MGCH Chapter 572

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (65)

He left her lips, and stared at her in disbelief. His black pupils reappeared, and his eyes were full of terror.

Bai Weiwei covered her chest and looked at him in a daze.

“Little Gege?”

She murmured softly, without any resentment, only a slight doubt.

She was truly wondering, “Didn’t the favorability rise? Why did he still try to kill me?”

System: “The male lead is now a resentful phantom, the favorability is also representative of his paranoia. The higher the degree of favorability, the more he wants to kill you.”

He was initially raised out of the land of chaos, and he crawled out a second time to restore his status as ghost king’s successor.

It was by virtue of this, his crazed obsession with Bai Weiwei was accomplished.

So the higher his favorability was brushed, the deeper Ji Yongchuan’s obsession, the more profound his resentment, the heavier his killing intent.

Ji Yongchuan heard her soft ‘little Gege’, and saw the large amount of blood pouring out of her chest.

He watched mechanically, because he regained his sanity, his ugly face reverted to its cold and handsome appearance.

Even so, his expression was filled with sorrow and disbelief.

The ghost qi was frightfully rich in the house, it attempted to erode Ji Yongchuan again.

Ji Yongchuan’s eyes became turbid, he struggled for dear life, reaching out to hold her.

However, his nails grew longer again, the thought of killing her.

Had never vanished.

Ji Yongchuan stumbled and fell back a couple steps, he opened his mouth several times, but could only give out sad gasps.

He wanted to save her…… Kill her…… Save her……

The two thoughts were pulling him.

Nearly driving Ji Yongchuan insane.

The blue veins in his neck bulged violently, his outstretched hand was torn back and forth between protection and harm.

Suddenly a hand softly held his hard fingers.

It was Bai Weiwei.

She struggled to look at him, her hand too weak to hold him.

Her eyes were blurred, not with pain, but from a slight chill.

“Little Gege, if you hate me so much, take me away.”

She smiled bitterly, “You’re so miserable, it’s all from the hurt I caused.”

Under Ji Yongchuan’s dense eyelashes, his black pupils were completely full of struggling and suffering.


He wasn’t able to make a sound, all his strength was used to suppress his resentful obsession.

Furthermore, on his fingers, the nails were slowly growing, trying to kill Bai Weiwei again.

Her grasp was getting weaker and weaker, yet she slowly pulled his hand, that was intent on hurting her, and put it to her face.

Bai Weiwei looked pale, fragile and dependent as she leaned her soft cheeks against his palm.

She gave a bright and beautiful smile and said with a gentle voice.

“Little Gege, take me away, I’m so sleepy.”

Then, her unfocused eyes slowly closed.

Ji Yongchuan stood still, his hash face had no expression, and his inky hair covered him. He seemed unusually quiet and lonesome.

Her eyes were closed, her lips had lost their delicate color. She appeared thin as snow, as if she could melt in his hands any moment.

Suddenly, he woke up.

He saw his hands covered in blood, saw the wounds on her chest. Those obsessions scattered leaving behind overwhelming pain.

Ji Yongchuan carefully picked her up and staggered and stumbled as he ran out.

“Weiwei, you hold on, how can I kill you, how can I kill you?”

He didn’t understand, he loved her into the depths of his bones.

How could his heart be so engulfed in obsession and resentment, to even deal her such a heavy hand.

He rushed into the cemetery to find the coffin, and immediately put her into it.

The moonlight spilled on them with a bleak feeling.

Bai Weiwei laid quietly in the coffin, her clothes stained with blood, like a wedding dress.


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