MGCH Chapter 559

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Hali

Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (52)

But, this action clearly put her in a worse position.

A shaded, uncanny laughter rang in her ears, and Bai Weiwei was pressed into the water.

“Come with me, Weiwei.”

The sharp and poignant voice made Bai Weiwei’s head more painful.

She couldn’t breathe, her neck was strangled, and her chest felt like it would burst.

Tongza, Slagstem, Zero zero four, spicy chicken Tong…… Tong daddy save my life, ah.

Unfortunately the system was asleep, ignoring its host’s pathetic pleas for help.

So Bai Weiwei was tossed until she was hovering between life and death.

Whenever she thought she was going to drown, a cold hand would pull her out of the water again. Kiss her, touch her, do all sorts of unspeakable things.

Except for the last step.

Everything was done.

Then she was pushed under the water, flooded, and then fished up to toss again.

That night, she felt like she died several times.

At last, she was able to open her eyes. She gasped with her mouth open, and faintly tried to see what was molesting her.

At first her eyes couldn’t focus, only seeing the hazy white glow of the bathroom light.

Then there was an indistinct face, she had a general guess in her heart, it should be Ji Yongchuan that came.

Otherwise, no ghost would be in a rush, as if it hadn’t seen a woman in eight hundred years.

She exhausted her strength, intending to communicate, ‘listen to me explain, you misunderstood me, my love……’

As a result, before the words had gotten out, she saw Ji Yongchuan’s withered face covered in greenish gray death qi. His eyes had no visible pupils, only the whites. He leisurely revealed a seeping smile.

“Weiwei, I won’t let you go.”

Done, any words were useless.

Bai Weiwei was directly fainted in fright.

The next day, the rooster called, and the system finally woke up. It then removed the block to see its host sitting on the bed with a haggard face.

She had thick dark circles, and seemed to be in a trance, looking like she could rise to heaven.

The system was shocked: “I just left for a night, did you miss me so much you weren’t able to sleep at all?”

Bai Weiwei tiredly pulled the corners of her mouth, unable to say a word.

The system felt scared. The host was strange, not even disdaining it, too abnormal.

“Last night, I had an unusually transcendent evening.”

Bai Weiwei abruptly said.

System: “…… The male lead arrived?”

Bai Weiwei: “I want to apply for a change of male lead.”

System: “Don’t dream of the red chamber.”

Bai Weiwei: “I want to apply for a change of male lead.”

System: “Host hold on, I know this plane is hard for you, but who doesn’t face hardship. Everyone’s just a little cog in the machine trying to get food to eat, carrying on as they pass through.”

Bai Weiwei despair: “Ji Yongchuan is too ugly now, I can’t bear it.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei held her head and cried, “So ugly, it makes me hopeless.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei threw a fit: “I don’t care, I want to change the male lead, change the male lead.……” looped hundreds of times.

The system quietly put in earplugs, refusing to watch this host with the IQ of a fertilized egg.

Bai Weiwei vented her feelings of injustice, and finally returned to normal.

She knew that Ji Yongchuan was definitely peeping on her in her room, so she immediately went into a traumatized state.

She got up in silence, dressed in silence, and broke down in tears when she saw the ambiguous traces of her body.

Weeping, vulnerably and helplessly.

Then she reached up to wipe her face, turned around and went to rummage through her boxes and cupboards to find something.

She gathered a lot of yin treasures, and placed them on the table.

Then she set up the incense burner, lit the incense, and stared at it foolishly.

In the mirror behind her, a tall figure eerily appeared. Black hair, black robe, face abnormal snowy and white, eyes horrifyingly dark.

He saw her staring blankly at the table, and suddenly heard her talking to herself sadly.

“Little Gege, is that you?”


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  1. Hmm~ this chapter makes me annoyed with the male lead especially when he’s playing with BWW’s life though I know where he’s come from.

  2. I can’t really hold it against him, though. Not in light of everything that just happened.
    I can only blame main system for pushing (Bai Weiwei to push) him to this extent.

  3. So did he… umm…. take advantage of her…?!

    Or is she just traumatized from his massive ugliness?!

    1. both? In the bathub, it said he did everything except for the last deed. But afterwards she got traumatized by the ugliness.

      1. Oh my… poor BWW… I’m assuming there was no “sticker” or “pillow” to save her this time…

  4. My dirty mind wishing the author depicted the “did everything” in details… lol. But I guess have to look for that dirty stuff else where hahaha

  5. As another person had said. I can’t fault him at all for doing this. I would probably do worse for someone that betrayed me and my love.

  6. I don’t blame him, he’s a crazy vengeful spirit right now and he’s been through a lot after everything that just happened to him. And honestly I came for the yandere, so I’m definitely enjoying and staying for the yandere

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