Suddenly, the entire world fell still, and a strange light burst out from the center of the defensive array.

Bai Weiwei stepped out of Ning Yishu’s arms. With a hand, she pushed him back into the array.

Ning Yishu slammed into the ground. He raised his head and stared blankly past the array’s border.

Bai Weiwei had her back to him. She stood in the dazzling rays of light, her long skirt and inky black hair fluttering. She was absolutely stunning.

Those fleeing were shrouded in the brilliant light.

The great array began its assault. All the cultivators who had come to attack Grand Heavens Mountain fell from the sky.

Miserable screams filled the air one after another as their lives were snuffed out by the fierce light.

1: 大乘: again, not a stage that I’m familiar with. It’s possible that Void Refining and Mahayana stage are both stages after becoming an immortal.


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