MGCH Chapter 558

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (51)

If she wanted to talk about attacking, she couldn’t hide in the Taoist temple.

More than half of the month had passed, Bai Weiwei could only bet it all on one throw.

Compared to ghosts, favorability was more important…… probably, hehe.

Back at the Bai family house, Bai Weiwei observed a room filled with candle holders and scraps of talisman papers, indescribably messy.

The remnants from the fight with Bai Wen were still there.

Bai Weiwei accepted her fate to roll up her sleeves, and began to clean up the house.

After tidying for most of the day, she wiped the sofa clean, and pushed it back into its proper place with great difficulty.

It was getting dark.

Bai Weiwei made herself some instant noodles to fill her stomach.

As she ate, she surveyed the half uncleaned house, and suddenly felt lonely.

Ai, how nice it was to have a maid, ah.

Housework wasn’t easy.

After eating the instant noodles, she went to the kitchen to throw the packaging away. Then she turned on the tap and started washing her hands.

A dark sorrowful wind swept over her neck.

Like an icy kiss falling onto her skin.

Bai Weiwei was unsettled, and shivered as she looked back.

The kitchen was empty with nothing out of the ordinary.

Bai Weiwei left the kitchen to take a bath.

She filled the bathtub with water, and started to undress.

Once half of her clothes were taken off, she noticed something was wrong. She checked the mirror, watching for a long time.

Even the system felt something wasn’t right, “What did you sense?”

Bai Weiwei with a vague appearance, “From the start I was so beautiful, ah.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei: “So can you block yourself, I want to take a bath.”

The system was silent a while, only to say, “Who would cherish the chance to peek at you.”

Having said that, the system blocked her harshly and decided to go to sleep.

Bai Weiwei was just habitually hating on the system, she finished picking, only to find that the system was really scared away.

She faked a sigh, “Such a fragile heart, good thing it encountered a host as kind as me, otherwise it would surely be abandoned to death.”

She undressed and stepped into the bathtub.

While in the mirror, a pale hand suddenly appeared, slowly touching the reflection of her body.

The black ghost in the mirror gradually revealed a shaded, uncanny smile.

Bai Weiwei soaked in the bathtub, her mind still calculating what expression was appropriate to face Ji Yongchuan with.

It would be best to put on a shocked, happy, guilty, pained and grief stricken appearance.

Preferably, her lines would also be sad, yet affectionate.

Bai Weiwei reached out to rub her face, worried that it wasn’t capable of making so many precise fine expressions.

Suddenly, the water felt a little cold.

Had she forgotten to adjust the temperature?

Bai Weiwei soaked and soaked, not knowing why her head is getting more and more heavy. She was too sleepy to open her eyes, but her brain was sober.

There was something slowly, slowly approaching her.

The bathwater swayed and rose, who got in the tub?

Bai Weiwei had a splitting headache, she wanted to open her eyes, but couldn’t. She called for Slagstem several times.

There was no response from Slagtem at all.

Could it be she was dreaming?

A cold hand, unhurriedly touched her feet……

Bai Weiwei shuddered.

She exhausted her strength, yet was still unable to move. The air had a great force that suppressed her.

She opened her mouth to call for help, and a cold kiss sealed her voice.

A freezing, ice cold body pinned her down.

Bai Weiwei was chilled to the point her face was white, and her teeth chattered. Suddenly there was something cool and soft prying open her lips, raging and gnawing.

Rude, violent, crazed.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it. She tried her best to reach out to push the unknown object off her body.


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