MGCH Chapter 548

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (41)

Ji Yongchuan sneered at them.

Compared to where he was born, the little ghosts here were too weak.

Even with his failed succession, this test was simple.

Every swing of Ji Yongchuan’s sword slaughtered more than a dozen little ghosts, and his sword’s strength was enhanced for each ghost killed.

He relentlessly stepped on the bones that fell before his feet, breaking them all.

The ghosts in the river continued to replace the fallen to climb the bridge.

Ji Yongchuan was just about to finish slaying those ghosts, and get off the bridge, when suddenly a shriek came from behind.

It was Bai Weiwei’s voice.

He immediately turned back in shock, and saw her red cloak was dyed black. It was blackened by the water of the Wangchuan river.

A contaminated cloak would lose its effect.

The ghosts on the bridge salivated from smelling the scent of the living.

The flesh of a living human, the best nourishment for ghosts.

Bai Weiwei’s legs softened until she huddled on the bridge. Her complexion was pale as she held her knees with trembling hands, “Don’t eat me, I’m not tasty. You don’t come over.”

She was obviously really scared.

Once Ji Yongchuan lost his focus more than a dozen ghosts caught and held his feet, they wanted to drag him into the Wangchuan river to devour him.

He brandished his sword to kill the ghosts, but it was too late to stop the many ghost’s charge.

Those ghosts slipped through the gaps one after the other, frenziedly pulling at his feet.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, several ghosts with hideous faces had surrounded Bai Weiwei. They stretched out their claws to eat her.

Ji Yongchuan disregarded his test. His mind went blank, with only one violently surging emotion breaking through.

This crazed feeling, let him risk his life to rush to the bridge.

One of the densely packed ghosts who pulled his legs connected. It dragged him with all its strength, keeping him from the bridge.

In spite of this, Ji Yongchuan’s eyes only had Bai Weiwei.

How frightened she was, she couldn’t do anything. She had no ability to drive away ghosts.

The ghosts would drag her into the river and completely devour her.

For the first time, Ji Yongchuan tasted what true fear was. He fought for his life to wave his sword, exhausting his strength to get close to Bai Weiwei.

Except, there were too many ghosts, the bones on the ground were laden with residual soul resentment.

His sword’s tip suddenly broke. After his mind fell apart, the sword lost its strength.

The powerless sword was swallowed by the ghosts in an instant.

Once Ji Yongchuan lost his sword, the ghost desperately bit his legs, his waist, his arms.

There was a pile of ghosts hanging on him, but his expression was strangely resolute, only his eyes were anxious and fearful.

Ji Yongchuan felt foolish, failing his own test, not to mention the succession of the ghost king.

Even against these little incompetent ghosts.

Once the test was passed his might would greatly increase, even if Bai Weiwei died in the end, and there was no offering to sacrifice.

By virtue of the strength from this victory, he could still prevent his soul scattering.

Then find the next offering and wait until the next chance to succeed.

Bai Weiwei wasn’t his only choice, he shouldn’t go to save her.

The idea flashed through, but Bai Weiwei’s crying voice came. The sound was like a sword through the heart, so that he finally couldn’t endure it.

“Anyone who dares to touch her, I will put you through every torture, suffering eternally, unable to live or die!”

His words carried great force that crushed several ghosts.

Ji Yongchuan ignored his injuries and accelerated his pace, dashing to Bai Weiwei in the blink of an eye.

The pitiable ball she had curled into, was shrouded in his tall figure.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m protecting you.”

Ji Yongchuan’s lifeless face softened.

He extended his arms to the bridge rail on either side of her.

With his back to the approaching ghosts, every word said softly: “I won’t let them eat you.”


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    1. Could also be that her fear of ghosts is that strong. Or that her fear fits perfectly in the role of the fragile stupid girl. Or the author didn’t give a flying flamingo and it’s just a plothole.
      Or maybe it’s Maybelline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. It’s meta fear. Bai Weiwei isn’t affected by the ghosts here themselves she’s affected by the real world trauma the ghosts remind her of, as her memories of the real world aren’t part of the plane she can still be afflicted that way. Much like how Bai Weiwei can get annoyed with the system for snacking, not part of the plane, not part of the shield.

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