MGCH Chapter 579

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (72)

Ji Yongchuan’s fingers buckled the net. They were completely charred, but he seemed to feel no pain, only staring at her.

He shouted helplessly, “You come back, we have other ways. Weiwei, come back for me.”

The water had flowed over her chest.

She could hardly stand, as though her entire body was covered in ice.

She appeared very pitiable.

Even so, Bai Weiwei labored to smile, she still didn’t answer him, just morbidly enduring standing in the Wangchuan River.

The Bi’an flower on her forehead was just left with faint petals.

Those ghost hands slowly approached her.

Bai Weiwei was calm as the wind: “This mosaic function isn’t bad.”

For the sake of these last few points of favorability, she spent five days of life, to buy Potong’s1 one button mosaic function.

Although its duration was just twelve hours.

It was enough.

Otherwise after seeing so many ghosts, she would be scared enough to break down in minutes.

The mosaic was fully functional, with the press of a button dogs’ heads was set.

When she looked up, those ghost hands, and strange ghosts whatevers, they were all turned into Huskies sticking out their tongues.

There were also white cabbage heads, beautiful girls, adorable groups of bunnies and other mosaic style choices.

She pressed it, and the ghosts were all beautiful girls.

Pressed again, all heads of white cabbages, haha, so fun.

The system really wanted to strangle her, “Just get to the point, you still have ten favorability you haven’t brushed up, ah.”

Bai Weiwei just remembered, yes ah, the task wasn’t completed.

She immediately adjusted her state, gazing affectionately towards Ji Yongchuan at the shore. She appeared frozen to the point of delirium as she softly shouted: “Little Gege.”

Ji Yongchuan responded, “I’m here, you come back quick, yes or no, yes or no?”

Every sentence of ‘yes or no’, was laden with desperate pleas.

At this time, he didn’t have a half point of dignity. He could only lie on the ground with scarred hands poking through the net, trying to get closer to her.


【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 95.】

Bai Weiwei seemed to want to open her mouth to say yes, but at best could only sigh, and helplessly stand in the river.

Those ghosts surged in.

She was surrounded.

She would be eaten, she would vanish completely.

Ji Yongchuan’s mind was a bit muddled. He over drafted all his power, and finally, with a broken body tore the net to roll out.

He disregarded the ghost qi collapsing in his body, and stumbled to the Wangchuan River.

However, there were so many ghosts in the river that he couldn’t see where she was.

Ji Yongchuan reached out to push the ghosts away, as each one was pushed away, another came to replace it again.

Limitless and endless.

In a trance, he heard Bai Weiwei’s voice: “Little Gege……”

Ji Yongchuan heart quaked, “I’m here……”

He wanted to shout, only to find his throat was damaged by the net, and black ghost qi was rushing out. He was completely unable to speak.

“Little Gege……”

The voice was getting smaller and smaller.

I’m here.

Ji Yongchuan couldn’t answer her, he could only search for dear life.

In the Wangchuan River, a tattered lonely soul gravely squeezed into the middle of the river among those groups of ghosts.

It looked beastly and pathetic.

Suddenly he saw a pale hand exposed in the center of the ghosts, the wrist was thin, and there was a touch of pink on its fingertip.

It was her hand.

Ji Yongchuan grabbed the hand firmly and shouted silently, “Weiwei, I’m here.”

Bai Weiwei was overwhelmed by ghosts, she watched the bunch of dog heads, those ghosts reached out their hands but couldn’t rip apart her body.

She spent two days of life value to buy a substitute, and let the double sacrifice itself on her behalf.

Anyway, the effect is similar. Otherwise, she’d have the horrifying experience of being eaten by ghosts, even if those ghosts were covered by a dog mosaic, being eaten by dogs was scary too.

1: 破统, pò(Broken) tǒng(last syllable of “xitong” or system)… A meaning almost identical to Tongza.


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  1. ah, at the end of this novel, i feel like i’m gonna be mentally unhinged – being sad for the ml one second, and then the opposite the next, because of bai weiwei’s antics.

  2. I’m pretty sure the ‘yes or no’ was originally ‘好不好’, or something like that, so I’m wondering if maybe ‘okay’ would be a better translation? Hmm…

    1. You are correct, it was ‘好不好’, but okay wouldn’t have fit as well in this instance as in the following sentence Bai Weiwei is shown to have wanted to choose one of the answers only to stop herself. If it was just ‘okay’ the translation would introduce confusion as to whether she just nearly answered out of habit rather than making and recanting on a choice. As ‘yes or no’ is common in english parlance, at least in my neck of the woods, I figured changing it further was unnecessary.

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