MGCH Chapter 549

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (42)

Bai Weiwei just dared to look up, unable to endure her fear. With tearful eyes she said, “Little Gege.”

Ji Yongchuan showed a faint smile, they were lucky. He got there in time, she didn’t have a trace of injury.

Those foreign, disquieting feelings stirring in his body.

He finally realized what they were.

“Weiwei, would you like to be my wife?”

When these words came out, it was no longer a lie.

It came from the heart, full of sincerity.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability degree is at 65.】

Bai Weiwei stared at him silly, suddenly her pale face gained a few threads of redness.

She was afraid and anxiously said: “What timing is this, still saying this, we should run.”

It was unknown how many ghosts had stacked up behind Ji Yongchuan’s back.

In this terrifying scene, Bai Weiwei thought she would have a heart attack.

Ji Yongchuan: The internet is filled with liars. It said that when the situation was particularly dangerous when he asked to marry her, she would be particularly moved to promise.

He sighed, “We may die together.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly reached out to firmly grasp his face, “If you die, you die, but you can’t be killed by these ghosts here.”

She couldn’t stand being crushed to death by a bunch of ghosts.

Too horrifying.

Ji Yongchuan finally smiled, “Good, I’ll listen to Niangzi.”

This Niangzi was brimming with tenderness.

Then he bowed his head and forcefully bit Bai Weiwei’s shoulder. His sharp teeth immediately pierced through her skin, and the blood of the living entered his mouth.

Bai Weiwei with a fearful face: Ji Yongchuan wants to eat her?

He didn’t drink much, some blood of the living, let the dried up power of his body be rejuvenated.

He reached out to form a new sword. He held it in one hand, and issued a sword flash.

The ghosts around him screamed miserably as they dissolved into black ghost qi, and their bones scattered away.

Ji Yongchuan neatly turned around, keeping Bai Weiwei behind him.

He was full of offensive qi, he was a cumulative ghost born from the land chaos, ghosts were what he was least afraid of.

At the thought of the person he most wanted to protect being behind him.

His body exploded with spectacular might.

After an unknown length of time, most of the ghosts were felled by his sword.

There were less ghosts surfacing from the river, and the ground was covered with white bones.

Ji Yongchuan gritted his teeth, and kicked the bones at his feet. This group of little ghosts really thought they could devour him?

He saw less ghosts came from beneath the Naihe Bridge, then suddenly turned around, and picked her up with one hand.

She was small and light.

Ji Yongchuan let her lean against his shoulder. Then he firmly walked under the bridge, sword in hand. When he saw a ghost, he chopped a ghost.

Killing his way to the back.

No ghost dared to come forward.

Then Ji Yongchuan, holding Bai Weiwei, embarked on the road of white bones.

His red robe was torn, his body was covered in bruises, his brows were tired, and his black ghost qi had been coming out of his exhausted body.

Only his eyes, ruthless and resolved, with no fluctuations.

His movements as he carried her were also very gentle.

Bai Weiwei felt like…… a piece of meat hanging off Ji Yongchuan’s shoulder, wobbling and dangling.

If he can’t endure, he’ll bite her again.

Sure enough, a ghost wasn’t anything good, just proposed, and now he was nibbling on her.

It wasn’t easy to survive the Naihe Bridge. Once they passed through the Huangquan Road again, they were finally out of danger.

Ji Yongchuan used the nectar from the Bi’an flowers to heal Bai Weiwei’s wound.

Then he carried her on his back and walked home.

Along the way he was very quiet. This was the real him, he was born alone, never seeing anyone.

How could his temperament be lively.

The more silent and calm, the more true to his nature.


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  1. Thanks to Voopu, who a few chapters back clarified that Bi’an Flowers were actually red spider lilies. Between the name literally translating to far shore flowers and the magic healy nectar, I kinda wrote them off as a fantasy herb without putting in any extra research, oops.

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