MGCH Chapter 585

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Reality (3)

Bai Wen smiled faintly. He indifferently drank the entire bowl of soup, then left to reincarnate.

Leaving behind Ji Yongchuan in the ghost world, as he continued to search for a soul that didn’t exist.

He searched and searched for an unknown amount of time. When he suddenly fell into the Wangchuan River one day, a familiar feeling struck his heart.

As though he had been looking for this the whole time.

Not just in this life, but also in many, many lives.

He had been waiting for her, searching for her, this whole time.

Searching until he went insane with despair. In each world, unable to die a good death, alone and paranoid.

Both new and old ghosts came and went on the Naihe Bridge, and Meng Po calmly handed them soup.

Her soup could make any ghost forget their past life.

Except for him.

Her old eyes fell on the red robe still hanging on the Sansheng stone.

Its owner had already disappeared.

After he fell in the Wangchuan River, no ghost ever saw him again.

Meng Po only realized later that the ghost king had stayed in the Wangchuan River for thousands of years.

His soul had scattered.

It was unknown who gave a faint1 sigh.

On the Sansheng stone, their names remained, bloodstained and full of deep emotions.

Qin Qiu finished listening. His brain crashed for a moment before he said: “Aren’t you just dreaming about what you’ve been thinking about all day2? You like Bai Weiwei, so isn’t dreaming about her name a perfectly normal thing?”

Ye Yuxuan looked exhausted. The dream had consumed nearly all of his strength.

When he woke up, it was like he had gone through the entire process of his soul flying away and scattering.

That intense sorrow and madness lingered in his body.

Yet he discovered that, even though it was painful, he still couldn’t experience even one percent of the genuine emotions felt by the man in his dream.

Ye Yuxuan had an odd feeling, as though he had broken through some sort of barrier.

Perhaps he was overwhelmed by the intense misery of his every dream.

“I have a theory. What if those dreams were my three lives and three worlds3 with her?”

Ye Yuxuan lowered his thick lashes. Beneath those half-lidded eyes was a faint light that could make one stunned.

Qin Qiu with a dull expression: “…”

What “three lives and three worlds?” Such a weirdo.

But as a normal person, he must hold back the urge to roast him.

“Maybe, ha ha…”

Qin Qiu thought, how embarrassing. Was there really no problem with such a chuuni4 conversation?

He followed Ye Yuxuan’s style of conversation.

It wasn’t: “Uncle Qin, my head’s been hurting recently. It’s probably from the lack of blood and oxygen to the brain after staying up for three days and three nights. Give me some vitamins.”

Qin Qiu: “Xiao Yeye, why didn’t you say it earlier? I’ve told you before not to stay up late, not to overwork yourself blah blah blah…”

Ye Yuxuan, his facial paralysis unparalleled: “You’ve wasted five minutes of my time. If you waste another minute, I’ll stop funding your hospital.”

This was their normal style of conversation.

But ever since Bai Weiwei came.

His style of conversation with Ye Yuxuan had become:

Y: “…I seem to have emotions.”

Q: “That’s good, that’s good.”

Y: “… Can I j5 a corpse?”

 Q: “???”

 Y: “We had a child…”

 Q: “WTF!”

 Y: “I had three lives and three worlds with her.”

 Q: “How can you say such shameful lines?”

 What devastating tragedy caused their style of conversation to veer so off course?

 Ye Yuxuan continued to read out his embarrassing script.

 “I even suspect that in this life she will leave me too, and go to a place where I can’t find her.”

 In each and every world, she had left him.

 There has never been an exception.

1: 幽幽: as in distant, or far away.

2: 日有所思夜有所梦: roughly along the lines of ‘dreaming about [thing] day and night’. You think about it during the day and dream about it at night.

3: I know this is a reference to the legend of the Sansheng stone, but like I’m pretty sure we’re way over three worlds at this point LOL

4: 中二: lit. middle 2. Short for 中二病, which in English roughly translates to ‘middle school year two syndrome’ or ‘eight grader disease’. This term typically refers to “early teens who have delusions of grandeur, who so desperately want to stand out that they have convinced themselves they have hidden knowledge or secret powers” (Wikipedia)

5: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) j basically means here to have sex/f*ck/rape. So our dear ml is asking if he can rape BWW’s corpse. Piper: I hope no kids are reading this… Also ‘j’ means d*ck, so in context it would mean ^ that.


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