MGCH Chapter 556

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (49)

The black ghost qi frantically invaded.

The red of Ji Yongchuan’s eyes was completely engulfed by the black ghost qi. His face was deathly green gray, and his eyes were terrifyingly cold.

It was exactly the same as the birth of an evil spirit.

Bai Weiwei shuddered, she would like to rush over, roaring out “I was wrong, Ge. Listen to me explain, I’m sincere to you.”

But, her instinctive fear of ghosts was too powerful, so she reflexively hugged Bai Wen.

A handsome man turned ghost, was still a ghost.

Ji Yongchuan’s expression became even more ferocious.

Bai Wen’s eyes flashed a strand of severity, he glanced up, the ghost realms qi was all madly surging over.

Ji Yongchuan was like the central point drawing in the ghost qi, the house made a crumbling sound.

Everything around it began to break apart and disappear, incomparably uncanny.

Bai Wen immediately pulled the peach wood sword out of Ji Yongchuan’s body, picked up Bai Weiwei, and jumped onto the white crane Shishen.

“We have to hurry, ten thousand ghosts are going to gather here.”

Ji Yongchuan acted as bait, attracting all the ghost qi as if to bet everything on one throw.

He wanted to turn this place into a land of chaos, where every ghost competed with each other.

He would fall back into a murderous state, like raising a ghost, until eventually a ghost king successor came out.

And in a land of chaos, living people couldn’t exist.

This was Ji Yongchuan forcing the Bai family to withdraw from the ghost realm, he intended to survive.

Even if he had to reenter the land of chaos, to kill ghosts, he still wanted to live.

Bai Weiwei opened her mouth, just about to refuse. When she looked back, beneath her feet she saw densely packed ghosts from who knows where.

Rotting bodies stacked one on top of the other, extremely twisted and gushing over.

Bai Weiwei silently swallowed her words, death gripping Bai Wen, it wasn’t that she didn’t want favorability.

Just she was really…… scared.

Like if a person afraid of snakes noticed a nest of snakes creeping and slithering at their feet, no matter how good their acting is, one can’t make oneself unafraid.

Moreover, Ji Yongchuan laid broken and tattered in the middle, his dead eyes staring chillingly at Bai Weiwei.

She gradually drifted away from his figure.

A lone ghost climbed over to cover him, hoping to eat him.

He slowly extended his hand, his fingernails suddenly grew long, viciously impaling the ghost.

He began to devour ghosts, to heal and reshape his body.

He wouldn’t let her go.

Wouldn’t ever let her go.

No matter where she fled, it was useless, he was going to drag her into hell.

He was going to snare her, without rest or death.

Bai Wen took Bai Weiwei to the Taoist temple, the temple was near a famous attraction, with many people coming and going.

There was strong yang qi there.

There was no worry of ghostly erosion at all.

Bai Wen put the peach wood sword into the incense oven, letting the living qi wash away the ghost qi.

Then he said to Bai Weiwei, “When I entered the ghost realm this time, my body was very corroded, I need to go into closed cultivation for a while.”

Bai Weiwei waved a small handkerchief, “Uncle, walk slowly, goodbye.”

Once Bai Wen left, Bai Weiwei fell straight to the ground, she covered her face and weakly said: “I especially want to die, don’t stop me, wu wu.”

The system offered a handful of noodles, “Give you to hang yourself.”

Bai Weiwei: “…… Roll.”

The blow left her languishing…… for ten minutes.

Then Bai Weiwei rejuvenated her spirit, “No, I must think of a plan. Those three statements from me had the same power as a nuke, since Ji Yongchuan was bombed, it can be assumed that raising the favorability later will be impossible.”

As she spoke, she struggled to search through the memory of the original owner.

Suddenly she looked up at the peach wood sword in the incense oven.

“Tongza, the yellow talisman on the peach wood sword seems to control people.”


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