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And take the little country bumpkin out to see the world along the way.

Less than a few days later, the results of the DNA test came out. Song Haiping personally drove out to the institution to pick up the report. When he read the results confirming Rong Ting’s blood relation to his daughter Song Yuan, Song Haiping sat in the emergency staircase, smoking a cigarette. In his younger days, he used to smoke and drink very heavily while he entertained his clients. These past two years, under his daughter’s persuasion, he had already begun to pay attention to his health.

Although he had already mentally prepared himself for the possibility of Rong Ting being his grandson, when the results came out, Song Haiping was still flustered.

What should he do about this child ne? And what about his daughter’s future?

Most single mothers had it hard. Why did such a thing happen to his daughter?

At this moment, a thought arose in Song Haiping’s mind: if Rong Ting was a child of the Song family, he must definitely acknowledge him. But Rong Ting couldn’t be acknowledged as his daughter’s.

He had decided since long ago that he would never remarry in this life. Everything under his name would be left to his only daughter. He was nearly half a century old, so he didn’t care about his reputation. He would recognize Rong Ting as his own, allowing Rong Ting and his daughter to become brother and sister in name. This way, people would not gossip about his daughter, and his daughter would not be affected if she were to get married and have children in the future.

All dads were selfish. Song Haiping’s favorite would always be his daughter; if he couldn’t control others, then he wanted his daughter to have a happy future.

Once he came up with this thought, Song Haiping hurriedly put out his cigarette. He took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Song Yuan.

Song Yuan was at work. Seeing that the caller ID was ‘Dad’, she picked up the phone and left the office, only picking up the phone when nobody was around. “Dad, I’m at work ne.”

“Yuanyuan, Dad was thinking. Rong Ting’s registered household1 is a problem. Without it, he can’t go to school,” Song Haiping said in a relaxed manner. “You’re only twenty-two. You still have a long life ahead of you ne…”

Before Song Haiping finished speaking, the smile on Song Yuan’s face faded, and she interrupted him. “Dad, I’m not sending Gugu away.”

“Look at what you’re saying. That’s a child of our Song family. How could Dad send him away? Dad wants to feed him well so he can study and become a great talent.”

“Dad, I’m your daughter. I know what you want to say.” The phrase ‘no one understands the father better than the daughter2’ could not be more fitting for the Song father and daughter. “You want to establish Rong Ting as my little brother, right? Dad, it’s not necessary, really. You don’t know how sensitive Gugu is. If I do this, it’s equivalent to me disowning him, and he’ll remember it for his entire life.”

“He’s still a child. What does he know?”

But Song Yuan was unexpectedly insistent. “My point is, no. Dad, I’ve grown up. Gugu is my child, so he’s my responsibility. There’s no point in running away from it. We’ll talk about it later. I don’t know what happened, but what Gugu said is right. I’ve already abandoned him once; if I don’t acknowledge him this time,” she paused, her throat somewhat dry, “it’ll be too unfair for him. He’s still a child ne.”

Although they’d only lived together for a short period of time, she still felt that when she had transmigrated to ancient times, she must have decided to have Gugu after careful deliberation. As a parent who brought him into the world without his consent, how could she not take good care of him and assume responsibility for him?

She didn’t know the reason why she abandoned her son, but since Gugu had worked hard to appear in her life, she shouldn’t push him away or hurt him. He was still a child, after all.

When Song Haiping heard his daughter say these, he couldn’t help but fall silent.

Yuanyuan’s temper seemed soft, but in reality, she was more stubborn than anyone else.

“Let’s not talk about this right now. Wait until your mom comes back from H City and she hears about this. The three of us will discuss it properly then.” Now it was Song Haiping who dodged the question.

Although Song Haiping felt that Rong Ting was a troublesome burden for his daughter, his body was more honest than his conscious.

During this period of time when he had nothing to do, he conscientiously helped Song Yuan raise the child.

Right now, Rong Ting had neither an identity nor a registered household; it would be very difficult for him to go to kindergarten. Of course, considering his personality, it would probably be hard for him to mesh well with the kindergarten children.

With Song Haiping there, Song Yuan was relieved. At the very least, she didn’t need to worry about Rong Ting being in danger or extremely bored at home while she was at work.

The relationship between Song Haiping and Rong Ting was very delicate; the two quarreled nearly every day. Song Yuan often teased them, saying that they were “two children arguing over the sun3.”

If Rong Ting had previously had such a person in his life, he definitely would have hated it. But in the end, he still followed Song Haiping every day to either the supermarket or Song Haiping’s company. He didn’t seem unwilling, either.

Now, Rong Ting would no longer solemnly call Song Haiping ‘Grandfather’.

Song Haiping didn’t let Rong Ting call him this while they were outside. He still had selfish motives; he didn’t want others who know that his little girl had gotten pregnant before marriage and that the child was so big.

Rong Ting didn’t mind it too much. He just asked with a displeased expression: “What address should gu use?”

Song Haiping thought, then said: “Your mother used to call me Old Song for a little bit. You can also call me this.”

Rong Ting was dumbfounded. “Mother Mother was actually so…” disrespectful4?

Song Haiping laughed. “Look at your surprised face. I don’t mind. It means that Yuanyuan is very close to me!”

Gu refuses.”

Rong Ting did not agree. Calling his Grandfather ‘Old Song’–if the civil and military officials were to find out, he’d be scolded to death!

“Either way, you can’t call me ‘Grandfather’ or ‘Grandpa’ while we’re outside5.”

Rong Ting rolled his eyes in his heart. Do you think gu cares 6 ne?

“Since Grandfather is so earnest and insistent, gu can only obey your wishes.” Rong Ting cleared his throat. “Old Song, gu is hungry.”

Song Haiping: “…Fine, I must have owed you and your mom in my previous life.”

Because Song Haiping brought Rong Ting around everywhere, rumors were floating around without their knowledge. The staff privately discussed amongst themselves: that child wearing a period costume must be President Song’s son! Some of Song Haiping’s relatives were working in his company. When they first heard the rumor, their first reaction was to call Song Yuan.

Among them was Song Yuan’s cousin7, who spoke as though he were facing a great enemy: “Yuanyuan, your dad sure can float8 ne, bringing his son around everywhere. Something’s wrong; when did Uncle get remarried and have a child? We don’t know how, but Yuanyuan, you need to keep an eye out. This company and supermarket can’t fall in other people’s hands. Hurry and come to the company ba!! That kid’s mom will definitely push him into snatching your property!!!”

It had to be said that the people of the Song family truly had big holes in their brain, and they loved to fill them with imaginary scenarios9.

Song Yuan had a good relationship with her older cousins10. The Song family’s grandfather and grandmother treated everyone fairly; everyone got along harmoniously, and nobody tried to make mischief.

It wasn’t easy for Song Yuan to directly tell her cousin that Rong Ting was her son. Before her mom returned and found out about the current situation, it was best that others didn’t know…

Ge, I’ve seen that child. He’s not my dad’s–my dad is taking him out to play.”

Her cousin was skeptical. “Don’t worry, Yuanyuan. The company has me to keep watch ne. I bet that kid’s still in kindergarten. You can rest assured–I’ll go ask around to see who that kid’s mom is!”

Song Yuan: “…”

Alright ba, this could be considered as temporarily giving her dad some reprieve.

Song Haiping brought Rong Ting to his office during work. He was on a video call with his friend in B city. He bought quite a few books for Rong Ting, as well as an iPad. Rong Ting was extremely bright. He didn’t know how to use it at first, but after Song Haiping demonstrated a few times, he could do everything. But Song Haiping still remembered his daughter’s words, and he said to Rong Ting with a solemn expression: “Yuanyuan said you can only watch for twenty minutes at a time.”

“Old Song, who are you talking to ne?” the friend on the other end of the video call asked.

Song Haiping withdrew his gaze. “A relative’s child. Let’s keep talking; what’s the situation with the Xie family?”

Song Haiping was preparing to expand the company and supermarket into B City, but the waters of B City were deep. Several years ago, he had offended someone from a side branch of the Xie family. He was afraid that someone would cause trouble for him, so during this time, he was particularly concerned about the Xie family’s internal affairs.

“The Xie family’s crown prince was found,” the friend said.

Song Haiping looked somewhat annoyed. “Didn’t they say he was definitely dead?”

The one standing behind the person of the side branch who he had offended was that Xie family crown prince. If the Crown Prince had kicked the bucket, the branch family definitely wouldn’t dare to stir up trouble again.

“He’s blessed with great fortune. But I heard that he was gravely injured when he was found. He was resuscitated several times in the hospital; now, he’s no longer considered in critical danger.” The friend lowered his voice further. “I also just asked some people from the hospital. He woke up, but I heard that he won’t speak.”

Song Haiping was astonished. “He’s mute la?”

“I don’t know if his vocal cords are damaged or irritated. In any case, now he won’t speak or respond to people. The Xie family is going insane with worry.”

Song Haiping clicked his tongue. “Me listening to you speak is like walking around blind. Forget it, I’ll head to B City in two days.”

And take the little country bumpkin out to see the world along the way.

“Alright ah. I’ll give you a warm welcome when you do.”

Meanwhile, the VIP ward in a hospital in B City was very quiet–only the sound of medical equipment could be heard. Xie Yanjun pushed open the door and saw his eldest son sitting up on the hospital bed.

His mood was extremely complicated. It was said that his youngest son had laid out a trap for his eldest son, leading to his son’s disappearance, with his whereabouts unknown. The family spent several months, as well as countless resources and manpower, to fortuitously find the eldest son, but he had been heavily injured, particularly his head. When they found him, the son was being sent to the local hospital, and the doctors were resuscitating…

This time, he took advantage of the time his wife and parents were away to come over to intercede for his youngest son.

“A’Heng11, Xie Xuan isn’t that bold. He loves you, his dage12, very much; it’s impossible for him to do something to hurt you. This time, your grandparents13 and your mom wants to punish Xie Xuan. I don’t have any opinion, but they shouldn’t be too excessive; for better or worse, Xie Xuan is your younger brother.”

He naturally wanted to save his youngest son. Although he was born from a mistress outside and could never enter the Xie family tree, he was still his son.

He was somewhat confident. His eldest son had been very filial in the past, and he had always obeyed his words.

Xie Yanjun looked at his eldest son, Xie Heng.

Only to see that his son had already raised his head. It was only a glance, but Xie Yanjun didn’t know why he felt a chill run down his back.

The look in his eyes was clearly flat and dull, but this gaze gave him the feeling of “the son knows what laozi14 thinks, but laozi can’t see through the son anymore.”

It was only after he left the ward that Xie Yanjun felt that something was wrong. His eldest son had changed.

[1] 户口: registered permanent residence

[2] 知父莫若女: I think that this is a play on the phrase 知子莫若父,知女莫如母, which means “nobody understands the son better than the father, and nobody understands the daughter better than the mother”

[3] 两小儿辩日: a story about Confucius coming across two young boys who are arguing about whether the sun is closer in the beginning or the middle of the day. One argues that the sun is closer in the morning because it gets smaller as it becomes noon. The other argues that the sun is closer in the afternoon because it is cool in the morning and hot in the middle of the day

[4] 目无尊长: lit. one’s eyes do not have (see) one’s superiors/elders; fig. to show no respect to/have no regard for one’s elders/superiors

[5] The two words here are 外祖父 (waizufu) and 姥爷 (laoye). Both are titles used to refer to one’s maternal grandfather, but (I’m assuming) one is more modern (and?)/or casual

[6] 稀罕: the dictionary definition is usually to cherish/to value, but apparently, it’s often used negatively to express disdain (as it is here)

[7] 堂哥: older male cousin (with the same last name, which usually means a paternal cousin)

[8] 飘: to float, to flutter, or to wave to and fro; to say that someone is starting to float/is floating means that they’re bragging, or they’re being arrogant/proud. Apparently it comes from a song called 《做人不要太飘》

[9] The slang used here is 脑补, which literally means something like “filling the brain”. This is based on the other saying used here, 脑洞, which means “a hole in one’s brain”. So to “fill [the hole in your] brain” means to stuff it (with very imaginative things)

[10] 堂哥堂姐: paternal older male cousin and paternal older female cousin. Might imply that Song Yuan is the youngest of her paternal cousins?

[11] 阿 is often put in front of a character in a person’s name as a nickname and indication of closeness

[12] 大哥: big brother or eldest brother

[13] More specifically, the paternal grandfather and the maternal grandfather

[14] 老子: father, or an arrogant way of referring to oneself. Honestly, both could work here

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