MGCH Chapter 553

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (46)

This time the side quest was only three statements, so simple……

【The first statement: Uncle, help ah, I’m so scared. This ghost caught me, and I just pretended to go along with him in order to live.】

Just…… A slut.

【The second statement (properly ensure your eyes are on the task target): You really think I love you? You’re nothing but an ugly, lowly, crazy ghost. How could I, as a Bai family member, set my sights on you, do you dream of the red chamber1?】

What ghost, do you dream of the red chamber?

No, once she said this, don’t mention favorability, she’d be strangled to death in minutes!

【The third statement (properly ensure your eyes are on the task target, and wear a callous, loveless, contemptuous, disdainful expression): Go die, roll out of my life forever.】

【Select whether or not to accept the side quest. 1 yes, 2 definitely yes, 3 there is no 3. The host has no choice and is considered to have accepted. If failed, ten thousand arrows will be shot through the host’s heart, five horses will divide the corpse, and the ashes will be dampened. Please, host, have fun, we will always be your solid backing and intimate partner.】

Solid backing dedicated to pitting her.

Intimate partner with a knife.

Flips table. Go die! Go get paralyzed, Tongtong.

Bai Weiwei knocked on the system: “Let’s chitchat about Dream of the Red Chamber, pui, wrong, chitchat about your death.”

The system raised a handful of paper money, “The system is dead, have anything to burn paper.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was hideous beyond recognition, “Say it, what grudge do you have against me? As soon as this was said, the favorability would fall to negatives in minutes.”

The system was perfunctory, “Add oil, even if you break it to negative fifty favorability, I believe you can make a comeback.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

The system silently lit a few incenses.

Bai Weiwei: “What are you doing?”

The system was intimate: “I got you an incense stove first, if you die I can pay respects to you.”

Bai Weiwei saw the heavens revolve and earth turn2, this was what it called believing in her? Believed she would be divided by five horses?

The system and I’s hatred is deep as the sea at the boundary line——

Ji Yongchuan put her behind him, refusing to let Bai Wen see her. “Weiwei voluntarily stayed with me. If it weren’t for you being her uncle, I would’ve already started.”

When he said these words, his cold expression took on a few strands of pride, the joy in his eyes hadn’t disappeared.

The thought of them being bound by love for three lifetimes filled his heart entirely with warm feelings.

Bai Wen sighed, “It seems that my niece is bewildered by you, can only wipe you out completely to save her.”

Ji Yongchuan reached out to summon his long sword, “If you want to tear us apart, I can only kill you.”

This dialogue was the same as a feudal parent’s argument with a second year middle school boy3.

Then, Bai Wen raised his hand and flying yellow talismans filled the sky.

Ji Yongchuan fully utilized his evil qi to break all the talismans.

Bai Wen used his peach wood sword to make a boundary, the restriction would gather pure yang qi that could break ghosts in front of him.

Ji Yongchuan didn’t let up, although he was wounded, tired, and lost most of his power.

When he thought of Bai Weiwei’s love for him.

For love, his strength greatly increased, he fiercely exchanged blows with Bai Wen.

But, Bai Wen’s methods were too clever, several Shishen4 unexpectedly fell from the sky, dragging Bai Weiwei away.

Ji Yongchuan’s expression changed. When he reached out to catch her, Bai Wen hit him with a palm strike.

He was knocked back at once, but when he stretched out he grabbed the cloth covering Bai Weiwei, and pulled her back.

He wouldn’t let her be taken away.

They wanted to be together forever.

Bai Weiwei fell to the ground, her butt nearly broke in half. She grinded her teeth for a moment as she listened to the system’s time countdown, 【Mission countdown 1 minute 47 seconds, 46 seconds……】

1: 做你的红楼梦是, Dream of the Red Chamber is one of the four Chinese classics, but I’ve never read it, so I don’t know the significance of it being referenced here…

2: 天旋地转, hey, I translated this back in Arc 7. Means anything can happen. Bai Weiwei isn’t literally dizzy this time.

3: Ahahaha, she called him a chuuni. The second year of middle school is roughly when kids are expected to get all weird and desperate for attention. Larping like they have supernatural powers or joining subcultures that seem lame in retrospect.

4: 式神, little paper doll familiars. You may be more familiar with the japanese term for this, shikigami.

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: Haah, this was exhausting. Most chapters take less than an hour, this one took three! But, every time Ji Yongchuan thought of how much he wuvs her 5eva and I thought of her side quest mandated betrayal… Haaaah, poor baby.

Hali: Lits a candle for Bai Weiwei.


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