MGCH Chapter 580

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 Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (73)

The double was bitten badly, there wasn’t much left, she finally called for Ji Yongchuan without any strength.

After an unknown length of time, Ji Yongchuan’s hand grabbed hers.

The ghosts were still trying to tear at her substitute while Bai Weiwei hid in a transparent safety bag, reaching out a hand for Ji Yongchuan to grasp.

He held her hand in a death grip.

He didn’t let go even as the ghosts risked their lives to squeeze him away.

He struggled in the river, his red eyes were terrifying as he grit his teeth and silently called for her.

Every word.

Added a point of favorability.

【The male leads favorability is at 96…… 97……】

【Favorability 98……】

Ji Yongchuan grabbed her hand, her fingers were frighteningly cold from being soaked in the river water.

But, she was still alive, she was still alive.

Several ghosts tore open the muscles on his back. Because he had lost a lot of ghost qi, his lips were deathly pale, and his face was also dried out.

He fought to force out a couple words, “Wei…… wei……”

The Wangchuan River was filled with blood.

The sacrificed flesh and blood of the living attracted countless ghosts.

Ji Yongchuan was crushed by those countless ghosts, yet he didn’t seem to know pain, constantly calling her name.

Just then, her fingers trembled.

Ji Yongchuan was blank, then ecstatic, “Wei……”

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 100. The plane’s mission is complete, initializing host’s exit from the plane……】

Her hands drooped again, blood seeping from her pink fingertips.

Ji Yongchuan only knew after that, the feeling of an epiphany.

This was just one hand.

What about the rest of Weiwei?

What about the rest?

Ji Yongchuan held her hand blankly, dazed and at a loss.

The red sky returned to black.

An enormous ghost seal of sacrifice condensed in the sky.

A faint light appeared in the Wangchuan River.

Was this her soul?

Ji Yongchuan abruptly woke up, he frenziedly reached out to grasp that faint light.

This was a human soul.

It had to be Weiwei’s soul. She said that after her death, she would write on the Sansheng stone with him.

Ji Yongchuan’s fingers touched the light.

The light was soft and warm, it was her……

Ji Yongchuan was just about to show a fortunate smile.

When the light vanished.

And in a place he couldn’t hear.

There was an indifference system notification, “The host was successfully separated from the plane, initializing countdown until passage between plane and reality closes, 10 seconds, 9……”

As there was a cultivator male lead that broke through the barriers of reality last time.

The system automatically corrected this error and activated the function of completely blocking passage between the two before leaving.

The system carried Bai Weiwei’s soul, and rushed back to reality.

Suddenly a heart tearing, lung splitting cry rang out in the Wangchuan River.

The system glanced back through its heavenly eye, to see the male lead ascending as ghost king.

The power of the ghost king was restored.

He was massacring all the ghosts in the Wangchuan River.

The soul in its arms was stable and soft.

It reached out and touched her soul gently, not letting her hear the ghost king’s heartbreaking cry.

The ghost king could call souls.

It was afraid that Bai Weiwei would be detained in the underworld by Ji Yongchuan.

There were three seconds left before reality and the plane were closed off.

In an instant, Ji Yongchuan’s voice became ethereal and crazed, he didn’t hesitate to exhaust all the grievances of hell, just to call back the soul of Bai Weiwei.

The system sensed Bai Weiwei’s soul tremble, seemingly being attracted.

It coldly turned back, immediately reaching out, and a massive fate roulette appeared at its fingertips.

The roulette wheel was spun.

Destiny changed.

Those huge grievances were completely blocked by the turn of fate.

The system took advantage of the opportunity, and carried Bai Weiwei to quickly leave.



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