MGCH Chapter 547

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (40)

After writing on the Sansheng stone, watching a few ghosts jump from the bridge, and picking a large bouquet of Bi’an flowers.

The ghost realm day tour date was pretty much over.

Ji Yongchuan was leading Bai Weiwei back, they’d just gotten on the Naihe Bridge when an eerie wind blew through.

The ghost hands under the bridge suddenly stiffened, and slowly sank into the Wangchuan river.

The ghosts on the bridge also halted like shadowy lifeless statues.

In the dark, foggy sky above their heads.

An incomparably discomforting red appeared.

A bleak voice floated from somewhere unknown, “The ghost king’s trial. All ghosts pave the way, life and death, can only pass through this.”

The words had just fallen.

When the ghosts lifted their black eye sockets and rotted faces, revealing a hideous appearance.

There was the terrifying odor of corpses all around.

Beneath the Naihe Bridge, those ghost hands surfaced again.

They fought for their lives to swim forward, the ghosts that were normally incapable of leaving the river all climbed out.

Twisted limbs, rotting skulls, crawled up over each other in a frenzy.

The Naihe Bridge was surrounded on all sides by ghosts.

Bai Weiwei looked up and nearly fainted.

Thousands of ghosts, all gathered around.

She su su shivered, “Tongza, help, so many ghosts.”

Tongza sank into silence.

Bai Weiwei: “Tongza?”

At last, Tongza said with a peerlessly spooky accent: “Come, let me play you a nice song to adjust the atmosphere.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

Suddenly a horrifying, ghastly scream rang out from her mind, followed by the background music commonly used in ghost films.

Bai Weiwei: “……”

Old Tong and I mutually hurt each other through the boundary line——

Ji Yongchuan frowned. He sensed Bai Weiwei’s fear, and reached out to pull the hood of her cloak over her.

“Don’t be afraid, this is my test.”

The succession of the ghost king had a test, even Ji Yongchuan didn’t know what that test was.

His succession had failed, so he thought there was no test.

As a result, he heard the test’s content. He needed to kill ghosts, step over the remains of hundreds of ghosts and leave the Naihe Bridge.

A ghost king that failed their succession lost most of their power.

Although he ate some treasures that could gather yin, it was impossible to recover to the pinnacle of his strength.

He stared at the ghosts who kept climbing on the Naihe Bridge, his expression grave. No gentleness could be seen, his icy features were cold as if they were carved out by a blade.

This familiar feeling.

Within the chaos, thousands of ghosts fought each other to achieve his birth.

He was too familiar with killing ghosts.

Ji Yongchuan exposed a smirk chilling enough to scare others.

He was just about to step forward, when from behind, she suddenly grasped his sleeve.

“Little Gege.”

She shakily shouted.

Ji Yongchuan’s aggressive expression went rigid. He didn’t look back.

“Weiwei, I’ll pick you up later.”

She was wearing a cloak, these ghosts wouldn’t treat her as a living person.

After saying that, Ji Yongchuan went to face some ghosts. Once he confronted them, with a wave of his hand a few ghosts immediately shattered.

At the peak of his power, he could slaughter hundreds of ghosts with a wave.

Now he could only kill a few.

Nevertheless, Ji Yongchuan didn’t have a hint of fear, he reached over and tore the corner of his robe, then tied his long black hair with the cloth.

He extended his hand and a long sword appeared.

In the wind, his profile was cold as he stood on the Naihe Bridge. Every ghost on the bridge.

He killed one by one.

The ghosts’ carcasses were broken, there was no blood, only white bones.

Bones piled up on the road, hundreds of thousands of ghosts, fought for dear life. Wriggling their bodies to crawl over, biting with teeth, tearing with claws.


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