MGCH Chapter 512

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (5)

He could already hear the constant drooling and covetous swallowing of the evil spirits that silently stood behind him.

Bai Weiwei seemed to believe his words.

The tears in her eyes made plip plop noises as they fell.

Her tears landed on top of Ji Yongchuan’s hands. This slight coolness unexpectedly seeped through his fingers and entered his heart as pain.

He felt a lot of relief.

She sobbed softly, “He wouldn’t, Uncle wouldn’t harm me.”

A hint of cynicism flashed through Ji Yongchuan’s eyes.

“If not to harm you, why would he leave you in the cemetery?”

Bai Weiwei was at a loss and didn’t seem to know how to explain.

She could only answer: “There must be a reason that I didn’t know. I’ll go back to ask him.”


Ji Yongchuan sneered in his heart.

He said softly, “Okay, wait until I’m done removing your clothes. I’ll accompany you to find your uncle.”

Bai Weiwei tearfully looked at him, “You’re so kind. My name is Bai Weiwei. How about you?”

Ji Yongchuan was silent for a moment and, as if possessed, he began introducing himself, “My name is Ji Yongchuan.”

The exchange of names between a ghost and a person meant they were bound.

But she was going to die soon, so that bond meant nothing.

Ji Yongchuan had undone most of her clothes, and under her red wedding dress, her exquisite and slender figure was faintly discernible.

His movement was somewhat sluggish, and his eyes were trembling faintly.

He had seen numerous female ghosts before, but this was his first time seeing a human girl’s body.

After all, he was born from nothingness and primal chaos1, his consciousness had only been truly developed for just these last few years.

Bai Weiwei could be considered the first human girl he came into contact with.

She was different from all those dirty and flirtatious female ghosts.

The air surrounding her was incredibly fresh and sweet.

No wonder it attracted so many ghosts to wait behind him.

Bai Weiwei suddenly stretched out her hand, and clung softly to the back of his hand. Under his hand, dozens of small ghosts were struggling and hissing.

Because they wanted to resist the attack of her wedding dress.

Ji Yongchuan stopped abruptly. This shot of hers almost let the ghost in his hands escape.

He lifted his eyes coldly, trying to suppress the chill in his voice, “Can you move?”

Bai Weiwei’s face blushed, and her eyes dodged, “After you unfastened my clothes, I was able to move with great difficulty, so…… can I take it off myself?”

Under her wedding dress, she was only wearing thin pajamas2.

It was inevitable for her to be shy.

Ji Yongchuan paused, then slowly withdrew his hand, “Okay, you can take it off yourself.”

Bai Weiwei: “Then, you look away.”

Ji Yongchuan clenched his fist fiercely, causing several ghosts in his hands to be crushed to death.

Then he turned away slowly. “You undress, I won’t look.”

Bai Weiwei replied bashfully, “Thank you, little gege.”

When the system heard her, its balls ached3, and it said sourly: “Can you not be so nauseating?”

Bai Weiwei: “My mind is blank.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei: “When I think of all the ghosts around me, and that Ji Yongchuan is also a ghost, I feel cold all over, and my scalp goes numb.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei: “So I can’t maintain my usual high level of performance. I can only act as myself.”

System: “Act as yourself?”

Bai Weiwei: “Yes, I am pure and shy at heart, and this is what happens when I act instinctively.”

System: Every time it thinks the host’s skin is thick enough, the host always manages to break through its bottom line again.

Pure and shy? Does the host have any grave misunderstanding about those two words?

Ji Yongchuan abruptly spoke: “Are you done? We need to go quickly.”

Time was running out.

Ji Yongchuan’s pupils became icier.

Bai Weiwei: “I’m nearly done taking it off.”

There wasn’t enough time, it was almost time.

Ji Yongchuan abruptly signaled to the ghosts next to him, and the ferocious-looking ghosts bowed their heads respectfully.

Then they followed his orders and rushed forward.

Ji Yongchuan changed his expression immediately. He shouted in terror, “There’re a lot of ghosts! Come out now, we have to run!”

He threw himself on the coffin and was burned by the runes from head to toe. His expression was one of pain.

Behind him, the hands of several ghosts grabbed him.

“Little gege?” Bai Weiwei’s frightened voice sounded.

Ji Yongchuan screamed, and he was dragged off the coffin.

Suddenly, Bai Weiwei became worried and tried to crawl out of the coffin.

She dragged her wedding dress out of the coffin, stumbled to the ground, and reached out to firmly grab his hand.

Ji Yongchuan only felt that his slightly cold fingers were held by her warm hands.

He raised his head and saw Bai Weiwei’s sorry figure lying on the ground, holding him in a death grip.

She cried, “Let’s run away quickly.”

Ji Yongchuan lowered his head, and slowly revealed an uncanny, smug smile.

His fingers gripped hers firmly. Finally——

Caught his sacrifice.

1: 混沌: Formless mass before creation in Chinese mythology.

2: 睡衣: Ancient pajamas/night clothes, kinda looks like a soft kungfu outfit.

3: 蛋疼: (Internet slang) Literal meaning: ball ache. Its connotations are helplessness, entanglement, excitement about something which makes you uncomfortable up and down, jumping left and right, and trying to discourage people. There is also a translation of “ egg pain” which means that something is very difficult to calm down.

Phoodzz: By the end of this arc, y’all gonna be well versed in Chinese slang with all of these footnotes. Orz. I feel like I’ve learned more Chinese while editing this arc than when I was studying Chinese through yt videos and apps

TheWhiteBook: Nothing like practical experience.


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  1. Shameless, she is so shameless… pure and shy my ass… how do I remember someone calmly dubbing the suitable action noises whilst watching the ML hump pillow-chan and couch cushion-tan and eating snacks at the same time… pure and shy…

    1. She’s pure and shy, ah. Pure because she didn’t do any oomph yet, and shy because she didn’t want to do any oomph. (Even i don’t believe she’s pure and shy)

  2. You really have to admire the lengths Ji Yongchuan goes through these opening chapters, he just basically threw his whole body against a slab of burning iron for how that must of felt.

    1. To be honest he seems to murder more ghosts just to get to her than what her whole family killed altogether…. “Ji Yongchuan clenched his fist fiercely, causing several ghosts in his hands to be crushed to death.”, well there ghost king, annihilating your subjects much…

      1. Lel, good point. Between the small ghosts that burned against the wedding dress, the ones he smashed in his palm, and the poor ghost lady he forced to scare Bai Weiwei then hit away, he really is racking up the casualties, isn’t he?

      2. It’s because he’s desperate to become ghost king, he needs her to be the sacrifice in order to become the ghost king, so he’s willing to sacrifice some ghosts in order for that to happen and the ghosts are willing to be sacrificed for their ghost king

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