MGCH Chapter 544

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (37)

Ji Yongchuan suddenly got up and turned to leave, “I have to go out to do something.”

He had just stepped out of the door when he heard Bai Weiwei’s soft voice, “The reason I’m so unrestrained is because it’s little Gege.”

Ji Yongchuan was overcome by these flirtatious words, his expression was completely stretched tight.

He couldn’t resist turning back.

Only to see Bai Weiwei gazing affectionately and tenderly at him.

Placed behind her was a large bouquet of flowers.

The vivid floral colors, along with mottled light and shadow, fell on her body.

This beauty was beyond the scope of verbal description.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 50.】

Ji Yongchuan lifted his legs and left, seemingly afraid that if he stayed, he would produce more uncontrollable feelings.

When Bai Weiwei watched him go with an exhausted face.

“Ai, Tongza1, how bitter am I. Ji Yongchuan witnessed my perfect luring technique, and was so shy he fled in embarrassment. I hope he can reflect on his poor acting skills to reach a higher level.”

Tongza: “…… Won’t pretend, I want to eat breakfast too.”

Bai Weiwei: “How much life value? I only have thirty days of life value total, don’t eat it all up.”

Tongza: “Still can’t eat, you’re disgusting enough to make me spit out yesterday’s dinner.”

Bai Weiwei: “Then I’ll disgust you a bit more, so that you’ll eat less.”

Tongza: “……”

Bai Weiwei: “Right, you can eat the spit-out meal again, then you can save on breakfast.”

Smash: “Ou2

Everyday, the host and I use hatred to maintain a boundary line——

Ji Yongchuan left fast, and returned quickly.

He brought a cloak, red in color, very similar to his red robe.

“Being stuck at home is boring, I’ll take you out for a stroll.”

This was simply an invitation to a date.

Except, Ji Yongchuan said it somewhat faintly and coldly. That forced out gentleness, had entirely disappeared.

He draped the cloak on her, “It’s to cover your living human presence, now that we’re in the ghost realm.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed a thread of surprise, it seemed that she didn’t know that she’d been taken to the ghost realm.

Ji Yongchuan instantly saw through her inner fear, he unintentionally let out a soft expression, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

This sentence held a trace of sincerity.

Bai Weiwei felt relieved at once, she reached out and held his hand.

“Let’s go, little Gege.”

The two looked at each other. One was cold and indifferent but not icy.

The other smiled with eyes brimming with love and trust.

The ghost realm was a bit empty in the seventh month.

Because most ghosts ran off to roam the human world.

Ji Yongchuan took her along a road covered in red flowers.

Bai Weiwei observed the flowers with some curiosity, “Are these the bi’an3 flowers?”

Ji Yongchuan nodded, “Yes, after the dead pass through the ghost gate, they’ll travel the Huangquan Road4, the Huangquan Road flowers are the most beautiful scenery in the ghost realm.”

According to the internet pick up cheat sheets.

Accompanying the girl to view flowers would certainly reap a harvest of good feelings.

Bai Weiwei marveled at the red carpet of flowers along this road, “So many flowers, who waters them, ah.”

Ji Yongchuan couldn’t help but smile, “They devour the joy and sorrow of maligned souls that pass through the Huangquan Road on their way to the Naihe5 bridge, once they drink Meng Po’s6 soup they can be reborn.”

The human world’s and ghost realm’s wheel of reincarnation revolved, this had been true for thousands of years.

Once Bai Weiwei heard this, she was a little afraid not daring to take a step, “They wouldn’t eat my joy and sorrow, right?”

Ji Yongchuan shook his head, then bent over to pluck a large number of flowers, “Gift for you.”

Gifted the bi’an flowers of the road in Huangquan road.

This must be the most peculiar flower that Bai Weiwei had ever received.

Ji Yongchuan saw her hesitating to take the bi’an flowers, and thought she was afraid so he stuffed them directly into her arms.

“There’s a cloak to protect you, no one can touch you unless you touch the water of the Wangchuan river7.”

1: 统砸 (Tongza), 统 is the back half of Xitong or system and 砸 means broken/smashed.

2: 呕, Vomiting sounds.

3: 彼岸花, bǐ’ànhuā, Other shore flowers.

4: 黄泉路, Huángquánlù, Yellow spring road. According to Chinese myth, the only way to travel from the real world to the underworld.

5: 奈何桥, Nàihé Qiáo, The bridge of regret/sorrow. It’s a bridge over the river of forgetfulness that the dead cross, but beyond that there’s too many conflicting accounts for me to generalize its significance, sorry maybe my editor can parse this one out?

6: 孟婆, Mèng Pó. A righteous woman that lived as a religious hermit. She was commanded by the jade emperor to become a deity of the underworld in order to put a stop to people who could remember their previous lives from taking advantage of those who couldn’t. She accomplishes this by giving every soul to be reincarnated a soup that removes their memories. The Pó is a title meaning matron(often translated to granny/grandma/grandmother in her case) not part of her name.

7: 忘川河, Wàng chuān hé, Forgetful river. You know what? I’ll let Ji Yongchuan tell you about it next update, next chapter has its own special way of describing this one.

Cheese: not the editor, but I’ll try. The Naihe Bridge is the boundary between death and the next life. The dead take this bridge to cross the Wangchuan River. Meng Po (Granny Meng) is also there on the bridge, offering each spirit a bowl of soup. Some records suggest that the Naihe Bridge is divided into three levels, and which bridge you cross, as well as how much suffering you encounter on your journey, depends on whether you were good, evil, or a bit of both; but ultimately, as with most traditional folklore and legends, the finer details of the Naihe Bridge depend greatly on which region the story comes from


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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen Granny Meng’s exact job description.

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  2. I just wanted to mention that the bǐ’ànhuā is an actual flower of the name Lycoris radiata or better known as the red spider lily or equinox. Really pretty flower with lots of symbolism, as mentioned in this chapter suspected to grow in the realm of the dead and are often used for funerals. In the language of flowers they stand for loss, longing, abandonment but also for lost memories and reincarnation. They are often used as a motif for seperated lovers, as the flower and leaves of this plant never meet. (I think that it also based on an actual Chinese myth of two forbidden lovers called manju and Saka, which were separated and also the origin of another name for that flower?)

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