MGCH Chapter 578

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (71)

Yes, he was going to die.

Even if he wanted to lie to her, he couldn’t.

Ji Yongchuan smiled helplessly, just about to say something.

When the river suddenly fluctuated.

On the day of the sacrifice of the ghost king, those ghosts would climb out and wait until they devoured the offering.

But he lost the sacrifice, and could only use himself to fill the stomachs of these evil spirits.

Ji Yongchuan’s voice was hoarse, “Bai Weiwei, you go check the Sansheng stone, see if Meng Po’s soup has watered down the traces of our name.”

Meng Po had a bad habit.

She liked to pour boiling soup over the Sansheng stone.

Many of the names engraved on it would disappear.

So it would be impossible to meet in all three lives and three worlds.

Bai Weiwei lifted the eyes, and faintly looked at him. Suddenly, she gave a shallow smile, similar to a little lotus’ first bloom.

He smiled too, it was enough for him to see such a beautiful side of her before he died.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 92.】

Bai Weiwei smiled, and whispered: “You check it in my place, little Gege.”

Ji Yongchuan was taken aback, unsure what this sentence meant.

But he saw that she had stood up, took off her shoes, and stretched out her feet to test the black river.

Dark and chilly enough to bite to the bone.

She tentatively said, “Little Gege, I know the significance of the sacrifice. I was born, as the sacrifice to your ghost king’s succession, you’ve waited so long to be a ghost king.”

She smiled sweetly, and then stepped into the river without hesitation.

The water only reached her fair ankles.

The river was surprisingly shallow.

But it was too cold, the chill could erode her body, she even exhaled white mist.

Ji Yongchuan was so agitated he grabbed the net, the power of the net violently countered, almost to tear him apart.

“Weiwei, come back.”

He shouted angrily, the Wangchuan River’s water, if living people went in they would die.

Bai Weiwei’s wading steps stopped. She glanced down at the water, a few ghost hands flinched away, not daring to touch her.

She had the power of the Bi’an flower, and those ghosts couldn’t hurt her.

Bai Weiwei was quiet for a moment, only to finally raise her head with fear in her eyes, but more than that there was unwavering determination.

“Little Gege, when I wash away the power of the Bi’an flower, I can save you.”

The power of Ji Yongchuan’s dedication that he sacrificed for was incredibly strong.

The ghost didn’t dare to eat her.

Only the water of the Wangchuan River could wash Ji Yongchuan’s power clean.

She stood in the dark waters, shivering from cold, but always gazing at him with a smile.

The water gradually grew higher, from her ankles to her calves, thighs, waist……

The longer someone stays in the river, the deeper the water would get.

In the end beyond their top.

Ji Yongchuan risked his life to tear the net, however he’d lost his strength, and could only watch the Bi’an flower on Bai Weiwei’s head fade more and more.

As those ghosts began to gather.

The sky of the ghost realm also started to turn red.

Ji Yongchuan in order to break free from his bindings, suffered an enormous backlash of pure yang power from the net.

Black ghost qi escaped from his body.

His form was badly damaged, yet his hands wouldn’t retreat, they did everything possible to tear the net.

He saw the flower between her eyebrows was about to disappear.

Ji Yongchuan just thought of something, and shouted in despair: “Weiwei, come back. You don’t have the ghost king’s imprint, you’re no longer a sacrifice.”

So there was no offering.

Nevertheless, without the power of the Bi’an flower, those ghosts would devour her.

Bai Weiwei frowned lightly, a layer of white frost had covered her brows. She exhaled a mouthful of white vapor, and just slowly rolled up her sleeve.

On the shoulder, a black ghost king imprint was revealed.

“Little Gege, I can recite the sacrifice mantra.”

Once this mantra was read, and the mark of the sacrifice would return to her again.

“So, I’m still your sacrifice.”

Her smile was like a dimpled flower, yet it made him fall into an ice cellar.


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