MGCH Chapter 552

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (45)

She twisted around and heavily jabbed his wound until he groaned.

“Little Gege, you have suffered such a serious injury. It’s time to heal, not to think about bad things.”

Ji Yongchuan’s voice was hoarse, “I’m not hurt.”

His hand found its way to her chin, and slightly lifted it to let her look into his eyes.

Red and black mixed eyes, strange and inexplicable, yet soft as water.

“If you want to leave me later, there may be no chance.”

Once a ghost had an obsession, if it wasn’t achieved it might become a true phantom.

If she didn’t really want him, he would probably lose his mind.

He would turn into a terrifying phantom, and gravely entangling her refusing to let go.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were clear, she gently, dependently clung to his cold body.

“I’m going to wait to die then go with you to the Sansheng Stone again, to write my name.”

Her voice and expression were tender, “I would like to be with you for three lives, life after life, world after world.”

Ji Yongchuan was a bit stuck. His rigid exterior was completely messed up, eyes a little wet, an indescribable emotion surged in his body.

He knew that he was no longer a lonely ghost.

Because she wanted him.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 75.】

Ji Yongchuan bowed his head once more, and gave her a tender kiss filled with deep sentiments. He couldn’t help it.

He wants to be with her.

The couples’ breaths were in disarray, most of their clothes were gone, and the steam was hazy.

His black hair was disheveled, he slightly raised his cold face to whisper: “Weiwei……”

The voice was laden with love and sex appeal.

Just as he lowered his head to kiss her delicate neck again, intending to go lower.

The water in the bath suddenly quaked.

There was some force shaking the foundations of the house.

Ji Yongchuan raised his head, his eyes flashing a hint of cruelty. He reached over to grab a cloth on the edge of the bath, directly wrapping Bai Weiwei’s body.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were misty, covered in water, unaware of what was happening.

The next moment, there was an explosion above the bath.

A large hole was broken in the roof.

Ji Yongchuan took Bai Weiwei and instantly sped away from the bath. He stood on the ground, holding her.

An enormous white paper crane flew down from the roof.

There was a man on the paper crane, Taoist clothes, short hair, the left eye wrapped in a white ribbon, carrying a peach wood sword, holding a bagua mirror in his hand.

The bagua mirror reflected ghost qi away, there was no way to hurt the man on the paper crane at all.

Ji Yongchuan glared at him furiously, “Bai Wen, how dare you chase us to the ghost realm.”

Bai Wen looked up, the robes were fluttering as he said indifferently: “Why wouldn’t I dare, you took my Bai family’s person, even if it was hell I would chase until the 18th layer.”

The paper crane fell in the bath and turned into white paper.

Bai Wen stepped on white paper, approaching Ji Yongchuan.

“Weiwei, isn’t this enough fuss? Ji Yongchuan is the ghost king, when the ghost door closes at the end of the month, he’ll kill you. Haven’t you known these things for a long time?”

Bai Weiwei knew the key moment to brush up favorability had arrived.

At this time, if she held Ji Yongchuan’s thighs to death without letting go, and declared; for love, even if I die, I’ll be fulfilled.

A hundred favorability was beckoning her.

The smile in the corner of Bai Weiwei’s mouth hadn’t formed yet, when the familiar system notification sounded.

【Ding, side quest activated. Please make three statements to your Ji Yongchuan, in first-class Mandarin, with every word heard clearly.】

Bai Weiwei externally had a question mark on her face.

She spoke mandarin seriously without an accent, first class or whatever, she could. After all, she was also a tested and certified person.


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