MGCH Chapter 582

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Ghost King’s Sacrificial Little Bride (End)

Bai Changyan stared hard at the door, and found his daughter watching him with a worried face.

He immediately sat up and cheerfully said, “Weiwei, you’re awake?”

Bai Weiwei came to the bedside on crutches, “En, Dad, are you all right.”

Bai Changyan sighed, “Old ailment, no matter. I thought about it for a long time, and I think I have to take you back from Ye Yuxuan, that shameless indecent man.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

Although Ye Yuxuan was a bit of a lethal star, he was still quite a ways away from shameless and indecent.

Bai Changyan’s expression was saddened, he compassionately took her hand, “Bai Weiwei, don’t be scared. Even though our family can’t compete with Ye Yuxuan’s, I’ll never compromise with that beast Ye Yuxuan. I must let you two terminate your marriage contract.”

These past three days.

Whatever good or bad words she said, he would be angered to the point of fainting by that rotten whelp Ye Yuxuan.

No matter what conditions he offered or threats he made.

From beginning to end, Ye Yuxuan would have a cold face and use the same tone as to call out to an enemy.

To shout at him: “Father-in-law.”

Not married yet, shouting father-in-law.

Moreover, how could he rest assured after giving his daughter to a guy who behaves no better than a beast toward his unconscious daughter?

Bai Weiwei didn’t know how Ye Yuxuan provoked her father.

But, Ye Yuxuan, this guy was a mobile favorability machine.

If the engagement was dissolved it would be more difficult to lure him.

Bai Weiwei: “It’s alright, Dad. I think he’s still suitable, there’s no need to terminate the marriage contract.”

Bai Changyan was more sorrowful, “Are you afraid he’ll retaliate against our family?”

Bai Weiwei worried that he would recklessly imagine wild scenarios, “No, I to Ye Yuxuan……”

Qin Qiu was carrying some medical records. Just as he passed Bai Changyan’s ward, he saw the door was open. He was worried Bai Changyan and Ye Yuxuan would find trouble again.

These days, whenever those two people were in one place, it was a disaster.

Ye Yuxuan guarded Bai Weiwei to death and wouldn’t leave.

Bai Changyan was afraid he would behave unseemly toward his daughter.

So he watched Ye Yuxuan every day.

Then it turned into Ye Yuxuan staring at Bai Weiwei.

While Bai Changyan was staring at Ye Yuxuan.

Qin Qiu stared at the three of them…… uh, there was no way to describe these people, the mood was really hard to say.

He glanced at the ward and heard a familiar voice.

“…… I have a special affection for Ye Yuxuan.”

Qin Qiu was stunned, and looked up to see a slim, outstanding figure, sitting on the bedside.

Her profile was elegant and attractive, beneath the glow of the lights, there was a kind of beauty that could touch others hearts.

Wasn’t that Bai Weiwei?

She said she had a good opinion of Ye Yuxuan.

This is great, ah.

Ye Yuxuan, this million years of ice stone, was mysteriously enlightened, and would stick to Bai Weiwei every day during this time.

It was best if they loved each other.

Qin · Busy-body · Match-maker · Qiu immediately carefully snuck away.

Then he turned around and rushed outside, to where he’d just seen Ye Yuxuan sitting on a bench outside the hospital.

Outside the hospital’s door.

In the distance, on a bench beneath a parasol tree, Ye Yuxuan could be seen sitting silently.

His gloomy expression under the shadow of the branches, was simply inhumanly beautiful.

Qin Qiu happily sprinted over, “Xuanxuan, ah. I’ll tell you some good news.”

Ye Yuxuan darkly lifted his head, beneath his half-closed eyelids, a faint shadow was in his black eyes.

Qin Qiu didn’t know why, but his spine was chilled for a moment.

“Uncle Qin.” He called faintly.

Qin Qiu was uncomfortable, “En, what’s wrong with you?”

Ye Yuxuan suddenly revealed an uncanny smile, “You think, how to keep a person’s soul?”

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: In some horror novels I’ve read, it’s said that 梧桐 or parasol trees have strong yin, or an otherwise good affinity for ghosts. I guess that’s why a Ye Yuxuan who’s still partially influenced by Ji Yongchuan would make his way over to one.

Piper: Thank you QuietLiving and Chajaerin me song suggestions last chapter, I’m still looking and it seems the flashback chapter is coming out either tomorrow or the next day.


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