MGCH Chapter 557

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (50)

System: “Yes, but once this talisman is attached to the person, it will leave a mark that won’t fade for a long time.”

As soon as Bai Weiwei heard, she rushed over and pulled down the peach wood sword.

Then she unwrapped the talisman, hesitated, and placed it on her back.

The talisman glowed faintly, but soon faded.

The Bai Weiwei took the talisman off, and burned it.

Then reinserted the peach wood sword back into the incense oven.

The system wondered: “What are you doing?”

Bai Weiwei had a tired face, “What else can I do? Put the talisman mark on myself, then when I’m about to be bit to death, say Bai Wen drove me to say those words.”

System: “Will this work?”

Bai Weiwei: “If not, I’ll drag you to die together.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei had a shaded smile, “Don’t think I’ll let you go, we’ll be together forever.”

The system shivered, it was almost scared into shutting down.

Maybe because she scared the system.

In the next few days, every day the system gave Bai Weiwei live reports on the process of Ji Yongchuan’s rebirth.

“He’s covered with corpses, his limbs are twisted into the ground. He’s constantly biting the ghosts, swallowing their energy. He’s constantly yelling ‘Weiwei, I won’t let you go’.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

“His limbs have started to rot. Ghost qi has eroded his sanity. His blood colored irises of his eyes were dug out, the remaining white corneas are leaking blood and pus. He’s shouting ‘Weiwei, I want to pull you into hell’.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

“He’s eating a lot of little ghosts. He began to reshape his body. When he eats, you can hear the kacha kacha of breaking bones, and him yelling ‘Weiwei, don’t try to run’.”

“His body’s been shaped, sitting naked on a pile of skulls like a seasoned pervert, with a ghostly he he laugh, ‘our names are connected on the Sansheng stone, every life, every world, you can’t escape me’.”


Bai Weiwei silently put in earplugs, too horrifying, she won’t listen.

However, hearing that, she couldn’t help but feel some heartache.

Ji Yongchuan seemed to have been made miserable by her.

Furthermore, the favorability was incredibly strange, it was slowly picking up.

【Ding, favorability 41……】


Almost a week passed, and the favorability rose to fifty.

Bai Weiwei stuck talismans to the doors with trembling fingers, “Tongza, why do I think this increase in favorability is like a final meal?”

System: “An increase is better than nothing.”

Bai Weiwei’s complexion was as ashen as the dead, “Has Ji Yongchuan climbed out of the land of chaos?”

The system cheerfully: “Yep.”

Bai Weiwei clutching a talisman, “I wouldn’t have to attack a corpse spotted, green gray faced, twisted limbed, reptilian ghost?”

The system’s meaning was unclear: “He he.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

The system always goes with me to a neither mutually loving or mutually killing boundary line——

Around the tenth day or so.

Bai Weiwei finally received the notice, “Ji Yongchuan climbed out of the land of chaos. He’s finally completely formed, probably come to you from the ghost realm tomorrow.”

Bai Weiwei sat in the Taoist temple filled with talismans, watching people come and go to light the incense.

So secure, she wanted to stay here forever.

After sitting for an unknown length of time, Bai Weiwei finally made up her mind, reached up to slap her face.

“Slagstem, let’s go.”

System: “Where to?”

The Taoist temple was the safest place, otherwise Bai Wen wouldn’t have been rest assured to leave a Bai Weiwei alone, and go into closed cultivation.

Bai Weiwei: “Back to the original home.”

She and Ji Yongchuan used to live in the Bai family’s house.



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  1. Damn, BWW just won’t stop scheming, eh? Not that I blame her… her plan is damned clever and she’s got a yandere GHOST on her tail. Do your best to survive, dear girl!

  2. “Bai Weiwei had a shaded smile, “Don’t think I’ll let you go, we’ll be together forever.””
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