MGCH Chapter 563

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Hali

Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (56)

Her explanation couldn’t come out, Bai Weiwei was choked by his cold fingers until her face was blue, suffocated until her chest could burst.

She stared at Ji Yongchuan blankly, his messy long hair and ugly face laden with resentment.

Exactly like a malicious phantom come to claim someone’s life.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t speak, she could only communicate through her eyes.

In her eyes, sorrow mixed with guilt, with no trace of resentment. She exhausted her strength to slowly reach out her fingers to gently touch his hideous face.

There was no hint of disgust.

The fingertips caressed him gently.

As if handling her most precious object.

Then she struggled to show a smile, and silently said, “I’m sorry, little Gege……”

Ji Yongchuan’s fingers lost their force, but they hadn’t released her.

Nevertheless, Bai Weiwei closed her eyes, her breaths as quiet as a dead person’s.

After an unknown length of time, Ji Yongchuan’s ghastly and ferocious visage became painful, and he slowly loosened his hand.

Bai Weiwei’s figure softly fell, silently resting in the bend of his arm.

The darkness in the surroundings was even thicker, there was only the pair of them snuggled up to each other.

Ji Yongchuan’s face began to change. His complexion became fair, and his eyes changed back to normal, except for the darkness in them being too rich.

In a while, he had returned to a handsome human-like appearance.

The ghost king himself looked like this.

That grotesque appearance from before was because he knew she was afraid of ugly ghosts, he wore it deliberately, just to scare her.

Her breathing was still intermittent and broken, painful.

Ji Yongchuan’s eyes were stained with a chilling viciousness, and his fingernails grew longer.

Kill her.

The thought kept echoing in his mind.

In the time until his return, this was the thought supporting him.

An obsession deep into the bone, it couldn’t be changed.

The nail touched her chest, the trembling heartbeat beneath his claw was brimming with warm vitality.

If she were dead, turned into a resentful ghost, she would definitely hate him.

Struggle appeared on Ji Yongchuan’s face several times, then his sharp nails slowly disappeared, and he eventually held her in his arms instead.

He buried his head deep in her chest, and laughed unbearably bitterly and coldly.

“Don’t lie to me, I won’t believe you.”

Bai Weiwei felt like she was boiling.

High fever with no reprieve, even the air she breathed was hot.

She complained to the system, “Ai, this job is really bad, I’m being worked like a cow or a horse. Heart abuse, bodily torture, no money earned. Look at me now, so hot I’m about to expand.”

System: “Heat at least proves that you’re alive.”

The dizzy from heat Bai Weiwei thought for a moment, then happily said: “That’s true, ah. I’m still alive.”

System: Poor baby, burned completely silly.

Bai Weiwei’s high fever didn’t retreat, in her unconscious state she kept spouting gibberish.

A cool hand, softly covered her forehead.

On her red rosy face there was a contented smile.

Like a kitten that had eaten its fill.

The hand hesitated and was cruelly removed.

Seemed to want her to burn her brain.

But, Bai Weiwei frowned, and immediately scrunched her face bitterly, reaching out and waving randomly.

She appeared to be searching for something.

In the air, there came a helpless and cold sigh.

Then the ghost’s hand approached her gently.

She caught it at once, put his hand on her face.

Then she made a comfortable murmur, and adorably brushed against his palm.

The soft warmth, which touched his cold skin, gave him a trembling feeling.

Ji Yongchuan’s dark eyes quivered.

He watched her in silence.

Thick ghost qi permeated the house.

The ghost qi gradually settled and disappeared on the ground.

The sunlight outside the window could finally come through, and a ray of light fell on the face of the girl in his arms.

She was quiet and beautiful.


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